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Casualty: Is Dylan heading for a broken nose?

Casualty - Series 34 - EP30(Series 34, ep. 30 by David Semple and Hilary Frankland 4.4.20) For a full review of this episode pop over to Metro. But before you do that…

– Oh, Marty. It’s all because his self esteem has been shattered by his rubbish dad and that rubbish boyfriend Jack and a rubbish succession of useless men. All he wants is to be loved.

– But at least he and Jade are friends again.

– And at least he said no to Danny right at the end.

– Danny was an interesting character. Superficially charming but with a self-centred streak a mile wide, he was just a lost and lonely boy.

– Poor Ethan. He’s never lucky in love (though I suppose it’s to be expected if you’re a character in a TV drama). Though I don’t think Fenisha is at all the woman for him and Will is welcome to her.

– The Faith/Lev/Dylan triangle, though – I do think that Faith and Dylan would be a much more interesting couple than Faith and Lev, who don’t seem to have a huge amount of chemistry going. I worry that it will all end in Dylan getting his face rearranged by former football hooligan Lev if anything should happen between Dylan and Faith.

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Casualty: The one where Charlie quits

Casualty - Series 34 - EP29(Series 34, ep. 29 by Hilary Frankland 28.3.20) As usual, you can find a full and frank review over at Metro. But before you go…

– It always amuses me that when people leave their jobs on TV programmes they always take a box of stuff with them. Never a carrier bag – it’s always a box. There’s usually a plant in it as well, but Charlie didn’t have a plant. I bet he had a picture of Duffy so he’ll probably have to go and get the box back out of the bin when nobody’s looking.

– Will he be back, though? I mean properly? Casualty without Charlie feels like the end of days, as if we didn’t have enough apocalyptic stuff to worry about already. The ravens will be leaving the Tower of London next.

– It also always amuses me when they have ‘famous’ people on Casualty and Holby. I don’t mean Sharon Gless-type real famous people. I mean pretend ones like Cameron the graffiti artist, AKA Brian Brain or whatever it was. Everyone had heard of him. There used to be a man in my area who would paint tiny pictures on lumps of squashed and dried chewing gum on the pavement (seriously. They were quite good) but his arrival at the local hospital would not have caused anything like the Brian Brain level of excitement.

– And anything at all that happens, gets videoed and put on the internet is always seen within 5 minutes by a staff member (usually Jade) at the hospital. Does this really happen? I’m somewhat old and therefore not quite as glued to my electronics as some, but still…

– I hope we get to see Noel dressed as an elephant on an exercise bike. Though I can’t help thinking there may be trunk/handlebar entanglement issues.

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Casualty: Bumper cars and rollercoasters

Casualty - Series 34 - EP28(Series 34, ep. 28 by Stephen McAteer 14.3.20) Pop over to Metro right now to read my review of this episode. When I say ‘right now,’ I actually mean after you’ve read this next bit…

– Fenisha said she preferred a day that was ‘rollercoasters’ rather than a day of ‘bumper cars’ – i.e. she likes excitement. But it reminds me that it’s been far too long since Casualty featured a disaster at Holby Funfair. I remember Robyn being involved in such an incident quite a while ago. 

– Fenisha herself. Hmm… I’m not sure about her yet. I’m not impressed by her going into flirt mode with every doctor she sets eyes on, but maybe that’s just me being sweet and old-fashioned. I’m going to wait to see what Ruby thinks of her before I decide.

– That man who was chairing the conference that Rash was speaking at was horrible and I was glad to hear that Connie had given him a bit of a dressing down. It was just a shame we didn’t get to see it.

– When Jacob picked up the phone to Fletch my first thought was that Fletch currently has enough on his plate without having to worry that Casualty mainstay Charlie Fairhead is crumbling under pressure.

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Casualty: Bye bye Archie

Casualty - Series 34 - EP27(Series 34, ep. 27 by Colin Bytheway 7.3.20) I’ve given this a proper review over at Metro as usual. But before you click on that link…

– Line of the week: Dean hears that best friend Hazel is about to get married and says he can’t quite be happy for them, ‘But, like my Grade 2 clarinet, I will work towards it.’

– I feel like Ruby gave up on trying to look after Harmony far too easily. With Violette gone, I’m sure Robyn would have welcomed them back into her house and everything would have worked out nicely.

– I’m sad Archie has gone.

– And I’m sad to hear that Rosa has gone to Uruguay to look after her mother who has allegedly had a fall. I say ‘allegedly’ because Xiomara has a bit of a record of making up illnesses to suit her purposes. What I would really like to happen is for the two of them to come back to Holby and for Xiomara to get a job on reception.

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Casualty: One willing pair of hands

Casualty - Series 34 - EP26(Series 34, ep. 26 by Adam Hughes 29.2.20) Have a look at this week’s review over at Metro. But before you go…

– Luka’s surgery scenes were very intense and difficult to watch.

– And how rare that an eminent surgeon is brought into Holby to do their thing, and their thing turns out to be not quite enough. Generally we could expect miracle cures, but this was maybe more realistic – though brutal.

– My favourite scenes were when Zsa Zsa and Connie crossed paths. It was a shame that Zsa Zsa’s stay was such a brief one. I could have done with more of their rivalry.

– The butcher’s accident – ugh.

– I am very worried about Marty. He needs to look after himself.

– Charlie’s face when he saw Duffy’s dementia-friendly badge. To anybody who’s lost someone close to them, that expression of fleeting happiness at a memory of them alongside the deep sadness of their loss will have been really relatable.

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Casualty: My honeymoon with Christine Cagney

dfsfgdsgh(Series 34, ep. 25 by Johanne McAndrew, Elliot Hope and Dana Fainaru 22.2.20) Full review at Metro as usual. But first…

– I was sad Violette died because I really liked her character and the way Kelly Gough played her. I wanted her to become a paramedic. Or a porter with Rosa.

– Maddy Hill was brilliant. She always is, but especially so this week.

– What do we think of Ethan’s new girlfriend? I found her extremely irritating (and I refuse to think of Ethan as ‘adorkable’). She’s going to be trouble, anyway.

– Connie is so desperate to keep Archie in the ED, isn’t she?

– Faith and Dylan look to be heading towards a romance, but that’s going to be tricky with former violent thug Lev as the third corner of the triangle.

– I still find it surreal to see Christine Cagney on Casualty. I actually spent part of my honeymoon with her, in the sense that I caught a really bad fluey cold in Vancouver and ended up staying in the hotel room for a day watching numerous  Cagney and Lacey episodes on TV while the brand new Mr H (he was actually always Mr H, it was me who was the brand new Mrs H) roamed the city on his own in the rain and brought me snacks because he’s a Keeper. 

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Casualty: Still missing Mason

Casualty - Series 34 - EP24

‘Don’t forget the garlic bread!’

(Series 34, ep. 24 by Dan Berlinka 15.2.20) Pop over to Metro (almost) right now to read more about this episode and lots more beautiful soaps coverage. But before you go…

– I thought it was funny that the lesson of Will’s story was supposed to be that work and romance don’t mix. Tell that to half the staff of the entire hospital who do nothing but mix business with pleasure.

– Why didn’t Ethan mention Duffy? (Or did I miss it? I do get distracted by the cat sometimes). It was all about Mason again. 

– And other than that, I have nothing else to add. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the episode because I did.

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