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Holby City: He can just flip at any minute

chloe evan holby 39(Series 21, ep. 39 ‘Retreat’ by Andy Bayliss 24.9.19) I’ve reviewed this nail-biter of an episode over at Metro, so pop over there and have a read. But first…

– I found the early scenes incredibly tense. I was expecting to see Evan at any moment, and I thought it worked beautifully to have the whole thing set in such an open, sunny location.

– Amy Lennox was brilliant and she’s even more brilliant next week as Chloe starts to process what’s happened. There’s an extra spoiler piece at Metro too.

– Why did Ange put the screwdriver in her desk drawer (typically TV’s least safe place apart from the waste paper basket) rather than a sharps bin (the best way of disposing of evidence in a hospital)?

– Oh, Ric. I am seriously worried about him now.

– And poor Cameron. It’s like he’s been bereaved in instalments.

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Holby City: So many questions

alex heather peace serena holby 30(Series 21, ep. 30 ‘Don’t Leave Me’ by Gerard Sampaio 23.7.19) For a full review of this episode please head over to Metro. But first…

– I really enjoyed this episode and was gripped from start to finish. There were so many questions: could Bernie really be alive or was Serena just kidding herself? What was the mystery about Sunny/Vanessa and Kian’s insistence that Sunny had to have her operation today, come what may? And is Oskar going to turn out as spooky as his father?

– Beautiful work by Nic Jackman in this episode. For too long he hasn’t had much to do apart from be competitive with Nicky and gaze longingly at Chloe, so it’s good to see him having a big storyline to work with. 

– It’s always wonderful to see Heather Peace in anything. I would love to see her in Holby full-time – she has such incredible screen presence.

– Isn’t it always the way? You just get your hands full of lung and the lights go out.

– Line of the week: (Oskar) ‘‘Is that bloood? So muuuch! Can I touch it?”


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Holby City: Bombshells

evan chloe holby 28 copy(Series 21 ep. 28 ’Reckless’ by Nick Fisher 10.7.19) You know the drill – full review over at Metro. But first…

– I think we can definitely file Evan under ‘wouldn’t trust him as far as you could throw him.’ And I am really rubbish at throwing things. I’m sure he didn’t want to get himself stabbed, but once he had been stabbed he definitely spotted an opportunity to get Chloe to agree to marry him.

– We still don’t know what drives Evan to behave in the controlling way he does. Perhaps when we meet this ‘Sophie’ who’s his next of kin we’ll start getting some answers.

– I’m still loving Jack Ryder’s work as Evan.

– I also loved Helen, Lofty’s Vegas fling. She reminded me quite a bit of Jac’s sister Jasmine and you could see why Lofty would be attracted to her. It was nice that as soon as she discovered that Lofty was married she tried to back off without causing any upset.

– A while back, Dominic was quite keen on the idea of having a baby and it was Lofty who was reluctant. I wonder whether that’s the last we’ll see of Helen…

– Fleur Fanshawe is wonderful. There’s something about that Obs & Gynae ward that produces really good characters (yes, I still miss Mr T. And Mubbs. And Owen).

Dialogue of the week:

Ric ‘You go, girl.’

Serena ‘Did you just say “go girl”?’

Ric ‘Yes. It was a bit weird, wasn’t it?’

Serena ‘It was disturbing.’


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Holby City: Zav smells of damp

sue holby 27(Series 21, ep. 27 ‘Flying Solo’ by Martin Jameson 9.7.19) I’ve written a nice (I hope it’s nice) long review of this episode over at Metro, so please have a look. But first…

– Line of the week was anything to do with Xavier’s vest. I loved the way the idea of Zav having a smelly vest played against the fact that he is so good-looking and very probably smells as nice as he looks.

– Cringey line of the week was Evan’s “She stepped up to the plate and ate dinner off it.” I was glad that Cameron pointed out that it didn’t even work as a metaphor. No, it doesn’t. Two completely different kinds of plate.

– Was all the talk about an attacker on the loose (who’s apparently now been caught) a red herring, or will it come up again at some point? The Mythical HR Department sending a message out saying they didn’t want anyone leaving the hospital unaccompanied seems too sinister a detail to waste.

– I think Cameron was right to think Kian was out of order in theatre, but should probably have taken it up with him rather than going to Hanssen.

– Will Serena welcome Bernie’s boy to AAU, do you think?

– Carole Copeland and Scary Sue break my heart every time. I completely want to see Hanssen and Carole dancing, though. Remember when Tess and Abs used to dance together on Casualty many moons ago?


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Holby City news: New neurosurgeon Max will be ‘complex, with no filter’

image003There’s news today that actress Jo Martin will be joining the cast of Holby City in the Autumn as neurosurgeon Max McGerry.

Jo has previously appeared in Doctors, Fleabag, Silent Witness and Back to Life. She’s looking forward to joining Holby as she’s “been a fan for years.” She promises that Max will be “complex, with no filter.”

Executive Producer Simon Harper says that Max is “wry, funny, passionately driven and with no patience whatsoever for political correctness, or ‘snowflakes’ as she calls them.  So Holby’s staff had better watch out.  Professionally, her story will explore highly topical questions about the future of the NHS, while her personal life becomes increasingly turbulent.”

Max will follow in the footsteps of previous Holby neurosurgeons Roxanna Macmillan, Guy Self and John Gaskell, so it’s a role that tends to come with quite a bit of drama. Simon Harper agrees. “Traditionally, of course, being a neurosurgeon at Holby has been the equivalent of Defence of the Dark Arts at Hogwarts – a poisoned chalice!” he says. “Will Max buck the trend of her unfortunate predecessors? Only time will tell.”

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Holby City: If you text me, I’ll answer

donna zav holby 26(Series 21, ep. 26 ‘Kiss Kiss’ by Katie Douglas, Andy Bayliss, Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 25.6.19) For my nice long review of this episode, please wander over to Metro. But first…

– First off, I have to admit that I have no idea what the Darwin patient was supposed to have done.  ‘MP’s hero hubby turns military murderer.’ What? Can someone explain, please?

– I wonder whether the sinister, controlling Evan story is coming too soon after the sinister, controlling Isaac story? Or maybe, as the two ‘victims’ are brother and sister, it’s all going to tie in nicely? Either way, I am enjoying the very insidious way that Evan is getting at Cameron, in the sense that it’s clever writing and very good acting. Of course I’m on Team Cameron.

  Zav and Donna as a couple are lovely. I love how Donna is setting the goals in the relationship and refusing to settle for anything less than she knows she deserves, and that her daughters need. I know relationships never last on Holby, but wouldn’t it be good if this one did?

– The scene between Zav and Nanette was very moving.

– Fletch does seem drawn to strong, powerful women, doesn’t he? This doesn’t make his life easy, but luckily the strong, powerful women also seem drawn to him. 


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Holby City: Which one of us made the monster?

hanssen sacha holby 23(Series 21, ep. 23 ‘In the Right Place’ by Ed Sellek 4.6.19) For this week’s proper review, please pop along to Metro, the Home of the Best Soaps Coverage (I’m not contractually obliged to say that, it just definitely is). But first…

– Ed Sellek, the man who brought us Hanssen Playing The Theremin (but you already knew that) today brought us Hanssen’s Precious Anatomical Model. Hanssen’s poor face as clumsy Sacha dropped all the internal organs on the floor was quite delightful. And it produced a lovely metaphor when Oskar found a piece on the floor. ‘Ah. You’ve found my heart. Well done,’ said Hanssen. I’m looking forward to seeing Oskar finding Hanssen’s considerable but sometimes hidden heart in the coming weeks.

I thought this was going to be the last we’d see of Isaac after Dom told him to jog on, but apparently not (see summer trailer, below). 

– I actually winced when Dominic dropped that saxophone on the ground. That is not the way to treat a musical instrument.

– Some of the scenes between Dominic and Jon reminded me of that very tense episode where Sacha had to look after Essie’s dying Nazi grandfather, in the conflict between his instincts as a doctor and his instincts as a person.

– One day in the future Ange might ponder why both her children are susceptible to controlling, manipulative men – because Evan is shaping up to be almost as nasty as Isaac Mayfield. Currently he’s at the fairly early stages of ‘I-know-best-what-you-need-don’t-I-babe.’ As viewers we can see exactly what’s happening, but I think the only characters who can see it are Cameron and possibly Nicky. I wonder what role Dominic will be able to play in the story as someone who’s survived that kind of relationship?

– And finally… the summer trailer. My heart skipped a beat at Jac’s glimpse of Joseph in the rain (it had to be Joseph) and I might have made an eeking sound when he actually appeared. Of course that wasn’t the only excitement and intrigue to be had from that trailer, and I’ve detailed all the other fun in yet another article for Metro here.

Watch the trailer on the BBC Holby website or on YouTube

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