Holby City: Are you proud of me?

(Series 23, ep. 24 by Isla Gray 14.9.21) Please hop over to Metro to read my breathless review of this episode. But before you go:

When Fletch was looking for Jeni amid the bomb carnage and she appeared wafting down the stairs I wrote in my notes, ‘Like a cockroach, Jeni is fine.’ But hopefully not for long, unless she finds a way to explain away the passports she’s been hiding in her desk drawer.

Normally I would say ‘why didn’t she keep the passports at home?’ but this time as well as the usual answer (Plot Reasons) there is also the practical answer that she’s about to move in with Fletch (or has already).

Line of the week: (Louis doesn’t want Kylie to go back into the bombed-out hospital) ’I can’t lose you. Don’t be an idiot. I love you.’ (Kylie) ‘This idiot’ll be back. I promise.’ Total blessikins. It’s like a Poundshop Gone With The Wind and I couldn’t be happier. Kylie’s little face when she heard Louis say he loves her…

Meanwhile, Josh’s tension when he didn’t know if Ange would make it was so real. Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge is brilliant.

Bernie mentioned that if Cameron survived he could have the stent operation – so he really did have a dicky heart after all.

I knew Hanssen was going to name surströmming as his favourite meal. We saw him happily tucking into that in this episode from 2017.

When is a hero not a hero: ‘Just remember I saved you,’ were Cameron’s last words to his mother. Oh cheers, son. Thanks for saving me from the bomb you planted.


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Holby City: It’s real

(Series 23, ep. 23 by Andy Bayliss 7.9.21) Another week when you might have to pick yourself off the ceiling before heading over to Metro to read my review (which says it’s spoilers in the title but it isn’t if you’ve seen the episode). But first…

When Cameron realised he was in AAU he was frantic to get back to Darwin, presumably because that ward is a nice long way away from the bomb. But then he told Bernie that he planned to die in the blast, rather than go back to prison. Was it just for Bernie’s sake that he wanted to be on Darwin? Or did he want to see Chloe?

He is a superbly vindictive character, though.

But what was Bernie thinking, hiding out in Spain for a year with Serena and not letting her jailbird son know she was still alive?

And how long has Hanssen known?

Josh’s nerves when Ange was having her procedure were so real it was making me tense – even more tense than the knowledge that there was a bomb in the basement. I hope nothing has happened to Ange and the twins because I couldn’t bear Josh to be upset.

It would be quite nice if a bit of falling masonry hit Jeni, though.

Line of the week: (Bernie) ‘I was shot. Captured. Rescued.’ (Cameron) ‘Sorry to hear that.’

Line of the week 2: (Chloe operates on Cameron) ‘We could just cut his pulmonary artery, do everyone a favour. I’m kidding.’ She wasn’t kidding.

Line of the week 3: (Bernie) ’Serena was the only person I could face.’ (Cameron) ’Because she’s too drunk to care?’

Line of the week 4: (Hanssen finds the bomb) ‘It’s real.’


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Casualty: Iain sorts it out

(Series 36 ‘No Harm Done’ by Hilary Frankland 4.9.21) Dash over to Metro, if you will, to read this week’s review. But before you go…

If Iain didn’t already work for the NHS he should be prescribed on the NHS. He’s already looking after homeless Jan, and now he’s added Jacob to his portfolio of care and concern. I love that we know his kindness and wisdom has been hard-won by his battles with his own troubles. He’s an excellent character.

Line of the week: (Iain) ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ And hurrah for that.

Very subtle writing from Hilary Frankland in the scenes where Tina and Jacob, each for their own reasons, tried to conceal what was going on from Iain.

Jade is also an excellent character and if Stevie adds her to the Circle of Revenge I will be very upset indeed.

Yet another excellent character – Teddy. He is absolutely adorable.

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Holby City: Cameron makes full use of the basement

(Series 23, ep. 22 by Davey Jones 31.8.21) After you’ve picked yourself off the ceiling, please head over to Metro to read my review of this jaw-dropping episode. But before you go…

Bernie is back! Is she back? Is she all in Cameron’s mind? Though Hanssen can apparently see her too, so she must be real. Where’s she been? How is she not dead? Who did they bury/cremate instead of her? Presumably she’s been reunited with her wardrobe as I’m sure we’ve seen her in that coat before. I have so many questions.

Cameron really has used his time in prison wisely, hasn’t he? He’s been studying for, and apparently gained, his Evil Genius Level 3 badge.

I wrote in my notes: ‘Cam is making a bomb. A bloody big one.’

Meanwhile – Carole. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff from Julia Deakin, most obviously in that video she made for Dazzle but in every single scene she’s in. And of course ninja level acting from David Ames as always.

I love how Carole has brought out Jac’s softer side. Probably Carole is the mother Jac wishes she’d had rather than the odious Paula. Though of course Jac wouldn’t have been Jac if she’d been brought up with the sort of unconditional pure love that Carole provides.

Line of the week: (Carole, obviously) ‘When it seems I’ve disappeared, when I’m not myself, remember you’ll never be without me, Dazzle.’

Line of the week 2: (Tap-dancing Lennie has the measure of Jac) ‘Rumour is you’re the best surgeon in the country but not a barrel of laughs at the Christmas party.’

I want Lucky Simpson to hurry up and get Jeni fired for stealing the hospital’s charitable donations. I know that’s not the worst thing she’s done by a long way, but anything to get her away from Evie and Mia – or just to get her away from fresh air in prison. Although prison might only make her worse – just look at what it did for Cameron.


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Casualty: The one with the exploding gender reveal cannon

(Series 36, ‘Short fuses’ by Rachel Harper 28.8.21) Please see Metro for this week’s episode review. But before you go…

Line of the week: (Dylan telling Matthew and Ethan off for) ‘squabbling about who’s got the longest stethoscope.’ And yes, it’s a euphemism.

Predator of the week: Stevie’s behaviour towards Matthew is verging on harassment. He can hardly wander past without her asking him out for a drink, and when he says no she gets that, ‘He’ll come around to my way of thinking sooner or later’ look on her face. I’m more than all for powerful, assertive women, but how would it look if it was him perving at her in an unwanted manner?

Poor Ffion. And poor Jan. Though mainly poor Ffion because she’s the one with breast cancer and she isn’t the one who was smuggling drugs into prisons.

There is no way that I would have taken a naked flame to that home-made gender reveal cannon. It was obviously an accident waiting to happen – frankly the first ten minutes of Casualty is always an accident waiting to happen because that’s very much the point of the show, but this one even more than most. That was a heck of a bang, though. I was wearing headphones and I literally lost contact with my chair for a second.

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Holby City: So many questions

Question 1: Where did he get that shirt? (Photo: BBC)

(Series 23, ep. 21 by Saneh Ali and Matt Naylor 24.8.21) Please pop over to Metro to read this week’s review. But before you go…

I absolutely love Cameron and I’m very excited he’s back, and also that he’s now at large to wreak havoc. I couldn’t help myself from having a peep at next week’s episode and all I can say is – don’t miss it.

The Jeni/Evie scenes were brilliantly written. Jeni is such a manipulator, and she’s managed to effectively brainwash Evie into doing her dirty work for her as far as Mia is concerned.

But once again the details made me feel very squeamish indeed. Excellent work from Phoebe French and Brianna Shan, who are working with some very disturbing material and giving brave performances.

Jeong-Soo continues to be adorable. He has a really lovely, kind nature. If Holby gets a reprieve by the BBC and keeps running past next spring, Jeong-Soo is a character that I’d love to see in the show for years and years.

Line of the week: (Donna to Sacha) ‘So many questions. Firstly, why are you using a picture of a fat dead cat as your profile picture?’

Sacha and Max – is that going to go anywhere? Both of them deserve some calm, kind, uncomplicated love, so I’m hoping it does.


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Casualty: Something had to give

(Series 36, ‘Same Old, Same Old’ by Toby Walton 21.8.21) Please venture to Metro to read my review of this episode. But before you click off, I’ve had some further thoughts…

With another undead appearance from Cal I think it would have worked better if the second half of last week’s double episode and this one had been the ‘special’ feature-length episode. But logistical reasons etc I suppose.

I liked Cal’s advice when Ethan was uncomfortable about people being too emotional with him on his return to the ED. ‘Do Dylan first – it’ll be easier.’

Ethan giving up Bodhi was a little bit inevitable, but heartbreakingly sad. Luckily Fenisha’s parents both seem like complete stars, so I imagine they’ll do their best to keep Ethan involved in is son’s life even if he can’t cope with looking after him for now.

Tina needs help. What she doesn’t need is an increasingly nervous Jacob trying to second guess her and keep her happy.

She is going to be an absolute Bridezilla, too, if it ever gets that far.

I think any episode that features a nosebleed should come with a trigger warning just for me. I absolutely can’t be doing with seeing that sort of thing, no matter how much I remind myself it’s all fake. I can happily watch any amount of surgery, but noses, eyes and teeth – no.

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Holby City: No schoolgirl dramas

(Series 23, ep. 20 by Katerina Watson 17.8.21) This week’s review is at Metro as usual. But before you go…

I really hope Patient 9385 (Cameron) gets to come to Holby. Will prison have changed him and turned him back to the Cuddly Cameron we knew at the beginning? Or will his evil tendencies have been honed by prison life? We know that Cameron’s instinct for self-preservation is one of his strongest traits, so anything’s possible now.

The Evie story continues to be horrible, but I have to admire the fairly subtle way they’re letting us know what’s been going on without going too ‘post-watershed’ on us. I would still very much like a swift end to the story, though. It’s not nice.

Jeni is a horrible, horrible person. But at least she’s shown her true colours to Evie now.

And Mel will soon show her true colours to Louis and he will realise that it’s really Kylie he loves.

Darn those Covid filming rules! What would have been lovely would have been to see Carole dancing her Viennese waltz with Hanssen.

Line of the week: (Jac to Carole) ’You’ll always be Carole.’ (Carole) ’I’m disappearing.’

Line of the week 2: (Eli) ‘I run a strict no psychopath rule on my ward.’ And in another first for Darwin, he also makes people work out their notice.


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Casualty: You’re dead

(Series 36, ep. 1 ‘Begin Again’ by Hilary Frankland and Ed Sellek 14.8.21) Please pop over to Metro, where you’ll find my review of this episode, plus various other bits including why I think Casualty stays fresh and relevant even after all these years.

I won’t hold you up long here because I’ve written so much for Metro about this episode that I don’t have many further thoughts left!

Line of the week: (Ethan) ‘You’re dead!’ (Cal) ‘Excellent diagnosis, Nibbles.’ Straight away put them back on their old brotherly footing, with Cal always acting a tad superior.

Teddy is adorable. I’m going to like him. And I’m glad he’s cleared up the Charlie ‘crayfishing’ problem.

I feel like we’ve seen characters like Stevie before, and particularly (if you’re a Holby viewer) the character of Fran, who came in as a former drinking buddy of Essie but who had an agenda concerning Jac. But we’ll see. She’s very funny, and looks like she could be very un-funny as well if you’re on the wrong side of her like Ethan is, so it could be fun. But not for Ethan.

Those Casualty writers do love to put Ethan through it though, don’t they? He’s just lost the woman he loved, and already he’s in the crosshairs of a vengeful woman. Give him a break at least!

It was glorious to see Noel again. I’d forgotten what a lovely gentle, funny character he was and how much he brought to the show.

I’d also forgotten how cute Ethan looks in his glasses.


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Holby City: This hospital made her who she is

(Series 23, ep. 19 by Ciara Conway 10.8.21) Off you pop to Metro to read this week’s review. But before you go…

So Jac has an ulterior motive for pushing the brain stent trial – she has a brain tumour which this experimental treatment might be able to help.

I’m reminded of this storyline from 2015, when Dr Annabelle Cooper trained up Dr Zosia March to operate on her (Annabelle’s) brain.

That’s Elliot Hope, Ric Griffin, Nick Jordan and now Jac (have I missed any?) who’ve had brain tumours. Is there something in the coffee at Pulses?

It was nice to see Jac back in an operating theatre again.

It was also nice to see Hanssen change from being cross and shouty to being full of compassion when he finally realised what was going on with Jac.

The Jeni storyline is quite sickening and I can’t say I’m enjoying it at all. The sight of Evie’s bruised wrists, the knowledge that pornographic pictures of her are being circulated, and not knowing what happened to Mia after her drink was spiked are just too disturbing. I hope this story comes to a swift end.

Talking of swift ends, I never expected to see Cameron’s face back at Holby. I wonder if his body will follow? That would be so interesting.

Line of the week: (Ange) ‘Angry, pregnant and Scottish – it’s a tricky combo.’ Indeed.

Carole not being able to find Dominic’s name on her phone because she was looking for ‘Dazzle’ was so sweet and sad.

Also sad was Kylie finding out that Louis does have a girlfriend after all (and he wasn’t off out with his aunt as I thought last week) and she’s the odious Melissa. Ugh. Louis will see sense eventually.


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