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Holby City: Not your average WAG

(Series 19, ep. 42 ‘Baggage’ by Patrick Homes 25.7.17) Since Donna’s return there’s been a bit of mystery surrounding her. Why isn’t she relishing her WAG status and swanning about getting spa treatments and buying over-priced luxury goods for her swanky mansion, rather than mopping up pee, pus and sick in AAU? Why does she look sad when she thinks nobody is looking? And why has her credit card been declined?

We discovered the answers to all these questions when her niece/adopted daughter Mia (Briana Shann) turned up at Holby. One thing I especially loved was that Hanssen remembered Mia. I remember them having a sweet little scene together when he found her alone in the corridor in her first incarnation. Hanssen also very sweetly paid Donna’s bill when Pulses declined her credit card. He was very busy being Enigmatic and Delightful all over the hospital this week.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Life lessons learned

(Series 19, ep. 41 ‘Going the Distance’ by Chris Murray 18.7.17) Essie is a mass of thwarted maternal instinct, isn’t she? She’s currently directing it all at Parker (whom she inherited from a former patient). He’s a perfectly nice lad, but Essie is constantly worrying that she’s not looking after him properly, or he’s going off the rails or whatever. A template for mother/son perfection presented itself this week in the form of patient Roma (Maria Miles) and her utterly devoted son Lewis (Jack Kane). Essie wished that she and Parker could have such a bond, but actually Roma and Lewis were teetering along that fine line where devotion can become harmful for one or both parties. Roma realised that and made some changes, and Essie realised, with the help of Raf, that she needs to relax about Parker a bit. I bet she won’t, though.  Continue reading


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Holby City: How messy life can be

(Series 19, ep. 40 ‘Sleep Well’ by Elliot Hope and Johanne McAndrew 11.7.17) Fran isn’t evil, or a villain, or a baddie. She’s a hurt, angry, damaged person. Jac knows this, because she’s similarly damaged. Where they differ is that Jac has dealt with all the hurt she’s suffered over the years by exercising a huge amount of self control – sometimes Jac is just held together by willpower alone. Fran is more needy and volatile.  Continue reading


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Holby City: A tale of two faces

(Series 19, ep. 38 ‘Paper Wishes’ by Patrick Homes and Ailsa Macaulay 27.6.17) Jac Naylor looked so sad all through this episode. Diminished, almost, like a little bit of her had gone with Jasmine. She put a brave face on it (“Stop looking at me like I’m about to break!” she told Zosia and everyone else who was gazing at her in sympathy), but it was just there behind the mask the whole time. She tried to work and be her usual snippy self, but Jasmine was on her mind all day. Her patient was a woman (Roisin O’Neil) who believed her illness was caused by karma because she’d had an argument with her mother, and her mother died before they could make up. Karma-woman liked to write wishes on paper planes – well, it’s nice to have a hobby. Jac wrote a wish on a paper plane too: “I wish I’d told Jasmine I love her.” Too, too sad.  Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: You can’t go slapping Barry Barry

barry barry waterloo road(Series 8, Ep. 19)  I tweeted earlier this week that whoever thought of Barry Barry’s name was a genius. It’s memorable, it’s funny and it instantly labels him as Somebody. It describes him and defines him – everything he does is about not only living up to being A Barry, it’s about living up to being The Barry.

So when Sian went against him in supporting Kacey about her gender issues, Barry just couldn’t let it go. She’d also insulted his male ego by calling him a boy, so his revenge had a sexual element. Actually, it could have been a lot worse – he broke into her flat and managed to creep around fairly easily while she was in her underwear and in the shower – but Barry Barry isn’t evil and he has his own moral code, so all he did was to steal a photograph of Sian and Michael Byrne kissing, and a pair of her knickers.

barry sian slap waterloo roadAfter that it was a simple matter of taunting her – which Barry does most effectively. Because she wouldn’t be working at Waterloo Road if she had anything resembling teaching skills, she handled the sudden appearance of the photo all around the school all wrong by trying to humiliate him in a sex ed class, but it was Sian who ended up getting most wound up and she slapped him. Hard.   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: We can be winners – just for one night

kaycey waterloo road(Series 8, Ep. 18)  Thanks to the goal-scoring skills of star player Kacey Barry, Waterloo Road were in the final of the Unspecified Cup. Hurrah! But the problem was, FA rules (or some official rules somewhere) stated that girls couldn’t play in boys’ teams once they were over 15, in case they broke a nail or terrorised the boys with a mascara wand.

These things were not likely to be a problem with Kacey Barry – a less girly-girl you couldn’t wish to meet. But it went further than that – Kacey actually feels that she is a boy, with an unfortunately female body. So she was gutted to hear she wouldn’t be playing in the cup final. Tom Clarkson was gutted, as well. He knew the team had no chance of winning without Kaycey. His team just didn’t have what Alan Hansen would call “strength in depth.” Being a man (or woman) down, they even had to resort to Connor – who’d never played anything more physical than mah jong in his life – going in goal.  Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: At least three people not pregnant

jade waterloo road(Series 8, Ep. 17)  By the end of the episode we’d established that three people weren’t pregnant. Emo Imogen wasn’t (can you imagine Connor’s sperm having the energy? He looks like he can barely blink without having a lie down afterwards). Jane Beale wasn’t, because Michael Byrne had “been careful” (don’t make me imagine that – I’d have to have my brain wiped), and Jade wasn’t because she’d just given birth five minutes before the episode ended.

maggie waterloo roadShe gave her baby to a woman who hardly ever blinked (welcome to Connor’s world), who would give her a better start in life. The alternative for the poor child was too ghastly to contemplate. It would have been grandmother-smothered by dreadful dinner lady Maggie, who was being ridiculously manipulative and emotionally blackmailing in trying to get Jade to keep the baby. And it would have had a fine succession of “aunties and uncles” of the likes of Scout, Harley and Rhiannon – who at least were more realistic than Maggie about the downsides to having a baby on the premises.   Continue reading


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