Holby City: Hope, faith, camomile tea and doughnuts

mo mr t holby(Series 17, ep.42) With Adele’s life still hanging in the balance, everyone was rallying around Mo. Most notably the adorable Mr T (MR T!!!) was offering a listening ear, chocolate and a relaxing cup of camomile tea. Hanssen offered “hope and faith,” and his continued medical services, and Elliot Hope placed his emergency stash of doughnuts at Mo’s disposal. Even Oliver Valentine and Zosia were caring and concerned (indeed Ollie smiled a lot more than he has for months, and he’s stopped being all growly and cross).  Continue reading


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Casualty: It’s in his DNA

casualtyI don’t like the new, superstitious Dylan. I can’t really believe that a few incidents would make a man who has had a lifetime of being rational and sceptical suddenly turn into a super-cautious, talisman-toting mess whenever he sees the number four.

This week it led him to mis-diagnose a schoolgirl, assuming she’d had a reaction to a meningitis vaccine. One quick text from her later and Holby A&E found itself overwhelmed by schoolgirls with various psychosomatic symptoms. Dyan insisted on all of these people being treated as a priority, but everybody else thought he was overreacting. He was.  Continue reading


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Holby City: A shock in the shrubbery

holby(Series 17, ep. 41) Digby’s been having a lot of bad shifts recently, and in this episode it culminated in him getting all shouty and unnecessary with a patient. He had to rush out into the balmy night air of the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery to calm down.

What you don’t want to see in these circs is an apparently lifeless hand protruding from said shrubbery, but that’s what Digby saw. It didn’t spur him on to anything resembling doctorly activity, though – he just stood like a panicking plank and left Morven to summon help.

Help for whom, though?  Continue reading


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Casualty: Man in a vest

jacob rita connie casualty(Series 29, ep.40) Jacob Masters. He’s got one of those names – like Guy Self – that describes his character. Masterful. Dominant. He strode through Holby A&E in a vest, all muscular and arrogant, issuing orders left, right and centre even though his only obvious qualification was that he’d walked in with an unconscious woman over his shoulder. Before long he had Connie Beauchamp simpering at him like a love-struck girlie and offering him a job as a nurse.

As luck would have it, he is a nurse, so at least he’s qualified other than being all buff and that. But whose side will he be on? Connie thinks he’s going to be on Team Connie, but he told Rita that “nurses stick together” and he’ll be so much more effective as the “eyes in the back of Rita’s head” because Connie thinks he’s on her side.

Frankly I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, which isn’t very far because he’s a man mountain. He seems far too manipulative for one thing – by the end of the episode he already seemed to know a little something about everybody – and he’s a maverick with a capital M. Those types are always trouble.

In other news, Cal is struggling with his revision for the consultants’ exam, but Tess is helping him. Max’s mother is coming to stay and Zoe is not best pleased (but I’m looking forward to that encounter). Dr Lily Chao perked up when Ethan brushed past her, so I’m guessing he’s still top of her eligibility list. And Dylan is still superstitious about the number four.


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Holby City: Fletch’s life of crime

fletch digby holby(Series 17, ep.40) I wouldn’t have wanted to have been a patient on AAU last night. The most senior doctor and nurse available were both bundles of nerves and distractedness.

In Digby’s case, I’m still not exactly sure what’s the matter with him. He did say that Morven is “driving him mad,” plus he was super-keen not to have to summon on-call back up, who happened to be Connie Beauchamp (Morven thinks with that name Connie must be like a little mouse nibbling cheese. She’ll learn). During a day spent totally ignoring the machines when they went beep and staring into space with a look of terror, Digby mentioned a time when he was the cause of an accident which really hurt someone he loved. Is the car crash that he, Hanssen, Malick and Chantelle were involved in still haunting him? I need to know, because he’s popping pills and he’s just not himself.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Bonnie, Clyde and the mild-mannered medic

casualty(Series 29, ep.39) This was a bold attempt to redo Casualty (for one episode only) in the style of a film noir, complete with a constant background thunderstorm, moody lighting and voice-overs that gave us access to the thoughts of some of the key characters.

I didn’t actually enjoy it, though, and I think it’s because the tone of it was all over the place. Some of the noirish elements were very forced (the protagonists being called Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie being such a cliché of a femme fatale, Ethan turning up at the police station in the classic Bogart-style raincoat and trilby, Dixie and Iain having to take patients to hospital in a hearse) and it jarred with the more naturalistic hospital scenes. Even the hospital scenes were odd due to the voice-overs – while it was quite amusing to hear what was going on in Robyn’s head when Hanssen asked for volunteers to clear the bed-blockers, it just wasn’t Casualty and it was all too contrived.

If the central crime story had been compelling and gripping, the whole thing could have worked. Unfortunately I was never very convinced by ‘Bonnie’ (Renee Castle), and her complicated revenge story was just a bit odd and unpleasant.

Iain going all Apocalypse Now to hunt down the man who’d vandalised his ambulance tyres sums up the whole episode, really. It was odd. Very, very odd.

Next time: Back to business as usual – with a new face on the staff team.


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Holby City: He has a good heart

ollie zosia holby(Series 17, ep.39) O. Negative has finally started to veer back into the positive (neutral, at least), and it’s all thanks to a rather wonderful combination of Elliot, Hanssen, Mr T, Zosia and especially a lovely patient called Jade (Anna Krippa).

The day didn’t start well for him. Does Zosia really not know about his dead Chinese wife? Was she being entirely thick asking him about his Chinese tattoos, or is she just distracted by Slimy Seb? Either way, she and Ollie were soon sparring away like a proper rom com couple. He hasn’t had that much fun since Jac Naylor had him juggling coins.  Continue reading


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