Holby City: He’s alright really

(Series 20, ep. 8 ‘Hard Day’s Night’ by Michelle Lipton 20.2.18) I’m undecided about new registrar Xavier* Duval (Marcus Griffiths), but I think at the moment we’re meant to be. He has his twonkish side (“Delivering a baby is like watching your favourite pub burn down,” whatever that means apart from he can’t be bothered), but then after said baby is delivered (by Meena, Nicky and Donna) he gives Donna his credit card to go out and buy a load of stuff for it because the baby was totally unexpected and the mum (Jamie-Rose Monk, who was excellent) has nothing ready. So I would say he’s a man of gestures. Some are nice gestures and some aren’t, but we’ll have to wait and see what kind of person he is behind the gestures before we can say whether Zav could ever replace Raf. 

Nicky had met Xavier the night before, when she got very, very drunk, had an argument with Meena, and ended up in the on-call room handcuffed to the bed. We learned all this via the medium of not very interesting flashbacks (or is it just me who finds what people got up to when they were drunk very tedious?). What was more interesting was that a very hungover Nicky was in charge of the whole of AAU on the night shift for the very first time. Xavier was floating around the hospital in case anyone needed him, but he was a bit of a mixed blessing when he did float on to AAU. When the new mum needed an operation to get the placenta out, Nicky wasn’t confident that Xavier could do it, so she called Serena in. Berena fans all around the world will have been delighted to see Serena turning up in her pyjamas, but Serena was less than delighted to be there.

I loved it when Nicky asked the new mum if she wanted a hug. That was such a nice thing to do, especially with a hangover. That little gesture made me warm to Nicky more than anything else she’s done so far.

There was another appearance from the glorious Wanda Ventham as Lofty’s gran Sheilagh, who was a bit bored on Keller at night. She wandered about a bit and came across Ollie, whom she recognised as the doctor who’d been shot in the head. His response wasn’t friendly. “Shot your manners out, I see,” grumbled Sheilagh (imagine if Lofty and Dominic ever got married – Sheilagh Chiltern and Carole Copeland in the same family! That would be comedy gold). Eventually she persuaded him to engage in a spot of gambling with her, and they went for a walk and managed to watch some transplant surgery before they were shooed away. And then Ollie realised Sheilagh was having a stroke.

His diagnosis and quick reaction saved Sheilagh’s life and has made Roxanna look quietly optimistic that he’s getting better (again) – but she only looks optimistic when he isn’t looking, because she’s managing his expectations.

On Darwin they’re doing that classic rom-com thing of Fletch and Jac inching closer (arranging family days out together, with the kids) and then a bombshell drops which throws them apart again. The bombshell in this case was Essie letting slip to Fletch about Jac resigning just before she got shot. I’m not sure why this is a massive deal to him – she wanted to leave, she changed her mind – but it’s made him all cross and he’s cancelled their playdate. 

* Trivia corner: the name Xavier has almost been used before in recent Holby memory. Matteo Rossini was originally going to be called Xavier Cotillard, till he ended up being Italian and not French. Amuse yourself with other Holby snippets and facts by grabbing yourself a copy of Holby City: Behind the Screen (out on 2nd March). Pre-order now!


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10 responses to “Holby City: He’s alright really

  1. Catherine M

    Like watching your favourite pub burn down was how Robbie Williams described his daughter’s birth. Damage to anatomy 🙄

    • Ahhhh, thank you. Does this tell us that Xavier is (a) a Robbie Williams fan and/or (b) a bit creepy about female anatomy?

      • Catherine M

        Bit of both maybe? Emma Thompson was on the same episode of Graham Norton’s show when Robbie made the comment, and used the line in Bridget Jones’ Baby, so he could be a Bridget fan

  2. On first impressions I don’t agree that “He’s alright really” when it comes to the new Registrar Xaviar Duval. I have worked with people like him and they were career climbers, using every trick to gain an advantage over colleagues of equal rank or subordinates while looking for a chink in the armour of their superiors to exploit. Although Nicky was out of order with the way she ran off at the mouth at him Xavier has a far too superior attitude for a Registrar who’s a newbie at Holby and maybe needs an encounter with Jac to put him firmly in his place.

    • “He’s alright really” was a comment made by Donna after he’d given the money for the baby stuff. But I’ve no idea yet whether we can trust him or not.

    • Not to mention how quick he was to “throw Nicky under the bus” as Donna put it, by revealing to Serena that she was working with a massive hangover and probably still drunk. At first glance he seems to be either vengeful (Nicky took extreme measures to avoid sleeping with him) or willing to advance his own career at the expense of someone else’s. Either way, he needs watching carefully.
      (Someone should really have given Nicky the tip about rehydrating with an IVI of normal saline to get rid of the hangover faster.)

  3. Ulrike

    I don’t think I would want to trust a man like that, partly because the “pub burning down” comment is rather misogynistic.

  4. Think new guy will be fine. Remember not being overly fond of Raf when he first turned up but he won me over in the end 😄

  5. HolbyNut

    Great to see some improvement in Olly. Lovely scenes last night.

  6. Joyce Taylor

    Xavier could be very interesting! Doms mum and Loftys gran would make a lovely spin off comedy duo

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