Holby City: I promise I will fix you

(Series 20, ep. 7 ‘Precipice’ by Tony Higgins 13.2.18) Poor Ollie. It looked like he was on the mend last week, but this week the bullet that’s still in his brain started leaking poison. It would have to come out, said Roxanna. This threw Ollie into a proper rage (how brilliant is James Anderson being at the moment?), and he said it should have been Roxanna who got shot, not him. Bless him, he’s not himself at all, is he? That’s not normal Ollie behaviour. He accused Roxanna of using him as a way of avoiding her grief over her dead husband (whose ashes were in her desk drawer), and he was right about that – she’s been living at the hospital because she can’t face going home. I bet she’s pleased she opted for that low-maintenance hairstyle now, hospital facilities being what they are.

But back to Ollie and his life-or-death surgery, which he only agreed to after Prof Gaskell had a quiet word (and I mean quiet – he’s got one of those voices that’s more of a vibration than a sound, and I have to say I find it rather thrilling as long as he isn’t overdoing it with the poetry). Predictably, things went a bit beep in theatre, but Ollie came through it, only to wake up from the anaesthetic temporarily unable to see, hardly able to move, and convinced he was still engaged to Zosia. Nooo!!! 

Zosia kept ringing Dominic throughout the episode, and he kept ignoring her calls – probably not able to face telling her that Ollie’s in a bit of a mess. I actually expected her to appear at some point, but instead the lovely Frieda came to Ollie’s room at the end to sit with him and keep him company. In an episode where Valentine’s cards were a bit of a theme, Frieda had her own Valentine to worry about.

Prof Gaskell told Roxanna it was time she moved on with her life, which in the short term will mean moving in with him, because she can’t face going back home and if she keeps living at the hospital she’ll get malnutrition from living on pizza. Prof Gaskell decided she needed to get David’s ashes out of the drawer and scatter them outside the church where David and Roxanna were married. She said she didn’t think she could do it, so the Prof said he would do it because he’s good at stepping up during these emotional moments, as we saw when he unveiled the Di Lucca Memorial Arty Thing. And when Roxanna got in Gaskell’s car to go and do the scattering, there was an unexpected last-minute back-seat loom from none other than Henrik Hanssen. Prof Gaskell had invited him, because all the old chums should be together for the scattering. And I assume Hanssen couldn’t go in his own car because it probably got stolen after he left it unlocked in the car park the other week.

Talking of all friends together, we were treated in this episode to the rather bizarre sight of Fletch dancing. He was dancing not so much with Jac, as at Jac – because Jac doesn’t dance back – after he discovered she’d bought him that record that was missing from Raf’s collection.

Fletch’s daughter Evie (Macey Chipping) was in the episode, which is always brilliant because Fletch and the Fletchlings are fantastic together. Like Jac’s Emma, Evie had spotted that there’s a bit of a thing between Jac and Fletch (and I loved how Serena had a present for Evie – picking up the little bond they developed before Serena went on her sabbatical).

The poor man who brought the record, Curtis (Rob Witcomb), succumbed to the Holby Curse when Fletch and some over-enthusiastic security guards set about him in the corridor for wandering round Darwin in a suspicious manner. It was one of those cases where it was awfully lucky that he was practically assaulted on hospital property, because he was able to get swift treatment for his aortic dissection and help for his OCD.

Serena has just about had time to readjust to being in whatever time zone Holby is in and unpack her Buddhist bric-a-brac, and now she’s had to deal with the news that nephew Jason’s girlfriend Greta (who also has Asperger’s) is 20 weeks pregnant. Jason seems to be happily accepting that he’s the father, and Ric helped Serena to see that it could be a blessing for her to be able to play at being a granny, which is something she thought had vanished with Elinor. I don’t know whether it’ll turn out that the baby isn’t Jason’s, but I hope it is his. I think that would be a nice story.

Ric has been taken back to prison, which is a shame because it was lovely for everyone to have him relaxing on AAU, dispensing his own brand of calm wisdom. Donna was devastated that they couldn’t keep him there a bit longer, and she decided to try to “help” him by forging his signature on Mrs Warren’s records. I’m not sure what she thought that would achieve, but Prof Gaskell caught her at it anyway.

And it seemed nobody got any Valentines. Dominic sent himself some glittery cupcakes to make Lofty jealous, but Frieda spotted that it was his writing on the label. So Lofty wasn’t jealous for very long, especially after Dominic had kissed him.

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  1. Marilyn

    Good episode. Darwin seems like a ghost town. So few players. I hope Jason can be happy with his new friend. “There’s something hidden about Prof Gaskell” I think Serena senses it too!

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