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Vote Now: Britain’s favourite quiz show!

logoWe love a quiz show here in Britain. Whether it’s through our unending thirst for knowledge, our competitive desperation to out-know everyone else or just to pass an hour at bedtime (my marriage has never been more on fire than when the Mrs and I are tackling a trivia challenge or an arrow-word under the duvet), the thrill of answering general knowledge questions correctly gives us a little bit of a buzz.

The best place to compete in quizzes for the vast majority of the UK’s population is from the non judgemental comfort of our own living room armchairs.  We pour scorn on the contestants on the various quiz shows who don’t know that the chemical symbol for Potassium isn’t as easy as it seems, who can’t tell the Kardashian sisters apart or worse, go for a lower offer on The Chase. Of course, we could do better every single time; ‘where do they get these people?’ we ask ourselves incredulously as we sip on our Ovaltine and tut at John Smith missing out on a perfectly easy Pointless answer.

Of course, for the contestants themselves, as highlighted in our interview with The Chase contestant Charlie Gardner, it’s a lot more tricky than it looks. But for us viewers, quiz shows are a thrilling mix of education, entertainment and competition that are a staple of our television schedules. With so many popular formats on our screen, our friends at Quiz Britain, a popular site which draws together everything remotely quizzing related, are running a poll to find out what our favourite quiz show of all time is. I spoke to Ian Woolley, the ‘Mastermind’ (see what I did there?) behind Quiz Britain, to find out more…   Continue reading


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Eggheads: EXCLUSIVE Interview with new Egghead Lisa Thiel

BimrRqRCIAAs4NAWhen I was a wee tyke of a lad, and gangs of miscreants yelled ‘egghead’ at me on the playground, the connotations of their cries were largely negative. If only, as I sat mopping up my tears with the sleeve of my second-hand, fraying jumper, I knew that by 2014, it would have become cool to be known as an Egghead.

Nowadays, it’s a hard earned title, held by only the creme de la creme of the quizzing world. Those unfamiliar with the show Eggheads should know that it’s a quiz show airing on BBC2 which sees a team of amateur quizzing wannabes trying to outsmart an expert panel in all things general knowledge for a cash prize. And, in coming episodes, following a very public but successful audition on spin off show, Revenge Of The Egghead which saw her pit her wits against the frustratingly endearing CJ de Mooi, Lisa Thiel makes her debut as the newest Egghead. She was gracious (and blackmailed) enough to give PauseliveAction an exclusive interview about her debut on the hit show. So without further ado, let’s crack ‘er open and see what’s beneath the shell of the latest Egghead…   Continue reading


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The Chase USA: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett

He’s a quizzing titan; a 6ft 6 monster of wit and knowledge who spends much of his time with a glowing blonde bombshell who occasionally presents him publicly with birthday cake.

No, this is not an autobiography.

I am, of course, referring to growing US quiz master and television star, Mark Labbett, more commonly referred to (affectionately by most; in sheer terror by others) as ‘The Beast.’

Mark is already well known over here as one of the original of the worldwide quizzing legends known as The Chasers, made famous in the hit teatime quiz show presented by Bradley Walsh, in which four contestants of mixed abilities and psychotic tendencies answer general knowledge questions to hold on to a bunch of cash that they can only win if the Chaser is not better than them. In which case, this usually means when the Chaser has gotten out of the wrong side of bed that morning.

Now, The Chase is a hit in the USA, already in its third series in a prime time slot that attracts millions of viewers. Much like Mark himself, it is a growing beast, promoted with humorous and adventurous commercials and even a gigantic billboard in Times Square. The show has come a long way, and  Mark is the absolute centre of it.

Unlike its British Counterpart, The Chase USA relies solely on one Chaser and his reputation as a ruthless mastermind of quizzing complete with his intimidating frame to create a more ‘man versus monster’ format. Billed often as ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Mark is teamed up with amiable host Brooke Burns, whom he describes as an “utter pro.”

I recently caught up with the man behind the success as he continues his domination of both the quizzing and entertainment world in which he discussed just what sets The Chase USA and The Chase UK apart.   Continue reading


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The Chase: Exclusive interview with Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty

small_YLyxuNddaTZ-SZ_EhCwS4ppER9ISZY2hwiSZPhcxdWoOne of ITV’s most acclaimed teatime successes of all time is currently occupying the prime time pre-X Factor slot and holding up well against its titan rival (some dancey thing).

I recently highlighted the many successes of The Chase in a blog post for Pauseliveaction and have since caught up with the exquisitely humble ice maiden herself, Anne Hegerty – the quiz show’s top performing chaser and most fearsome opponent.

The dynamics, personalities, intellect and foibles of the show’s pantomime villains, the Chasers, is, alongside the magnificent host, Bradley Walsh (Danny Baldwin off Corrie), the show’s greatest strength and they have become the biggest stars, even in the celebrity editions.  Continue reading


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