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Holby City: The only person who cares about you is you

dominic harry holby(Series 16, ep. 30) Jules Knight (Dr Harry Tressler-Posh) must get quite excited when he gets a new script. Which Dr Posh will he be this week? The up-his-own-bum self-important rich kid? Or the misunderstood wants-to-be-a good-doctor-and-forget-I’m-rich version? My personal favourite, the one who likes a bit of banter with Mary-Claire and has a sly sense of humour? The sleazy loverboy perving around after confused pharmacists and just about anyone with a pulse? Or just a tosser? At least he’s never going to get bored by some tedious old linear character development.

serena dominic holby cityThis week we got the tosser version, when Dr Dominic “Possibly Psycho Yet Adorable” Copeland was assigned to AAU. Everyone bears a grudge against Dr Dom for the Malick business, but Dr Posh went out of his way to be snarky and unpleasant. I forgot to mention that in most of his guises he’s competitive anyway, so he wasted no time in trying to get Dom into Serena’s bad books. Flatter her by mentioning she’s wearing Chanel perfume, he advised. Dom did. “It’s Dior. Any gay man worth his salt would know that,” Serena said.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Jac is tormented and Posh pounces

jac holby(Series 16, ep. 29)  I’m going to start with Darwin, because frankly I’ve had enough. I get that the essence of drama is conflict. I get that Rosie Marcel is a brilliant actress and Jac Naylor is a wonderful, complex, contradictory character the fans love. I understand that, for these reasons, Jac has to suffer.

But please, enough already. Jac has gone through  a pregnancy that had a high possibility of ending with the death of the baby. Her relationship with the baby’s father has been volatile, to say the least, and for most of the pregnancy he was with another woman and the pair of them were hardly the essence of tact and sensitivity. The baby was born early, endured surgery when she was still tiny, but has survived. Jac had problems bonding with her but now seems to be fine. 

Apparently Jac still hasn’t suffered enough, so now we have Jonny Mac, becoming more odious by the week, threatening to take the baby away from her. And then last week her mother turned up.   Continue reading


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Holby City news: Stockholm episode will explore Hanssen’s past

jac hanssen holbyExcellent news for fans of Henrik Hanssen (ie everybody). On 8th January there’ll be a special Holby episode set in his native Sweden. Jac Naylor is sent to track down the Swedish Scalpel to discover why he’s blocking funding to the hospital.

In what Justin Young describes as “one of the most ambitious episodes Holby’s ever made,” we’ll get to find out more about Hanssen’s background and his past, why he suddenly went missing and whether he’ll be returning to Holby. An “epic, cinematic” episode is promised, which sounds like it’ll be as good as last year’s lovely visit to Kiev.

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Holby City: Family-related shocks for Jac and Faye

I’ve said the words “poor Jac” once before. It was when she was trapped in a contaminated operating theatre with Joseph and she told him how she felt about him. Obviously feeling as I do myself about The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon, I could relate. And also, Rosie Marcel plays Ice Queen Jac so well that when she crumbles, you have to crumble right along with her.

There were signs last week that the Ice Queen was melting towards the mother who abandoned her when she was 12. Having donated one of her kidneys to save her mother’s life, this week saw them living together, and Jac getting almost touchy-feely – she was even buying flowers, and talking of buying a bigger flat so they could have a room each.

All wasn’t well medically, though, what with Jac’s wound getting infected and her mother apparently not tolerating her medication well. Michael Spence was worried. Not as worried as Jac was when her mother went AWOL, and she set off by car through the countryside to track her down at the home of her late grandfather. But when Jac passed out in a lay-by, she had to summon help from Michael Spence. Meanwhile she did a bit of ninja-level self-surgery to try and clean out her wound. I just hope no-one was eating while this scene was on.

When Jac and Michael got to her late grandfather’s house, they discovered that rumours of his death had been greatly exaggerated.  There he was, hale and hearty, and there was mum Paula, getting ready for a flight back to India.  Jac, unsurprisingly, was distraught. Apparently her mother didn’t care at all about her, and had only come back to England because she needed a kidney.

Even worse was to come. Paula had another daughter, a 17 year old sister Jac never knew she had, who lived with Paula and had a proper mother-daughter relationship with her. It’s not surprising that Jac adopted this brittle, self-contained, selfish persona is it?

Back at the hospital, having had her nasty infected wound sorted out, Jac was visited by her sister (though not by Paula or her grandfather), but she refused to see her. The only person she can rely on is herself.

Meanwhile, Faye discovered that she’s pregnant, and Joseph is the father. She tried to tell him, but Joseph has completely shut down towards Faye and can only react by being sarcastic and defensive (it’s no wonder Jac and Joseph were attracted to each other), so she didn’t tell him. Nor did she manage to say anything to Linden. It’ll not stay a secret for long…

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Holby City: I can handle it. Trust me

This week’s episode carried on where last week’s left off, with Joseph bringing a badly wounded Daisha into the hospital after a siege in town.

Then the action went back six hours, so basically covered the same time-span as last week’s, but gave a different angle on the action, filling in pieces of the jigsaw which changed our perception of events.

This was particularly illuminating as regards Michael Spence. Last week it looked like he’d been incompetent in not dealing with the emergency properly, but this week we saw he’d actually been properly shafted by Leslie Ash, who made all the mistakes and let him take the blame. She’d agreed to clear the operating theatres and cancel elective surgery – and hadn’t. So the fact that Daisha was left “like an animal” without the proper facilities of HDU that she needed was laid squarely at her door.

When the cry went up for a cardio-thoracic surgeon (the incompetent Geddes having left and Joseph being otherwise occupied), it was time for a hero to save the day. And they don’t get more heroic than Connie Beauchamp. PLA Jr and I spontaneously applauded when Connie appeared, all scrubbed-up and ready to rock, and if the hospital staff hadn’t had their hands full of blood and guts at the time, I’m sure they’d have joined us.

So how did Joseph and Daisha end up in the middle of a siege? Remember Joseph and Faye had had an argument, and Joseph drove off, with Daisha insisting on him giving her a lift. Joseph wanted alcohol, and when he found the off-license closed, he marched into the Indian restaurant next door for three bottles of red wine. And a popadom (they wouldn’t sell him the wine without any food).

Unfortunately for Joseph, the young lad who’d decided to rob the off-license that morning had also found it shut, and also decided to try the Indian restaurant next door. “What sort of person holds up an Indian restaurant?” Joseph wanted to know. It turned out that it was a desperate, scared sort of person, just a young boy. Daisha got shot as the boy tried to leave the restaurant and was confronted by armed police. For some reason she didn’t mention this, and sat in the car with Joseph giving him a pep talk about his hopes and dreams, till she passed out and Joseph spotted that she had a nasty-looking gunshot wound hidden under her coat.

So, will Daisha pull through? Will Connie and Michael manage to oust the incompetent Leslie Ash? Will Faye be able to keep her hands off Linden and make a go of things with Joseph? Or will Joseph finally realise that she is nothing but a misery drain?

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Holby City: Duty before love

With the folks in A&E overwhelmed by something or other, it was up to the rest of Holby City Hospital, and specifically AAU, to deal with the casualties from a bus crash and a hostage situation.

Cue Linden, Jac and Elliott doing extraordinary things under extraordinary stress, the stress largely due to the failings of their fellow staff members. Michael Spence and Leslie Ash made a total pigs ear out of ensuring that operating theatres, ICU and the wards were emptied of non-urgent cases. New consultant Mr Geddes made a fuss in theatre so Elliott had to shout at him and order him out, then he decided his shift was over and he’d pop off home. Young Dr Oliver Valentine was as much use as a bus ticket on a train.

Faye had earlier had an argument with The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon, and Joseph had gone off in a huff in the car, with Daisha bagging a lift with the grumpy-yet-gorgeous surgeon. Faye was upset, and what with the pressures of the shift and everything, ended up snogging Linden under a fire escape, as you do. But wait! This was no casual snog – she was in love with him, she reckoned. It was enough to make Linden almost smile. Almost.

But then, when Faye finally tore herself away from Mr Cullen and got back to looking after patients, she discovered Joseph’s blood-stained tie on the floor. News of two more casualties from the hostage scene came in – and everyone braced themselves for one of them to be Joseph. Faye had to rush to the chapel for a quick pray, and a quick bargain with God that if only Joseph was safe, she’d stick with her wedding vows and not skip off into the sunset with Linden.

The first casualty arrived, with a makeshift chest drain poking out of him. Who do we know who could improvise a chest drain on the spot? Joseph! And here he was, alive and well and dealing with the second patient, who was critically ill – and was also the lovely Daisha.

Will she survive? Will Linden let Faye walk back into the arms of Joseph yet again? Will Joseph want her back? How long will it be before Mr Geddes gets the sack and Connie Beauchamp is lured back to Holby? Tune in next week, when all, some or possibly none of these things will be revealed. It is Holby, after all.

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Holby City: Donna’s big decision

A while back, The Radiant Donna discovered she had a small female relative called Mia, who was something to do with her dad.  Anyway, in last night’s episode, the small relative and her granny pitched up at the hospital, quite literally as they used the tree at the front as a brake. Sadly, granny died after a heart attack, which left darling Mia (and my word, this child is adorable – and acting-wise she could almost give Simon from Corrie a run for his money) all alone.

Apart from Donna. But could the ditzy party girl face up to the responsibility of suddenly being the sole carer of a five year old? In a plotline which echoed the same dilemma that had faced Dr Zoe Hanna on Casualty not too long ago, and a final scene that had been faced by Linden and Holly even more recently, at the last minute Donna decided she couldn’t let Mia be taken into care, and rushed down from the Window of Regret (the one on the stairwell overlooking the main entrance) to scoop Mia up from the nice social services lady.

It’ll be interesting to see how that little relationship goes. Meanwhile, a relationship which is not going at all well is that of Faye and Joseph. Faye has taken to slumping in the hospital chapel for extended periods of time, clutching the little prayer card that Linden gave her. Is she seeking comfort in the Lord, or hoping for a bespectacled Scotsman to heal her pain?

Either way,  it’s all very upsetting for The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon,  Joseph Byrne, and it’s affecting his work. He had to be bailed out by Jac, and that didn’t sit very well with her at all. In fact, she’s told Michael Spence that she will be going all out to try to get Joseph’s consultancy job from him.

There was a new cast member, a locum doctor on AAU, George Kerwin (played by Joseph May).  He’s Canadian and he hardly ever blinks, and he’s wasted no time in asking Maria out for a drink. What is it about Lovely Ginger Nurse Maria that men find so irresistible? Only the previous day, Pale Thin Nurse Nicky Van Barr was sighing about her. I assume he’ll get even more pale and thin now.

Now some exciting news – apparently we’re soon going to be treated to one of those rare episodes where Holby and Casualty collide (I love those), when Charlie-from-Casualty has a heart attack and has to be operated on by Elliott-from-Holby. Elliott Hope, the life of the world’s most baffled-looking nurse will be in your hands.

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