Holby City: Undercover heart

cara holby city(Series 17, ep.51 & 52) First of all, I apologise for the lack of review last week. I watched the episode with family members I haven’t seen in a while, so there was more talking than watching going on. It’s just as well that last week’s and this week’s episodes  pretty much form a unit, with the continuing stories of Cara and her husband, and Adele and Jesse’s wedding, featuring across both.

I thought the Cara/Jed storyline was really interesting and well done. Cara hasn’t had much to do since she arrived except be a bit cheeky and take wedding rings on and off a lot. We discovered why there was so much emphasis on the wedding rings when a ‘friend’ of a patient turned out to be none other than Cara’s husband Jed, who is an undercover cop. This led to some hanky panky in a store cupboard (handily, one that locks on the inside), but it was clear that spending months not knowing where her husband was or what he was doing was taking its toll on Cara. Worse was to come, when she discovered he was the father of the patient’s baby. It was all excellently set up for last night’s episode, when Jed returned as a patient (the Curse strikes again), badly battered. Cara was torn between wanting to protect him, wanting to batter him herself and having to keep his cover story intact in case worse happened to him. Niamh Walsh was very convincing, giving Cara just the right mix of strength and vulnerability. I couldn’t help thinking Cara could do better for herself, though. Yes, Dr Raf Not-Smug, I’m looking at you.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Lucky for some

dylan zoe casualty(Series 30, ep.6) Only Casualty can make a park look dangerous. As we saw Dylan walking through this community leisure facility, there were threats everywhere – people playing baseball, a model plane – massive potential for injuries from both of these. There was even a woman talking to a magpie. “One for sorrow,” she informed Dylan. As she turned away, behind her the model plane knocked the magpie off its perch and the woman walked into a tree. Who knew that a tree could be the most dangerous thing in a park?

So this woman, Florence (Victoria Bush off of Waterloo Road) ended up in the hospital with a massive nosebleed. This meant I had to watch large parts of this episode between my fingers, because nosebleeds are a thing I just can’t cope with, even if they’re just pretend.  Continue reading

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Doctor Who (9.3): Well, since you ask me for a ghost story…

DoctorWho-UndertheLake-ghosts-720x479Ohhhh – that’s more like it… And not a moment too soon.

I don’t mind being on my own in being dissatisfied with The Witch’s Familiar, but I really dislike writing reviews that are more negative than positive. So, hurrah for Toby Whithouse – a man who can really write ghost stories. (I can’t believe I haven’t given Being Human the Joy of Sets treatment yet – I must remedy this soon.)

[Yada-yada, spoilers below the line…] Continue reading

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Orphan Black (3.1 & 3.2) – Where Are These Mangoes?

3.1While the air schedule of Orphan Black’s Series 3 is as questionable as some of the Prolethian’s parenting choices, the massive dollop of Maslany on iPlayer all in one go should ensure that any grumblings will be gone faster than Helena’s bowl of jelly. The important thing is Orphan Black came piling back all at once and the opening two episodes instantly justified why the wait was worth it.

As there is no pacing to work with other than the graveyard slot times, I’ll be putting out reviews for episode pairs every few days. If you haven’t yet seen Series 1 & 2 yet, you can find them on Netflix or check the recap on iPlayer. I’ll be picking up here straight from Episode 3.1, so if you want to just dive in then feel free but there will be spoilers beyond this point!

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Casualty: Connie from the Rye

jacob connie casualty(Series 30, ep.5) Racism, Islamophobia and terrorism are huge subjects – perhaps too huge for a 50 minute popular entertainment programme to do justice to. When the popular entertainment programme is Casualty and its bread-and-butter storylines deal literally with life and death on a weekly basis, maybe it’s not such a stretch. Writer Mark Catley had a good go at it in this episode, presenting a snapshot of opinions, from Lucy Benjamin’s right-wing racist to a grieving Muslim father begging for an end to violence (“When did it become okay for us to kill?”) and praying alongside a nurse reciting the Christian Lord’s Prayer.

This was wrapped up in an entertaining and dramatic story that at one point had a female terrorist and Jacob going gun-to-gun and Jacob being shot by the police.

Luckily the bullet passed right through him, which is difficult to imagine given that Jacob is so muscular he seems to be entirely solid. Jacob and Connie had been flirting with each other for much of the episode. He was determined to find out where she was from, spotting that she’s not quite as posh as she likes to make out. Connie was keeping her guard up, but as soon as Jacob got shot she became all whispery and emotional, and eventually admitted she’s from Peckham. Is she going to regret that moment of weakness when Jacob’s back to full arrogant strength and she wants to revert to being Mrs Beauchamp rather than Connie from the Rye?


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Doctor Who (9.2): In which the quality of mercy *is* strained…

9275114-high-… and the witch is, indeed, familiar. As is what I’m coming to realise is the Moffat trope that annoys me the most – things done for just for show. Lord knows, I’m no fan of Clara and I was happy to enjoy her being strung up and tutored/tortured by Missy – right up until the point it was clear there was no point to it. (See also last week’s Doctor on a tank with a guitar.)  It’s a shame, because otherwise it was quite a nifty piece of cliffhanger exposition – not an easy thing to do well. (Pushing Clara down the sewer to gauge the depth, on the other hand, was funny even if you could see the joke coming a mile away, because there was at least a purpose to it.)

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Holby City: Taking the leap

digby dominic holby 2(Series 17, ep.50) I’m not sure I can even start to do justice to last night’s episode. The only word for it is “special.” For a start, the format was special – rather than three stories set on the three different wards, there were only two stories. One was based in the hospital, as Elliot contemplated taking up his post as Director of Research and ended up taking a completely different path, and the other largely took place at the seaside as Dominic tried to help Digby with his demons and in the process confronted some of his own. Goth Dr Frieda made an unexpected but entirely welcome reappearance, as did Jac Naylor (how can that woman even look beautiful in yellow scrubs?), and Digby kissed Dominic on the lips. It was brilliant.  Continue reading


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