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Stella: Thank you, Daddy

Daddy(Series 5, ep 7) It was black armbands for everybody this week – including Baby Genevieve – as the whole town pulled together to pay tribute to the funerial legend that was Daddy Simpson. As well as the sending off, there were also some arrivals. We had a cameo (for once, not from a Welshman), a return of an old favourite and (to my frustration) a revival of a familiar problem. Continue reading

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Stella: Life’s not always a bed of Rosé

shock(Series 5, ep 6) The registry office at Pontyberry would have been all abuzz this week with births, (almost) marriages and deaths front and centre –  and not just in the ceremonial sense.  A hero was born, a political career obliterated and the direction of two of the show’s central relationships looked more likely to be heading to trouble than to the altar. Continue reading

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Stella: Pomp and circumcision

eternally soft.PNG(Series 5, eps. 4&5)  Double header recap for Stella for me this week, and if the anniversaries, arranged marriages and trekkie funerals hadn’t made it hard enough to fit even one in, you can bet the investitures, boxing classes and Frisky Strictly have pumped it to exploding point. It’s been new loves and old loves dominating over in Pontyberry and as always things are never that simple in the valleys.   Continue reading

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Stella: Listen up, Cockney Jane!

Robshock(Series 5, ep. 3) Pack up your flags and pepper spray – it’s field trip time for the Stella crew! The nurses went on an excursion to one of the deadliestest cities in the world – London. But it wasn’t every passer by being a “potential terrorist or lunatic” that caused the most disturbance for our heroine, it was an old boomerang love coming flinging full pelt back into her life.  Continue reading

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Stella: RIP Thingamey Parker


(Series 5, ep. 2) Stella was all car boots, former sherry swillers and name dropping this week but first of all we started with droppings of a different kind, picking up back in Michael’s allotment the morning after last week’s Christening. Stella and Michael are discussing the up and coming Town Event of the episode, the car boot sale, and making sure we’re aware of their episode theme and lack of finances. Fertiliser is one thing they don’t need to waste money on though, and as Glen Brannig appears with a bucket of his pet donkey’s manure to remind us of who their neighbours are we’re reassured that this episode will have a lot more than household accounts. Continue reading

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Stella: Frisky foxes and garden weasels

pic2(Series 5, ep. 1) Drinks all round – Tuesday nights are back to Pontyberry! While we may not be able to venture to Le Cafe De Les Alans for those drinks anymore, it looks as if the prodigal newsagent, Jagadeesh, has it covered. He’s swapped the cat food and stamps for beer taps and with it the town now has a new  “cast gathering” set not owned by Scott Quinnell: The Frisky Fox. Continue reading

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Orphan Black (3.1 & 3.2) – Where Are These Mangoes?

3.1While the air schedule of Orphan Black’s Series 3 is as questionable as some of the Prolethian’s parenting choices, the massive dollop of Maslany on iPlayer all in one go should ensure that any grumblings will be gone faster than Helena’s bowl of jelly. The important thing is Orphan Black came piling back all at once and the opening two episodes instantly justified why the wait was worth it.

If you haven’t yet seen Series 1 & 2 yet, you can find them on Netflix or check the recap on iPlayer. I’ll be picking up here straight from Episode 3.1, so if you want to just dive in then feel free but there will be spoilers beyond this point!

Continue reading

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Joy of Sets: Orphan Black

OB promoThere are many factors that contribute to my love of Orphan Black. There is that it is a mind-bending delight of drama meets science meets comedy; there is that it’s a feast for examining the fundamentals of nature vs nurture; there is that it’s a ride of twists and turns and because of the excitement of never really knowing who you can trust…but really, there is one immense feature of Orphan Black that makes me love it and it is absolutely unique to this show. I love it because every episode has a moment, a very special moment, and each time I watch I assume it will be the last time it happens – but it never is. It’s the moment where I shake my head and remember that the character on screen is being played Tatiana Maslany…and that that one is too…and that one. I rub my cheek and can’t understand how I fell for the illusion yet again, that I forgot yet again…but I do – and if experiences of friends and other commentators are anything to go by, I am not the only one. This may make little sense for those unfortunate enough to have not spun through the whirlwind of series 1&2, so let me explain.

It’s all about the clones.  Continue reading


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