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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life – Spring

gilmore-girlsFirstly, apologies for the massive delay in my Episode 2 write up, Christmas and a whole host of distractions got in the way but now I’m determined. Also, I think a tiny bit of me is stringing this out as I’m still in denial about the end of GG.

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

gilmore-girlsWinter (Episode 1)

It’s been nearly 10 years since Lorelai and Rory were last on our screens and the anticipation of these final (final, final) episodes, brought back by Netflix, has been enormous. I have read more articles about this TV show comeback than I have about any other show in the last 5 years. Everybody has had an opinion about what our fast talking, coffee guzzling mother and daughter team should have been getting up to in the intervening years; whether Rory’s lost loves would return, if she’s become the jet setting journalist she’d always dreamed of, whether Lorelai and Luke have been busy having dozens of babies and what each of the ensemble cast has become.

The first episode couldn’t possible cover all of the answers but in true Gilmore Girls fashion, it tries to get through a fair few (and at break neck speed).

This series contains 4 feature length episodes named after the seasons (bringing to mind the Carole King song “You’ve got a Friend”, appropriate given that her and her daughter sing the Gilmore Girls theme tune “Where you lead”), in this post I’ll just be going over Winter because a) I want to milk this writing about the Gilmore Girls gig for 4 posts and b) because I’m old skool and unlike the rest of the world who now binge watch box sets, I’m ekeing these final episodes out one at a time.

Spoilers for episode 1 from here on in

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