Casualty: You look so much older

Casualty - Series 34 - EP20(Series 34, ep. 20 by Rachel Paterson 18.1.20) Have a look at my proper review over at Metro, please. But before you rush off…

– Oh, Charlie. Where do I even start with what an amazing man he is to put his own hurt aside to contact Bill for Duffy’s sake? This storyline is completely heartbreaking.

– And with Faith and Lev discovering their little boy is seriously ill, there weren’t a lot of laughs in this episode, despite the presence of both Dylan and David.

– Nice to see a little Holby/Casualty overlap with Rosa getting a new porter’s uniform the same week as Jason on Holby got his.

– Robyn and Ruby living together? It might work, I suppose. Marty and Jade will be quite relieved to not be woken up by baby Harmony all night long too.

wray– I’ve just realised that Clive Wood, who plays Bill, was Gordon Wray in The Bill. So when Duffy disappointedly told him he looked much older, she’s probably thinking of Bill-era Bill.

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Holby City: Private healthcare made sexy. Or not

PLA kian holby 2(Series 22, ep. 2 by Katie Douglas 15.1.20) For my grown-up review of this episode pop over to Metro. But first…

– I was reading some old PLA reviews from 2011, and lo and behold they were trying to close Darwin down then as well. It was Henrik Hanssen who was in charge that time. I like to think he’s learned his lesson and he’ll come back and rescue everything and get the porters back in their maroon polo shirts again.

– Line of the week: Nicky asks Jac how she’s been. Jac – ‘I’ve been fine, McKendrick. If we take “fine” to mean medicated and at my lowest ebb.’

– But she apologised for her behaviour in theatre when she was last there. This is a new, more self-aware Jac that we’re seeing, but she is still 100% Jac. I love how the writers and Rosie can continue to evolve this character even after so many years.

– It was nice to see Casualty Marty in the upstairs wards. I like his character and I love a bit of a Casualty/Holby crossover.

– Sacha and Essie! Someone tell them, please.

– Why isn’t Max keen on Serena? And does she really think Ange will be any more compliant than Serena is? I don’t quite get it. But I like that Ange said she won’t be a stick to beat Serena with.

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Casualty: It’s all kicking off in the ED

Casualty - Series 34 - EP19(Series 34, ep. 19 by Jillian Mannion 11.1.20) Please follow the link to Metro to read my full review of this episode.

– I actually don’t have much more to add – there was no Dylan or David so not much scope for ‘line of the week.’

– Wasn’t it obvious that patient Gloria was visually impaired? And that her husband was dead? 

– I think Connie is being genuine in her attempts to get back in Archie’s good books, but I liked how that didn’t extend to being nice about Archie’s new heroine Dr Megan. 

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Holby City: Climb every mountain

19500236-low_res-holby-city(Series 22, ep. 1 by Patrick Homes 7.1.20) Bob over to Metro for my review of this scenic episode. But before you go…

– Line of the week: (Jac explains her decision to let her five year old daughter watch Jaws) ‘It contains valuable life lessons about the nature of obsession. She’s too young to read Moby Dick.’

Carmen Munroe as Dr Nelson was exactly the compassionate, wise but firm person Jac needed.

– How adorable that Fletch and Sacha have forgiven Jac for being horrible to them. But of course they both adore her and they both know she was very unwell when she said those things.

– How adorable of Fletch to forgive her for leaving his car in the middle of the Welsh mountains.

– How clever of Jac to find Kian with pinpoint accuracy. Her navigational skills are wasted in Holby.

– Was Max McGerry ringing Hanssen do you think? I really hope so.

– And yes I did cry when Jac gave Emma the picture.


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Casualty: The return of Connie Beauchamp

Casualty - Series 34 - EP18My full review of this episode is over at Metro, but before you go…

– Line of the week: (Patient Barney) ‘Is he [Dylan] always this grumpy?’ (David) ‘No, sometimes he’s asleep.’

– Line of the week 2: (Dylan) ‘If you’re going to be a doctor you have to tune your body like a fine instrument powered exclusively by sugar.’

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Holby City: Three years on

serena holby 53(Series 21, ep. 53 ‘Mothers and Their Daughters’ by Patrick Homes 31.12.19) Pop over to Metro for my review of this episode. But before you go…

– As I did in the previous lions and lambs episode, I found myself wondering which I am. I think I’m probably a lamb/shepherd hybrid, if that’s a thing.

– Cam is quite the centre of attention, isn’t he? It mainly is because there are no other males of an eligible age at that hospital.

– I liked the moody opening with Serena in the rain mangling a rose. When we saw at the end that she was standing in a graveyard – was that actually the Holby garden with added gravestones? Or a real graveyard with added Serena?

– All of this business about Max closing the YAU (it had to happen) and putting Darwin out to tender is clearly leading up to the return of Henrik Hanssen. The moral compass once again needs recalibrating and he’s the only man with the skills.

– Essie has lovely hair.

– Happy New Year!


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Casualty: He always wanted to be a doctor

18780563-low_res-casualty-portraitsI’ve reviewed this episode over at Metro and also written an extra piece about Mason, so please give them a look.

I don’t have much more to add to what I’ve said there, apart from I’ll really miss Mason. I found the character really interesting and I loved Victor Oshin’s layered and subtle portrayal of him. He’s a really compelling actor to watch and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.


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