Casualty: Dylan takes a bullet, Charlie makes a decision

connie charlie casualty 35(Series 34, ep. 35 by Dana Fainaru 30.5.20) My full review of this dramatic episode is over at Metro. Before you click over there to have a read…

– Phew. Charlie’s coming back. One of his main skills is not looking people in the eyes, and this is something he can teach to his colleagues. Faith and Dylan are going to find it hard to look each other in the eye now she knows how he feels about her and he knows that she knows. Charlie can show them how it can be done with style, with his trademark “pretend you’re watching a cricket match in the distance” technique.

– I loved the Connie and Charlie scenes. Top work from two top actors, with Charlie giving full vent to his rage.

– What did Faith think she was going to achieve with that needle? It didn’t even have some weapons-grade anaesthetic in it. Leave that sort of thing to John Wick is my advice.

– Why did Fenisha even feel tempted by Will’s “Now you’re no longer with child, would you consider getting back with me” overtures? There’s just something so creepy about his attitude. Or is that just me?


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Casualty: Jade uses her superpower

Casualty - Series 34 - EP35(Series 34, ep. 34 by Rachel Aird 23.5.20) For a proper review of this episode please pop over to Metro as soon as you’ve read this next bit.

– I love watching people speak sign language. It’s like a super-power. I’m now regretting that I didn’t sign up to learn BSL at the start of the lockdown as I pondered doing. Perhaps it’s not too late, but I haven’t got very far with Beginners’ Norwegian yet (lesson 1, in fact)

– I’m glad Jade and Marty are friends again. I have a feeling she’s going to need him.

– And talking of friends, apparently Jacob has acquired a new one in the form of Nate. I suppose it’s been a while since Jacob had very much to do, but these ‘staff member becomes personally involved with a patient’ stories never end happily so he shouldn’t get too attached.

– Poor Noel. Despite his recent heroics everyone is still taking him for granted.

– Did you spot Jan mentioning her wife Ffion? We’re being warmed up for the appearance of Ffion herself in the form of the lovely Stirling Gallacher and I can’t wait.

– I honestly don’t know what to make of Fenisha, but I do like Jan when she’s angry.

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Casualty: Noel sorts it out

Casualty - Series 34 - EP34(Series 33, ep. 33 by Rebecca Wojciechowski 2.5.20) My proper review is over at Metro as usual, but before you go…

– Noel really was super-busy, wasn’t he? But while he was running around looking after Bluebell and having meetings with Connie, who was booking patients in? My local A&E has at least two people doing that at all times and they tend not to wander off – and there’s still usually a queue.

– That Joseph was an extremely creepy man.

– I feel like I missed the moment when Ethan found out about Fenisha’s baby, because he didn’t know last week and this week he did. Does he know it might be his?

– This might be because an episode got pulled because its storyline was deemed to be inappropriate during the coronavirus situation. Viewers were caught up on anything they needed to know in the “previously” section – but that wasn’t included in my preview episode. So please fill me in on anything I need to know!

– David talking about Rosa made me really wish she would come back. Rosa is lovely.

– Dylan helping Faith so she could get off work early and go to Luka – bless! He so hearts her.


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Casualty: Charlie’s not himself

Casualty - Series 34 - EP32(Series 34, ep. 32 by Jeff Povey & Steven McAteer 25.4.20) Pop to Metro for a full review of the episode. But first…

– That was a mad number of pregnancy tests for Fenisha to take.

– And Will was a bit of a twonk, the way he reacted to her news.

– It’s much more interesting that the father is probably Ethan.

– Though if anyone was going to ‘be careful,’ you’d expect it to be Ethan.

– I do realise that accidents happen no matter how ‘careful’ you are, though.

– Poor Charlie. Derek Thompson played these scenes beautifully. 

– The patient storyline with the idiot stealing the car and the idiot dad locking the injured boy in the garage – meh. The whole lot of them needed their heads banging together.

– Line of the week (Charlie) ‘You’re calling me Charlie but I’m not him am I? Not any more.’ In fact yes you are and you always will be.

– Line of the week 2 (Connie) ‘Your efforts to provoke me are transparent and doomed.’


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Casualty: A harmonious exit for Ruby

Casualty - Series 34 - EP31(Series 34 ep. 31 by Michelle Lipton 18.4.20) Hop aboard your wee camper van and head over to Metro for this week’s review. But before you do…

– I’m very sad to see Ruby go. I’d stopped watching Casualty for a while at one point and the episode that marked my return to watching it regularly was the first one that Maddy Hill was in. I instantly liked Ruby’s kind, quirky character and I’ve enjoyed seeing how she’s grown in confidence and skill as a paramedic and how she’s formed close bonds with her workmates (particularly Iain and Jan) despite being so withdrawn at the beginning.

– It was a nice way for her to depart and I suppose leaves the door open for her to return, which is a lovely thing. But what a way to start a life of being responsible and stable – by giving up your home and your job (without any notice if you please) and going to Scotland in a camper van. For months.

– Though we know with 100% certainty that she’ll be a better carer for the baby than that Lavender creature, who seemed only too glad to dump Harmony on Ruby at the airport.

– Luckily all of Harmony’s stuff was still on the trolley and hadn’t been checked in yet.

– Amputating an arm with basically meat scissors! Oh my lord.

– Line of the week: (Jan’s pep talk to Ruby) “Don’t underestimate how strong you are, how resilient. If you were my daughter I’d be bloody proud of you.”

– Connie is really lucky that Nicola didn’t make a formal complaint against her. Her attitude to Howie was absolutely terrible. Rash should have had a bit more backbone as well.

– Dylan and Faith is dragging along a bit. Come on, we all know it’s going to happen.

The Howie storyline: Find out more about Mencap’s Treat me well campaign and access their advice and resources on coronavirus and your rights if your loved one needs to go into hospital here:

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Holby City: Nooooo!!!

Holby City S22 - Ep14Pop to Metro for a review of this episode. But before you do…

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it…


– I already knew that Zav was going to die in this episode before I watched it, but I didn’t know how. I was expecting some huge showdown between him and Cameron and for Cameron to do something really evil, possibly involving a scalpel in the basement (ouch). When he messaged Zav to meet him in the bowels (ouch) of the hospital I thought my predictions had been correct.

– So for Zav to get run over by a bike – well, that was a bit of a let-down. More plausible, and it does hold out the possibility for Cameron to become a reformed character eventually because so far he hasn’t done anything irredeemably bad. If he’d stabbed Zav in the hospital’s nether regions (ouch) that would have been the end of him as a character because really bad people always have to get their punishment in TV dramas.

– But Cameron is really reminding me of Coronation Street character John Stape – a serial killer, but generally more by accident than design.

– Donna though! Oh my lord. Jaye Jacobs broke my heart, and not for the first time.

– But talking of hearts, Nicky sobbing over Zav’s organ was a bit much. It’s not professional and it’s not hygienic.

– Essie chose the worst possible time to make her announcement, bless her.

– And yes, I am worried about Fletch.

– But that worry will have to be parked for a few months as Holby is now on a lockdown-induced break for a couple of months. See you on the other side!


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Holby City: Max and Selfie sitting in a tree

louis holby 13(Series 22, ep. 13 by Simon Norman 7.4.20) Click on the link to read my full review over at Metro. But first…

– Max and Selfie. Can you imagine those two together, really? I suppose they’re both two extremely damaged souls who also happen to both be mega brain surgeons, so they do have a lot in common. And compared to Max’s relationship with Louis, Selfie’s relationship with Zosia makes him seem like Parent of the Year so perhaps he can give her tips.

– Max is just horrible, and once again I love that she’s horrible. Good work by Jo Martin.

– Essie, Dominic and Sacha. Not only are Kaye Wragg, David Ames and Bob Barrett all brilliant actors, they work brilliantly together. There’s an intimacy and real affection there that shines through and makes these scenes totally heartbreaking.

– Jac and Kian. Absolutely yes, as far as I’m concerned. They have that shared history which gives Kian a key to Jac’s inner self which most people don’t have. She’s ice and he’s fire (a nice cosy fire rather than the blazing scary sort). They just work.

– As do Zav and Donna, so boo hiss to Cameron for breaking up one of the nicest couple ever on Holby. In my book that’s far worse than killing Evil Evan who frankly deserved it.

– There’s an interview with Tyler Luke Cunningham (Louis) here if you’re interested – not talking about Holby but more generally.


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