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Casualty: Keeping calm, carrying on

(Series 34, ep. 43 by Simon Norman 26.9.20) For a full review of this episode please head over to Metro. But before you do that…

– My Casualty-starved self really enjoyed this episode. The set-up of the woman collapsing in the field, and then showing how the nasty chemical got spread so easily from hand to hand, was very well done.

– Have I missed something about Dylan? Why was he particularly affected by being in his protective suit?

– Jade’s frustration that the PPE stopped her being able to hear and made lip-reading more difficult was well done.

– Will picking fights with Ethan didn’t exactly cover him in glory, though.

– Connie announcing the Code Orange over the PA system was about the most sinister thing I’ve ever heard. 

– But Connie feeling the need to talk to her daughter after everything was over was a nice touch.

– And her line ‘We will always find new ways to save each other’ is my line of the week because we need that kind of optimism and faith in the current awful times. It’s like that lovely line that in a disaster you should ‘Look for the helpers.’ It’s true and it’s comforting to remember.

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Casualty: The man who fell to earth

Casualty - Series 34 - EP42

(Series 34, ep. 42 by Hamish Wright 22.8.20) I’ve reviewed this episode for Metro as usual, so please have a look there. But before you do…

– Connie and Jacob… I’m afraid I can barely sum up the energy to form the word ‘meh.’

– Poor old Noel, though.

– There was a lot of patient action this week. I didn’t really enjoy the rugby lads, but probably the point of that was not to enjoy them because they were twonks.

– Yusuf and Rahmi’s story was really sad, though.

– Why does nobody on Casualty or Holby seem to have any friends who aren’t on Casualty or Holby? Jade and Marty didn’t mention any names who weren’t regular cast members to invite to their party. Though I suppose if they’d said, ‘We must invite Bob, Cyril and Samantha’ we may have spent the rest of the episode wondering who they were.

– But none of this will be happening for quite a while, as Casualty is now on an unspecified break until they can produce some more episodes. Will Marty even be able to have a party under whatever Covid rules may apply then? We shall just have to wait and wonder.

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Casualty: Lev cheated on you

Casualty - Series 34 - EP43

(Series 34, ep. 41 by Katie Douglas 15.8.20) Pop to Metro to read this week’s review. But before you do…

– I like the teasing way that Faith is with Dylan. You can see why he’s fallen for her – nobody else thinks of him as ‘fun.’ Though I do.

– I think she’ll now go home with Lev and be watching him and thinking about things. Dylan’s accusation isn’t something she could easily dismiss, though she’ll want to believe it’s not true of course.

– I’m very worried about what Lev might do to Dylan if he finds out he told Faith.

– I was interested to discover that this storyline has always been planned for Lev and it was what attracted Uriel Emil to the part. It must be an actor’s dream to play a character with all of these layers to him.

– I like Fenisha better when she’s a bit less cocky and self-assured, like she was tonight. It was nice to know that she really does want Jan’s approval and wants to be the best paramedic she can be.

– Did it seem odd to you that Jacob’s patient Mr Taylor didn’t see a doctor once when he was in the ED? Luckily Jacob has become a diagnostic marvel, so he was in safe hands.

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Casualty: I saw you in the ambulance station with a man

Casualty - Series 34 - EP41

(Series 34, ep. 40 by Debbie Owen 8.8.20) My full review of this episode is over at Metro, so off you prance, my pretties. But not before you’ve read this bit…

– Jason Durr is astonishingly good as David, isn’t he? He does a lovely job of showing David’s struggles with his mental health and that this is just a part of who he is – a man who is kind, caring, awkward, funny and charming. And an excellent nurse.

– I really hope nothing ever goes wrong between him and Rosa, because it’s a lovely partnership and I like that he’s found someone who really sees all his quirks and qualities.

– Aside from the wonderful David, we had Dylan deciding to take his life into his hands by ‘having a word’ with Lev about his extra-curricular activities. I think this may have resulted in Dylan getting a smack in the mouth if Connie hadn’t happened to be passing by.

– But I actually think he should have kept quiet. It’s not his argument to pick, and would it really help Faith to detonate her marriage while she’s trying to stay strong for Luka? Lev has issues he needs to work through, but presumably he’ll reach his own conclusions in his own time.

– Though for plot reasons I’m quite interested to see how it all blows up, and whether Faith and Dylan end up together.

– I’m less excited to find out if Fenisha and Ethan end up together. She seems to be belatedly realising he is a Good Egg, and of course it’ll have to come out at some point that she’s still pregnant and he has Huntington’s disease and the baby may have inherited it. That’ll be dramatic. But the way she switched affections between him and Will then back again suggests she maybe isn’t that reliable. We’ll see.

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Casualty: I guess that’s what I’m best at

Casualty - Series 34 - EP40

(Series 34, ep. 39 by Philip Lawrence 1.8.20) Pop over to Metro to read my review of this episode. But before you go, I’ve had some random thoughts…

– Has Nate just been a sacrificial person, plot-wise, so that Jacob and Tina could get together, do you think?

– Nate’s death was extremely sad, though, especially Tina arriving just as Connie was about to call it.

– I will never understand how someone (Lev in this case) can be in the mood for ‘hanky panky’ when they’ve just heard that their child is most probably going to die soon. Seems a very strange reaction to me.

– But I love it that Dylan was the one who saw Lev and Xandsome (did we ever discover his name?) together. That’s going to be all kinds of interesting.

– Rosa’s back! I love her so much. My only regret is she didn’t bring Xiomara back with her.

– Though I doubt David feels the same about that last bit.

– The Marcus/Wes story was interesting and, apart from maybe the lightest of nods to Lev’s story, it stood alone and wasn’t directly related to the staff’s emotional traumas in the way patient stories often are.

– Line of the week: (Marty on David’s choice of restaurant) ‘It looks like the sort of place you go to when your microwave’s broken.’

– Line of the week 2: (Marty describing Rosa) ‘The porter who can push a bed from cubicles to resus by the sheer force of her personality.’

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Casualty: There must have been friendlier faces you could have called

Casualty - Series 34 - EP39

I can so relate to Jan’s expression here

(Series 34, ep. 38 by Tim Stimpson 25.7.20) My real review is over at Metro so please have a look (honestly, please do – they love the traffic over there – and even though it says there are spoilers, that’s only if you haven’t seen the episode). But before you go…

– I could give that Fenisha a good shake, honestly. She picks up the glorious Ethan, thinking he’ll be Mr Alright For the Night, then drops him like a dead slug the minute she sets eyes on Superficially Charming Will. Then she finds she’s pregnant with Ethan’s baby. Will takes fright, so she says she’ll have a termination. She doesn’t, but can’t bring herself to tell Will or Ethan. A few weeks ago she was hankering after Will again but couldn’t take up his kind offer of a reconciliation because of still being pregnant and that. And in this episode the daft pickle realised that Ethan is actually quite splendid after all. Too late, missy.

– I loved how Ethan’s young patient was dressed as the 11th Doctor and all the Doctor Who banter between them. It was quite precious when Ethan was saying, ‘Come on, Eleven, hang in there.’

– Ryan, the Joker who catfished Caitlin, was a nasty piece of work in the end, wasn’t he? Thinking she ought to be grateful for any attention he might bestow on her. I was glad she stood up to him and to her dad.

– I’m foreseeing a romance between Jacob and Nate’s sister, Tina. Is it just me?

– Faith and Dylan has to happen at some point but their relationship is moving at glacial speed so far. I know she has a huge amount on her mind, what with the terminally ill son and everything, but really…

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Casualty: The one with Young Lev and Mrs Jan

Casualty - Series 34 - EP38(Series 34, ep. 37 by Dana Fainaru and Jillian Mannion 18.7.20) Head over to Metro for this week’s full review. But before you go…

– Well I wasn’t expecting that twist with Lev. I think it does make sense of how he briefly became a nasty football thug – that obviously was never really his nature but was a way to try and hide his confusion about his sexuality beneath a shell of hard-man bravado.

– Is that also true of his relationship with Faith? It does add yet another dimension to the Lev/Faith/Dylan triangle though. If Faith discovers what her husband has been up to with these dating apps it might propel her even faster in the direction of Dylan.

– The boys who played Young Lev and Young Sergei were very good, and you could see how Evgeny reminded Lev of Sergei.

– I liked Jan and Ffion’s relationship, which seemed very real. There are niggles between them, but they work it out because they understand that they both work in the kind of job that doesn’t just stop at 5PM.

– That labour scene in the car and the ambulance was ridiculously shrieky though – and I don’t just mean the woman in labour. Fenisha made enough noise herself.


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Casualty: Jade’s big day

Casualty - Series 34 - EP37

(Series 34, ep. 29 by Charlie Swinbourne and Sophie Woolley 11.7.20) My long review is as usual on Metro. But before you wander off to read that…

– I imagine the distorted sound in a lot of this episode will have been quite polarising and there’ll probably be a few complaints. I really liked it, though. We’re used to visual effects to show when a character is feeling disoriented, drugged or whatever. It was refreshing to try to get into the world of a person for whom sound is altered by whether she’s using a hearing aid or not, and how the artificially amplified sounds might be annoying and stressful.

– I hope the Jade/Susie story will continue, as they explore their relationship and also their different approaches to living with deafness.

– Zoe and Max have a baby! Yay! I love hearing little snippets about people who’ve left, so we can imagine them still getting on with their lives.

– And I like how Jan keeps mentioning Ffion – I’m looking forward to meeting her.

– Read about how this episode was written here.

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Casualty: Dylan takes a bullet, Charlie makes a decision

connie charlie casualty 35(Series 34, ep. 35 by Dana Fainaru 30.5.20) My full review of this dramatic episode is over at Metro. Before you click over there to have a read…

– Phew. Charlie’s coming back. One of his main skills is not looking people in the eyes, and this is something he can teach to his colleagues. Faith and Dylan are going to find it hard to look each other in the eye now she knows how he feels about her and he knows that she knows. Charlie can show them how it can be done with style, with his trademark “pretend you’re watching a cricket match in the distance” technique.

– I loved the Connie and Charlie scenes. Top work from two top actors, with Charlie giving full vent to his rage.

– What did Faith think she was going to achieve with that needle? It didn’t even have some weapons-grade anaesthetic in it. Leave that sort of thing to John Wick is my advice.

– Why did Fenisha even feel tempted by Will’s “Now you’re no longer with child, would you consider getting back with me” overtures? There’s just something so creepy about his attitude. Or is that just me?


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Casualty: Jade uses her superpower

Casualty - Series 34 - EP35(Series 34, ep. 34 by Rachel Aird 23.5.20) For a proper review of this episode please pop over to Metro as soon as you’ve read this next bit.

– I love watching people speak sign language. It’s like a super-power. I’m now regretting that I didn’t sign up to learn BSL at the start of the lockdown as I pondered doing. Perhaps it’s not too late, but I haven’t got very far with Beginners’ Norwegian yet (lesson 1, in fact)

– I’m glad Jade and Marty are friends again. I have a feeling she’s going to need him.

– And talking of friends, apparently Jacob has acquired a new one in the form of Nate. I suppose it’s been a while since Jacob had very much to do, but these ‘staff member becomes personally involved with a patient’ stories never end happily so he shouldn’t get too attached.

– Poor Noel. Despite his recent heroics everyone is still taking him for granted.

– Did you spot Jan mentioning her wife Ffion? We’re being warmed up for the appearance of Ffion herself in the form of the lovely Stirling Gallacher and I can’t wait.

– I honestly don’t know what to make of Fenisha, but I do like Jan when she’s angry.

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