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Holby City: Nothing to lose

lee dominic holby(Series 18, ep. 18) We all thought we’d seen the last of That Lee, the dastardly villain who broke Dominic’s heart, and stole his mother’s running away money and Digby’s granddad’s medals. But no – there was another nasty twist to the tale.

When Dominic’s patient Alison told Dominic he reminded her of her husband, she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. Everybody else could, as soon as her husband was revealed to be none other than Lee. He insisted that he really loved Dominic, but Alison was pregnant and soon Lee and Dominic were fighting in the staff room, where someone had left a handy cake knife. Ric Griffin waded into the fray, and the ensuing fight scene was rather gripping and well done. Someone got stabbed – but who was the stabber and who was the stabbee?  Continue reading


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Holby City: A spark or an agreement

mo mr t holby(Series 18, ep. 16) Mr T has bought a babygro with Winnie the Pooh on it! Not for himself (though if anyone could pull that look off it’s Mr T) but for the baby that he and Mo plan to have. Not this month, though, because Mo did a test and it was negative.

This upset Mr T. Not so much that she’s not pregnant yet, because who knows better than him that it doesn’t always happen straight away. But because he wasn’t there when she did the test. He wants to be fully involved – he’s even thinking of baby names and school places.  Continue reading


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Holby City: See you back on the ice

hanssen holby(Series 18, ep. 15) There was a moment in this episode when I thought things were turning against Henrik Hanssen in his battle with Selfie for control of the hospital. Selfie was trying his best to line up allies. He had Ric Griffin on Team Self for pragmatic rather than heartfelt reasons, but still, Ric is a very big deal. Selfie also offered Jac Naylor the post of Clinical Ambassador if she would support him and it briefly seemed like she might be swayed. She turned it down, which was obviously the right decision, but it cheated me out of the opportunity to use the phrase, “Ambassador, with these balloon stents you are really spoiling us.”  Continue reading


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Casualty: A gin-in-a-tin kind of day

connie hanssen casualty(Series 30, ep. 19) The Mythical St James’s called a black alert, which meant they were swamped with the kind of patients who don’t have an interesting back-story and are therefore of no use at Holby. The mythical doors were firmly closed to all accidents and emergencies, so everyone was routed to Holby City Hospital instead. Despite going almost code black themselves, Holby are made of sterner stuff than St James’s (obvs) and it wasn’t long before Lofty was proving his promotional credentials by helping to set up and run a big triage tent in the car park.

The triage tent was Connie’s idea, and she had to push it past Henrik Hanssen, who was in the department to add his own blend of glamour and terror to Lofty’s interview and the rest of the proceedings.  Continue reading

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Holby City: Honest, objective and ethical

hanssen selfie holby(Series 18, ep. 14) I think we’re supposed to dislike Selfie. Jac says he’s after Darwin. Hanssen says he’s after everything, and since Jac and Hanssen are the intellectual and moral centres of the hospital respectively, I take them seriously. In this episode he was even prepared to risk the life of a woman who’d been nothing but a friend to him, in order to pursue more glamorous and headline-making surgery, and that’s not the behaviour of a nice man.

And yet, Holby likes its villains to be nuanced. Apart from out and out monsters like Jac’s mother, most Holby baddies have a back story that grants them at least a tiny bit of sympathy. In Selfie’s case, the tragedy of losing his wife has perhaps been augmented by the near death experience of having a live grenade in his hands. Something has been sending him to support groups alongside other tortured geniuses. Something upsets him so much he has to absorb himself in a daily sudoku to cope.  Continue reading


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Holby City: A perfectly deadly aneurysm

fran holby(Series 18, ep. 10) Carli Norris must be a brilliant actor. Fran Reynolds started her Holby life as a fun-loving, funny, caring person (I think I described her as “relatable”), friend of Essie, amusing thorn in Sacha’s side, always available for a bit of plain-speaking relationship advice whether it was asked for or not. And in the last couple of episodes I don’t think there’s been a character I’ve wanted to slap more – at least not since Sahira Shah left. To be so believable in both roles (as the same person) takes skill.

Character-wise, I suppose Fran’s fondness for Selfie should have rung alarm bells, but otherwise there was nothing to suggest that the mere sight of Jac Naylor would have her turning to the dark side so thoroughly. There’s obviously something behind it – there’s history between the two of them, which Jac is unaware of and which looks like becoming clear in the next episode.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Someone should admit her

fran holby(Series 18, ep. 9) You know I’m not a violent person, but by the end of this episode I wanted to kick something. Anything, but preferably Nurse Fran Reynolds.

Alarm bells should have been ringing as soon as she announced to Jac that cardiothoracics is her “passion.” That’s a word that’s used all over the place – we’ve probably all bought a sandwich from a company that declares itself to be “passionate” about sandwiches.

Passion goes down very well at Holby these days. Essie has already been praised for hers, and in this episode Jesse was praised for his (passion and compassion, but more of that later). Passion manifests itself in different ways, though. For Jac Naylor, passion for the job means working hard, being excellent, always improving. What it doesn’t mean is all the touchy-feely stuff that Fran thinks it means.  Continue reading


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