Casualty: Arrested!

rita connie casualty(Series 29, ep.29) Alfred Maxwell is dead. And, as far as Rita is concerned at least, all the evidence points to Connie having killed him. At the end of the episode Connie was arrested, and all the evidence points at Rita as being the one who called the police.

It was a double shocker for the rest of the department, because they’d just finished applauding Connie for a bit of impromptu life-saving brain drilling in a broken-down lift. There aren’t many surgeons who’d be able to do that, and Rita was also stuck in the lift to witness it at first hand – presumably rather regretting calling the police, which she must have done prior to that.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Everything must go

harry mary claire holby(Series 17, ep.27) This episode left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling – which is surprising considering that large swathes of screen-time were occupied by Selfie blustering around the hospital corridors.

The writers did their best to reposition him as a man of integrity who really just wanted to do what he does best – drill people’s skulls. The CEO life wasn’t really for him, he realised. He wanted to be there at the soggy end with his fingers in a brain. To add to the sympathy factor, his late wife was invoked (it’s hard doing something when the person who loved you doing it is no longer there, or words to that effect) and he seemed more than a tad affected by Jac’s sudden disappearance (taking her deferred maternity leave, it turns out). The lack of Jac also worried Ric, who was at Selfie’s shoulder at regular intervals looking concerned. “There’s a super-centre roaring down the highway with no one at the wheel,” Ric said, and I wasted too long in trying to picture what that would look like.  Continue reading


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Joy of Sets: Orphan Black

OB promoThere are many factors that contribute to my love of Orphan Black. There is that it is a mind-bending delight of drama meets science meets comedy; there is that it’s a feast for examining the fundamentals of nature vs nurture; there is that it’s a ride of twists and turns and because of the excitement of never really knowing who you can trust…but really, there is one immense feature of Orphan Black that makes me love it and it is absolutely unique to this show. I love it because every episode has a moment, a very special moment, and each time I watch I assume it will be the last time it happens – but it never is. It’s the moment where I shake my head and remember that the character on screen is being played Tatiana Maslany…and that that one is too…and that one. I rub my cheek and can’t understand how I fell for the illusion yet again, that I forgot yet again…but I do – and if experiences of friends and other commentators are anything to go by, I am not the only one. This may make little sense for those unfortunate enough to have not spun through the whirlwind of series 1&2, so let me explain.

It’s all about the clones.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Connie looks at life from both ends

connie charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.28) The very sad Alfred Maxwell story continued, and we found that Connie had been visiting him in his care home after work every day. Alfred was unable to speak any longer and relied on spelling words out by blinking. The words he spelled out to Connie were stark: “Help me die.”

Charlie has, of course, been in exactly the same position with beloved Megan, so he was well placed to advise Connie. “It’s a hard way to say goodbye to a friend,” he said. Connie also knows this, having supported Elliot Hope on his trip to the assisted suicide clinic with his wife Gina, who also had MND. This scene was classic Charlie – some wise words and that middle-distance stare that’s his trademark. No matter how dire the circumstances get, you feel like the world is still balanced nicely on its axis as long as Charlie’s around.  Continue reading

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Holby City: Jonny learns to live a little

selfie jonny holby(Series 17, ep.26) When Jonny Mac left the Wyvern County Jail with a friend he’d met inside, it was inevitable the friend (Archie) would end up being a patient on Darwin before the hour was out. He only had time to steal some drugs from the pharmacy, get bladdered and utter some life guidance to Jonny, before he was whisked away to theatre to die on the operating table with a heart turned into a soggy sponge by a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices.  Continue reading


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Lustbox: Robin Ellis

A tale of tin mining, lust and pasties

Poldark. A tale of tin mines, lust & pasties

Sue recently reminded us that she’d had her eye on Aidan Turner long before he started a trend for topless scything in the new series of Poldark. I’m enjoying watching it, and Aidan Turner is undoubtedly very pretty, but I’ve long had a soft spot for the original (and the best, certainly in terms of scar make-up) Robin Ellis.  Continue reading


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Casualty: A fool in love

cal casualty(Series 29, ep.27) Only the other day I was defending Cal to a friend who described him as Ethan’s “slimy twat brother.” And now look how he’s repaid me – by giving £15k of Ethan’s money to his girlfriend Taylor’s charity, partly to support an African orphan in dire circumstances, but mainly to impress Taylor. And to impress Taylor a bit more he was planning to propose to her, by giving her his mother’s engagement ring, which his mother had left to Ethan.

So it served Cal right, really, to discover that Taylor is nothing but a con artist and she’d scarpered with the cash, though obviously it’s Ethan who’s suffered financially.  Continue reading


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