Holby City: He’s not a well man

(Series 23, ep. 34 by Ciara Conway 23.11.21) I’ve applied my usual critical lens to this episode for Metro, but before you go to read that…

I liked the visual effects that showed us some of what was going on in Ollie’s mind in that operating theatre. It was genuinely unsettling.

It wasn’t just visual effects, though. James Anderson has been so good at revealing different sides to Oliver as his Holby story has unfolded. From the cocky, confident junior doctor, to the more mature version shaped by the loss of his sister, to his current incarnation all of the versions of Oliver Valentine have been believable. Like Jac Naylor, he’s the product of all the stories that have gone before.

And of course Guy Henry tapped into the very deep sadness at the heart of Henrik Hanssen.

Which brings me once again to thinking how absolutely terrible it is that this programme is being axed.

Back to tonight’s episode, and Dominic’s storyline was really interesting. I liked that it was never suggested that Dominic was actually racist, but his attitude to Tianna was carelessness based on what Max identified as ‘unconscious biases.’

So sad to hear that Carole didn’t recognise him, too. No wonder he wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

He learned his lesson, though, and so did Ange. Josh doesn’t need or want to be mother-smothered.


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2 responses to “Holby City: He’s not a well man

  1. mrssatan

    I’ve lost track of how many times HH has been injured in the hospital. He was held hostage, got trapped under an aircon unit after the bomb, got sliced and diced by Ollie… his life insurance premium must be around *eleventy billion pounds a year!

    *stolen from Mumsnet

  2. As Sue said above, Holby City faces the axe. There is an online petition that you should sign to help save the series https://www.change.org/p/bbc-don-t-scrap-holby-city
    If you have already signed it, get the rest of your family and friends to also sign in !