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Holby City: If karma doesn’t get you, Selfie might

Holby City S22 - Ep24

(Series 22, ep. 24 by Lucia Haynes 4.8.20) Yikes, talk about a cliffhanger! Off you go to Metro to read my review, but before you do that…

– Holby doesn’t usually do cliffhangers as such, but leaving Ric helpless under general anaesthetic as a drunk and vengeful Selfie heaves into view – we’ve got to be worried for Ric’s safety. Luckily Louis is in the operating theatre with him, and we’ve seen that Louis is quite fearless when it comes to protecting what he thinks is right.

– Which now makes me worry for Louis as well…

– Line of the week: (Selfie to Jac) ‘Even if I’ve been drinking I’m twice as good as any neurosurgeon.’ (Jac) ’Please tell me that’s on your LinkedIn profile.’

– Line of the week 2: (Ric to Max) ’I don’t need a friend drilling into my skull. I need a surgeon who isn’t going to wilt under pressure.’ (Max) ’I never wilt.’

– All scenes between Ric and Isaac were precious.

– The little scene between Ric and Donna before he went off to have his operation, and both of them fearing they might not see each other again. Adorable.

– Nicky and Cameron in the on-call room though. I am also now worried for Nicky. So much worry.


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Holby City: He hates everyone almost as much as he hates himself

Holby City S22 - Ep20

(Series 22, ep. 20 by Julie Parsons 7.7.20) My full review of this is over at Metro, so please go and have a look. But before you do that…

– The bit of the Nicky heart attack story that I liked the most was Louis calming her down when she was having the panic attack. He is marvellous.

– Though Belinda Owusu did a really good job of gasping on the locker room floor. I was thinking she wouldn’t be found in time and it would be like poor Mason on Casualty, with everyone beating themselves up that they hadn’t read the signs and paid enough attention. Though of course they should maybe think that anyway.

– Essie and Sacha continue to break my heart.

– But it’s good news from Fletcher Towers apparently, as Fletch continues to improve.

– I loved Hanssen telling Cameron that he should pop along and have an ‘all encompassing career chat with Ms McGerry’ rather than trying to creep up to him. Hanssen has no time for odious little twerps.

– I was right about Cameron being ready to deliver more bad behaviour to impress Ange – but frankly trying to get Louis into trouble is going too far. I was very glad that Max stands ready to support her son.

– Please don’t give Tracey a job at Pulses. She’ll put people off their muffins with her whingey demeanour.


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Holby City: I know what you did

holby 48 pla(Series 21, ep. 48 ‘Blurring the Lines’ by Andrew Rattenbury 26.11.19) Dash over to Metro to read my proper, long review. But before you go…

– What did we all think of Fletch’s new hairstyle, then? It it ‘cool’ as Ange suggested? Or do we need to campaign to #BringBackTheQuiff?

– I was shocked by what Kian did in theatre. Shocked.

– I’m also shocked by how annoying I find Bea. Partly it’s because she calls him ‘Kee,’ and ‘Bea and Kee’ is just silly. Though it does avoid the pronunciation difficulties that some of the characters have with his name, which ranges from ‘something rhyming with Ian’ to ‘Kee-yong’ via ‘Kee-yawn.’

– Jac looked so alone at the end of the episode. Needless to say but Rosie Marcel has been acting her socks off throughout this storyline, with more to come (oh my gosh is there more to come), but I do find myself wishing her health could be left alone for a while to let her get on with ninja-level medicine and withering put-downs.

– Helen’s love for Lofty must have been accentuated by wanting to cling to him in their mutual grief. Verity Marshall has been playing Helen brilliantly – still making you feel sorry for her, but at the same time being deeply suspicious of the way she’s trying to split Dofty up.

– Did you notice that Kian got himself a hot cross bun from Pulses? That’s a very out-of-season snack! They’ll be serving mince pies in August at this rate.


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Holby City: We don’t want Ric to be a dead guinea pig

max serena holby 42 ss(Series 21, ep. 42 ‘Hope is a Powerful Drug’ by Simon Norman 15.10.19) Pop yourself over to Metro for my full review of this episode (and a side-ponder about Ric). But first…

– I was unreasonably excited by the glimpse of Joseph in the ‘Previously…’ section. One has to take the few crumbs one is given.

Line of the week 1: (Jac) ‘The competency level just went up.’

Line of the week 2: (Chloe, about Evan) ‘Was he in any pain?’ (Cameron) ‘In my opinion, not nearly enough.’ Yes, Cameron!

Line of the week 3: (Sacha) ‘You can’t just do things ad hoc!’ This clearly marks a radical new change in policy for Holby, where things are done ad hoc on a weekly basis.

– I loved Jac being sympathetic to Chloe. It was perfect. Jac knows that the last thing Chloe needs is mollycoddling – she gets enough of that from Ange.

– What a drippy woman that Frankie is.

– But Callum (the Keller patient) was brilliant. It was one of those guest turns that makes me wish he could be in it every week. We haven’t had a good sociopath in Holby for… oooh, weeks. He was absolutely charming with it, as well.

Max McGerry is wonderful. Max McGerry v Serena is genius.

Line of the week 4: (Max) ‘There is another option. Option C.’ (Serena) ‘Are you pausing for dramatic effect?’ (Max) ‘Did it work?’

– I loved the sequence at the end with Ric hearing the voices from his past accompanied by Arvo Pärt (Fratres For Strings And Percussion – I looked it up). This makes me very excited for the ‘return of Diane Lloyd’ episode. Excited – but nervous…


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Holby City news: New neurosurgeon Max will be ‘complex, with no filter’

image003There’s news today that actress Jo Martin will be joining the cast of Holby City in the Autumn as neurosurgeon Max McGerry.

Jo has previously appeared in Doctors, Fleabag, Silent Witness and Back to Life. She’s looking forward to joining Holby as she’s “been a fan for years.” She promises that Max will be “complex, with no filter.”

Executive Producer Simon Harper says that Max is “wry, funny, passionately driven and with no patience whatsoever for political correctness, or ‘snowflakes’ as she calls them.  So Holby’s staff had better watch out.  Professionally, her story will explore highly topical questions about the future of the NHS, while her personal life becomes increasingly turbulent.”

Max will follow in the footsteps of previous Holby neurosurgeons Roxanna Macmillan, Guy Self and John Gaskell, so it’s a role that tends to come with quite a bit of drama. Simon Harper agrees. “Traditionally, of course, being a neurosurgeon at Holby has been the equivalent of Defence of the Dark Arts at Hogwarts – a poisoned chalice!” he says. “Will Max buck the trend of her unfortunate predecessors? Only time will tell.”

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