Holby City: Do what makes you happy

bernie wolfe holby(Series 18, ep. 17) Major Bernie Wolfe is eventually going to be a new doctor on Keller, but this week she was a new patient on Darwin and, as such, spent the entire episode lying down. She still managed to make her mark, though, because she’s Jemma Redgrave and she radiates charisma even when horizontal. We’ve already learned that she has a husband called Marcus who works at The Mythical St James’s. He wants her to choose between her army career and a life in Holby with him. Despite having a close personal colleague in Afghanistan who sends her flowers, she’s going to have to plump for Holby eventually. Personality-wise she’s brave, tough and no nonsense in the manner of Fleur Fanshawe, but I think I need to see her upright before I get a proper idea of what she’s like.  Continue reading

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Stella: Listen up, Cockney Jane!

Robshock(Series 5, ep. 3) Pack up your flags and pepper spray – it’s field trip time for the Stella crew! The nurses went on an excursion to one of the deadliestest cities in the world – London. But it wasn’t every passer by being a “potential terrorist or lunatic” that caused the most disturbance for our heroine, it was an old boomerang love coming flinging full pelt back into her life.  Continue reading

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Casualty: Dixie and Ethan figure it out

casualty(Series 30, ep. 21) Casualty and Holby are both very good at giving great send-offs to beloved characters, and this episode was no exception. But which beloved character was being sent off?

ethan casualtyThere was a choice of two. Disillusioned Ethan, who resigned last week, seemed the obvious choice, but this week found him already wavering in his disillusionment. Dr Lily Chao pleaded with him to stay (he’s her best and only friend, plus he’s a top quality doctor). When that didn’t work she got Connie Beauchamp to concoct a story that she’d already found a replacement. This forced his hand a little, and he realised that he wouldn’t be happy anywhere else. Not even AAU.  Continue reading


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Holby City: A spark or an agreement

mo mr t holby(Series 18, ep. 16) Mr T has bought a babygro with Winnie the Pooh on it! Not for himself (though if anyone could pull that look off it’s Mr T) but for the baby that he and Mo plan to have. Not this month, though, because Mo did a test and it was negative.

This upset Mr T. Not so much that she’s not pregnant yet, because who knows better than him that it doesn’t always happen straight away. But because he wasn’t there when she did the test. He wants to be fully involved – he’s even thinking of baby names and school places.  Continue reading


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War and Peace: It’s all about the ’tache

Three episode special!

war and peaceHonestly, you wait YEARS for a bloke, then several turn up at once. So it is for Natasha, who’s all grown up and decided fringes are SO last season. As is any other facial hair. The nice, uncomplicated (once he’s got the prostitutes out of his system) David Mitchell lookalike is rejected, despite the splendour of his mazurka (and his moustache). Uber-villain Dolokhov twigs she prefers a clean-shaven look and being unwilling to shave off his own splendid ‘dot and dash’ restrains himself to a mere mental undressing of her before trying his luck with Sonya. That doesn’t work, for Sonya is far too sensible. Natasha – pay attention.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Big Mac chickens out

hannah spearitt casualty(Series 30, ep. 20) Did I hallucinate a time when Big Mac used to patrol the Farmead Estate in army gear waiting to beat up anybody who committed a crime? Was that real, or was it me or Big Mac having a breakdown? I haven’t always been a consistent Casualty viewer, so it’s possible that I missed something.

Anyhoo, this week Noel got beaten up by a girl with lovely blue hair (Hannah Spearitt from S Club 7). When he called to Big Mac for help, Big Mac hid until the danger was over. To be fair, he was in the middle of having a poo at the time so wasn’t exactly combat-ready. Then, rather than fessing up to being a cowardy custard, he bribed Hannah Spearitt to get rid of her and keep his reputation intact. It was an odd story that I just didn’t quite buy, though I did enjoy Ms Spearitt’s hair.

ethan casualtyNoel had a fairly bad day, what with being beaten up within an inch of his life by someone from S Club 7, but poor Ethan continued to be all stressed out about patients dying on his watch. He doesn’t even know yet that his mother wasn’t his mother and he may have an incurable illness, but he may get to find out about that soon because Cal managed to take some blood from him on the pretext of making a scared little boy more comfortable about needles.

The upshot is that Ethan has written a letter of resignation to Connie. This mustn’t be allowed to happen, unless he gets immediately transferred to the calmer waters of Holby City.


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Stella: RIP Thingamey Parker


(Series 5, ep. 2) Stella was all car boots, former sherry swillers and name dropping this week but first of all we started with droppings of a different kind, picking up back in Michael’s allotment the morning after last week’s Christening. Stella and Michael are discussing the up and coming Town Event of the episode, the car boot sale, and making sure we’re aware of their episode theme and lack of finances. Fertiliser is one thing they don’t need to waste money on though, and as Glen Brannig appears with a bucket of his pet donkey’s manure to remind us of who their neighbours are we’re reassured that this episode will have a lot more than household accounts. Continue reading

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