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Holby City: Jac back. Everyone on their A game

jac holby(Series 18, ep.7) Jac Naylor was back full-time at Holby from her maternity leave (hurrah!). Was this the reason that everyone was on their A game in this episode? Not just character-wise, but acting-wise and writing-wise, too. It was an absolute cracker.

The main effect of Jac’s return on Oliver Valentine was a tad odd. He started the episode feeling all confident and looking forward to getting his hands on a very unusual tumour (it was called Howard). As soon as Jac appeared, his confidence drained away. She wasn’t helpful: “Have you found a Yellow Pages to stand on in theatre, or do you still need to borrow one?”  Continue reading


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Holby City: Well this is awkward

jed cara holby(Series 18, ep.2) I wonder what first attracted Beautiful Nurse Cara Martinez to DC Jed “Alias” Martinez? Did he woo her with elaborately sculpted balloon animals and love tokens crafted out of delicate sugar-work? Or was it just his ability to hold her gaze while clenching his teeth and making veins pop in his forehead?

Thank goodness he still has some of his skills intact, but only the nasty ones because The Job has knocked out any sweetness he may once have possessed. He’s been too busy getting undercover-and-on-the-side girlfriends pregnant, because his intensive police training apparently didn’t cover contraception.  Continue reading


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Holby City: New responsibilities for Mo

mo william holby(Series 18, ep.1) Three years just flies by, doesn’t it? It only seems like yesterday that Mo was almost fracturing Jac’s hand while giving birth to baby William in one of my favourite episodes ever. When she handed the baby to his biological mother Sorcia and they emigrated to Canada, she probably thought she wouldn’t see much of him apart from a progress report in a round-robin email at Christmas.

zosia mo holbyThe lure of Holby proved too much for Sorcia, though, so the family was only a few miles away from the hospital when the Curse of the Holby friend/relative struck and so did a passing vehicle. The result was that Sorcia’s partner ended up in a very bad way indeed, and after an apparently healthy pause, so did Sorcia. Despite the best efforts of Mo and Sacha, she died. Meanwhile little William (Jackson Allison), now three years old, was wandering around the hospital being quietly adorable (apart from when he smacked Oliver Valentine in the face with a colouring book).  Continue reading


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Holby City: Taking the leap

digby dominic holby 2(Series 17, ep.50) I’m not sure I can even start to do justice to last night’s episode. The only word for it is “special.” For a start, the format was special – rather than three stories set on the three different wards, there were only two stories. One was based in the hospital, as Elliot contemplated taking up his post as Director of Research and ended up taking a completely different path, and the other largely took place at the seaside as Dominic tried to help Digby with his demons and in the process confronted some of his own. Goth Dr Frieda made an unexpected but entirely welcome reappearance, as did Jac Naylor (how can that woman even look beautiful in yellow scrubs?), and Digby kissed Dominic on the lips. It was brilliant.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Career suicide

morven digby holby(Series 17, ep.49) AAU was all about Digby this week, but obviously the first question we wanted answering was whether Fletch survived last week’s explosion. It looked quite grim at the beginning, as the patient Raf etc were working on went beep, and despite everyone’s desperate efforts, he died. But we never saw his face, until we’d already seen the face of Fletch, watching through the window and very much alive. The dead person was Ron, and Fletch had escaped with just a flesh wound. “You’re a bloody hero,” Raf told him.

Selfie was bloody, but he wasn’t a hero. He slumped about in a shirt covered in Ron’s blood for so long I was screaming at him to get himself to the scrubs cupboard and get something clean to wear. He did manage to mumble a thank you to Fletch, who said not to mention it because Selfie would have done the same for him. You could tell by Selfie’s face that he wouldn’t have done any such thing, but that he wasn’t proud of himself for it.  Continue reading


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Holby City: I’d catch a grenade for you

selfie fletch holby(Series 17, ep.48) When I say this episode was an absolute joy (as Nick Fisher episodes usually are), it wasn’t just because Selfie had to hold a live grenade for most of it. There was also the delicious banter between Mr Oliver Valentine and Dr Zosia March (“Makes my toes curl just thinking about it”), and Dr Dominic Copeland trying to maintain his perkiness between the twin difficulties of getting evils from Hanssen and having to deal with the world’s gloomiest (and funniest) man.

fletch ron holbyBut first we’d best keep an eye on that live grenade. Ron (John Bowler), the husband of the recently deceased Milly, was wandering around the hospital carrying a Napoleonic era box (thank you, Digby) containing photos of his late wife. He wanted Selfie to see them, to see the woman Milly was and had been rather than a set of symptoms. Selfie proved to be a hard man to get to, what with being locked away in the ivory tower of the Self Centre. Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher is an easier man to get to, because he wanders around previously unseen areas of the hospital exterior just for the purpose of finding upset people to be nice to. He’s been trained on Casualty, where they do a lot of that sort of thing. He’s kind and he’s lovely (Dr Raf Not-Smug adores him and the Fletchlings and wants them to stay forever at Not-Smug Towers) and he oozes empathy. So he said he’d bob up to the Self Centre and get Selfie to come down and talk to Ron.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Fight club

mo fletch holby(Series 17, ep.47) Thought we’d seen the last of Clifford? No chance. Back he came to AAU, this time as a patient, with a black eye, some broken ribs and intestines full of little packages of drugs. Oh, Clifford. This is what happens when you mess with Nasty Men.

Speaking of whom, on the next bed we had the Nasty Man himself, the very one who threatened to harm Clifford’s daughter and then got it a bit wrong and harmed her sister/cousin instead.

fletch holbyThis gave Fletch, and then Mo, opportunities for Revenge. Fletch had an encounter with Nasty Man in the lift, in which Nasty threatened him and his lovely children. “Threatening the bloke that gives you the morphine isn’t the best idea,” said Fletch through clenched teeth, making it quite clear where the balance of power lies if you happen to be lying on a trolley with tubes stuck in you.

Later on Mo had her chance when she went to confront Nasty and spotted that he was bleeding profusely. Mo actually looked extremely kick-ass in this scene and looked well ready for a fight, but both she and Fletch are good people and medical professionals first and foremost.

Nasty Man ended up dying in theatre anyway, so that’s him out of the way. And the legal system will be dealing with Clifford, but not before he had a father/daughter bonding moment with Mo.

Fletch, meanwhile, has taken a job at the mythical The Grange. Maybe this is the new brand name for The Hadlington. The main thing is it will get him some regular shifts and get him away from the disapproving gaze of Mo.

zosia ollie holbySo there was drama on AAU, but for a proper fight we need to go to Darwin. Sexual tension simmered all episode long between Ollie and Zosia. At one point they found themselves in The Zone – the one where two people get their faces fairly close and then they go a bit still and their gaze flutters between eyes and lips and a kiss looks imminent. She actually pounced on him (only a little pounce because they were sitting down. It wasn’t one of those lunges she used to do to Digby) but he jumped away like a scared wee beastie because he’s not yet ready for That Sort of Thing.

seb ollie holbyThere’s the additional problem of Slimy Seb, who is still officially Zosia’s boyfriend. This week he wanted to take her to New York to meet his father, or “Pops,” as he’s known. Throw all of this together and add in a disagreement about the way to best approach a patient who wants a gender reassignment but doesn’t want her father to know, and you have an explosive situation. This culminated in the funniest fight, with Ollie and Seb grappling like schoolgirls. If I tell you the cry of “Not the hair!” went up, you can guess just how brutal the encounter was. It was Seb who was worried about his hair (snork) and he ended the encounter moaning, “That’s an £80 shirt!” I think we know who claimed the victory there.

Unfortunately Seb is still the official boyfriend, and Zosia is going to New York with him to meet “Pops.” The way Seb ostentatiously kissed Zosia at the end of the episode and waved Ollie away with a flutter of his fingers was totally creepy, and I think Ollie should spend the time while they’re away in New York taking martial arts lessons, so he can give the £80 shirt a good kicking when it returns.

hanssen holbyIn other fight club news, Selfie and Jesse faced the wrath of Hanssen for last week’s scrap in Albie’s. Selfie whined that it wasn’t a hospital issue because it had happened “off-site.” “There’s no such thing as ‘off-site,’ Mr Self,” said Hanssen. For the rest of the episode Selfie and Jesse stayed on-site and bickered.

Next time: Selfie and Fletch in deadly danger! Ollie and Zosia in life or death situation!


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