Holby City: The penultimate

(Series 23, ep. 49 by Andy Bayliss 22.3.22) Pop over to Metro and see what I made of this week’s stunning episode. But before you go…

I can’t stop thinking about this episode, even a week after I first watched it. There was so much in it.

One thing that really haunts me is that Jac’s new flat had the view of the school playing field and the sound of children playing. Was she hoping Emma would go to that school one day? The juxtaposition of the sound and sight of the school kids all full of life, and knowing that Jac was facing her own death was almost unbearably sad.

And the song she’d been listening to – English Rose by the Jam. An echo of the rose that was named after her.

(We once had a plumber who had the lyrics to that song tattooed on his arm).

It was such a brilliant idea to bring Ken back. And Lexy.

That ending. Thinking Jac was dead, then seeing she was alive. Her optimism when she thought the surgery had worked and her utter despair when she discovered it hadn’t.

Jac saying sorry to Elliot for putting him in that position. That was why she didn’t ask Elliot to do the surgery first, in case that happened.

And now there’s only one episode to go. There’s still the slim hope that Jac’s life can be saved, but the stage is set for an absolutely unmissable, hugely emotional, final 40 minutes as Holby goes out at the top of its game.

And yes, you will need tissues, whatever happens. All the tissues.


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7 responses to “Holby City: The penultimate

  1. Valerie Bayliss

    Thank you for all your reviews and comments Sue, they are always accurate, witty and well informed. Will miss this page as much as Holby.

  2. I have just checked the calendar, hoping next Tuesday maybe 1 April, and the ending of the show was an April Fool. Sadly it is not unless the BBC have found a football match they can show instead, and then transmit Holby next Friday?!!

  3. In your Metro review you mentioned that Joseph Byrne is returning (is that Dancing in the Streets, I can hear?!!). Maybe it is he that can finally save Jac …. and the series?!

  4. HolbyFanMw

    Ah Joseph – sigh ..

    Something to look forward to then! Ive not watched the
    final episode ..

  5. Having watched Davood Ghadami in every episode he filmed of EastEnders and Holby City, I have to say that this was his best ever acting when Nicky said that she wanted Eli and Amelia to be her baby’s godparents. What a lovely, moving moment.