Holby City: Love is all around

dominic-bernie-holby(Series 19, ep. 7) Holby City has proved in the last few weeks that it can go to some very dark places indeed. Selfie’s back story of abuse, highlighted by the dreadful actions of Tristan, was intense and dramatic.

By contrast, we got this lovely episode, where there was humour and lightness in every story.

sacha-dominic-holbyI’m going to have to start with Keller, and Sacha’s attempts to recapture his lost youth – or Tom Jones’s lost youth, if the new hairdo was anything to go by. “No one’s commented on my hair,” he moaned to Dominic. “Not to your face,” said Dominic. Well, someone had to. This wasn’t even the funniest bit of hair-related Dom/Sacha dialogue. Dominic realised (because he is sensitive, deep down. And he was also relying on Sacha’s sofa as a bed for the night) that Sacha was upset, and tried to make amends. “Can I say I’m sorry in a cuddly, let’s-be-friends again kind of way?” he said. “Stop talking to my hair!” Sacha replied. “I’m not,” said Dominic. “I’m looking at your physicality, your stance, your manliness.” “I look absolutely ridiculous, don’t I?” Sacha said. The reply was absolute genius: “Only from the scalp up. The rest of you is 100% to die for.” 

The temptation is just to quote more and more of Jeff Povey’s brilliant script, especially any scenes with Dominic in them. And I really would love to see a spin-off series of Dominic and Sacha at home. The two of them are comedy gold.

dominic-jasmine-holbyIt doesn’t look like that’ll happen for various reasons, not least that Isaac and Dominic have reconciled. It seems a bit of jealousy did the trick. A character from back in the episode where Dominic, Morven and Arthur went on an outward bound course was back, first as a competitor for Dominic and Jasmine in the race to be Isaac’s new research assistant and then (succumbing to The Curse) as a patient. He helped Dominic to sabotage all the other candidates, but Jasmine got the job anyway because, as Isaac told Dominic, he can’t be in a relationship with his research assistant.

bernie-jason-fletch-holbyEarlier, Dominic had a little heart-to-heart with Bernie (she’s back!) on the roof. I like how they keep having these little talks. Bernie had only been back five minutes when, thanks to Jason, she got the impression that Serena wasn’t that keen on her and Robbie was back in the picture. The “horribly expensive” (Jason: “It’s just horrible”) new blouse might have given Bernie the clue that Serena had made an effort, but both she and Serena were feeling sensitive, defensive and nervous around each other. Luckily this situation wasn’t left to drag on for too long. Jason locked them both in Serena’s office and he and Fletch stood outside with placards saying “You love her” and “Tell her.” Bernie was contemplating asking for a transfer to another hospital, unless Serena gave her a reason to stay. So she did, and Berena fans nationwide cheered.

inga-mo-holbyIf only true love was running so smoothly on Darwin for Mo and Mr T. Yes, I know there’s Inga, but as their patient Ravi (a professional honey-trapper, and that’s got nothing to do with bees) pointed out, Mo and Mr T have great chemistry. Inga has noticed that, too, and she’s worked out (though Mr T is blissfully unaware) that he is the father of Mo’s baby. So now she’s pulled the classic stunt of telling him she’s pregnant herself. Unless she’s telling the truth (which I seriously doubt) she’s got her work cut out. Her fiancé is a gynaecologist, after all.

On a final note, Jac has an appointment with Mr T on the 16th and he said he’d keep it a secret. What’s that about, then?

Next time: New Italian surgeon alert! And Bernie’s son Cameron is back.

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6 responses to “Holby City: Love is all around

  1. I didn’t care much for Dom at first, but he has really grown on me, although he is a bit predictable. I bet the writers have great fun writing his scenes though, I really can’t imagine writing some of his dialogue with a straight face.

    There is a lot of licence taken in the scripts. It is unimaginable that Inga would be allowed to wander around flaunting that rock on her finger, even if she is engaged to a consultant. The same goes for all the other jewellery the characters wear because they harbour infection. There was nearly a riot in my hospital many years ago when they tried to insist that wedding rings should be removed. That proved a step too far.

    Have you noticed the other curse of Holby? Never rush for a lift because if you do, it will ALWAYS contain the ONE person you do not wish to come into close proximity with and especially not in a confined space with no immediate escape

  2. Lizxy

    A great ep on many levels!

    I thought Mr T’s phone conversation was with Jack the wedding guy? But I might have got the wrong end of the stick….

  3. Sarah

    Could we have a one-off special Dom and Sacha episode I wonder? They are sheer brilliance together!
    I do feel slightly sorry for Inga… MoT are just meant to be. How long before he wants to do a baby scan?
    Jason is just a lazy plot device these days to move Serena scenes along. But maybe now that she’s loved up she’ll stop being such a boring, indecisive whinger (until they break up obviously)

  4. I can’t stop watching David Ames face. He can portray so much with a tiny movement. The Dom/Sacha Dom/Bernie scenes were fabulous.

    I don’t feel sorry for Inga. I don’t understand in the least what Derwood seems to see in her. She’s an enormous fun sponge sucking the life out of every scene she’s in.

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