Pauseliveaction comprises a merry band of people who enjoy being opinionated about whatever telly or radio tickles our fancy.

Contributors include: PLA (Sue Haasler), Emma Chaplin, Qwerty, Jo the Hat, Grace C, Maggie GW, Arialbold, Our Man in the North, Velocity Girl, Our Man in the South, the Lovely Nicola, Working the Look and Dr Crane. Some of our favourite programmes include: Holby City, Casualty, Doctor Who, Strictly, EastEnders, Casualty, The Archers and anything with a whiff of cookery or Richard Armitage about it.

PLA’s fascination with medical dramas began when Dr Clive Gibbons gave Lucy Robinson an emergency tracheotomy on Jim’s kitchen table in Neighbours. Considering that this was in the days before Cillit Bang was widely available, the table scrubbed up impressively well. Good work, Helen Daniels. Thanks to Casualty and Holby, PLA knows her FBC’s from her U’s & E’s and LFT’s.

red chaiseEmma Chaplin (@MsEmmaChaplin) fell in love with Capt Poldark at a young age, and was never happier than when this torrid tale of tin and Cornish skullduggery was remade. She likes Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and World of Leather drama such as Musketeers. She also appreciates political drama with shaggable protagonists, such as West Wing and House of Cards, and confesses to a bad Netflix habit.

Qwerty is more of a radio person, owing to a serious TV addiction during her student years. Her co-dependence with the idiot box became so bad, she was forcibly signed up to a twelve step programme; unfortunately the word ‘programme’ reminded her of telly and she relapsed. Now she is allowed to watch the occasional series only if it’s interspersed with lots of audio penance. Luckily, the Archers is always on.

Our Man in the North maintains an enigmatic profile (we’ve only seen him from the side), all the better to keep a beady eye on what’s going on in the soaps. And it is important not to take your eye off Emmerdale for a second, in case another cast member gets murdered while you aren’t looking. Our Man in the North is proud of the fact that he hasn’t blinked during an episode of Emmerdale for five years.

Arialbold whimsically used to believe that when you turned the TV on, whichever programme you wanted to watch started. He now realises he had anticipated BBC iPlayer by 30 years, although he sadly failed to copyright the idea. His favourite childhood show was the Flashing Blade, although it was really the music he liked, and never actually understood what was going on. He now has much the same relationship with West Wing and The Wire.

Jo the Hat likes television that has a tongue firmly in a cheek. She’s also partial to fangs, time travel, medicine and anything with David Tennant or Rufus Sewell in it. In the event that none of these things are available, she’s more than happy to enjoy a bit of light murder, kidnap, blackmail and/or espionage. If you wish to torture her – make her watch Road Wars.

The Lovely Nicola would say that comedy is her favourite telly genre if she used the word “genre” which she doesn’t because it’s pretentious. Her favourite comedy sub-genres (if we say it often enough it’ll stop being pretentious) are panel shows and American sit-coms. She never shops at Primark. And those really are her legs.

Velocity Girl was raised during the dark 1980s on a diet of Roland Rat and seemingly endless news reports about the Maastricht Treaty, however she managed to heroically escape such inauspicious beginnings to thoroughly enjoy nice documentaries about brass bands/singing kids/failing businesses etc (basically what would have been referred to as a “docusoap” ten years ago). She also likes those drama-doc things with a thing on screen at the beginning saying “this is true apart from all the stuff we made up”.

Our Man in The South was raised on a diet of poor 60s children’s TV. He never did like Andy Pandy or The Wooden Tops, though enjoyed Pogle’s Wood. For some years he thought Skippy was ‘the Welsh’ kangaroo. Seventies sitcoms formed the mainstay of his formative years, and strict censorship of too much sex and violence means that he still instinctively heads off to bed if he hears The Sweeney theme. These days he likes most things HBO, a nice period drama, and things with vampires in. He is happy to be blogging, as watching recorded shows in the afternoon instead of cutting the grass can now legitimately be referred to as ‘research’.

Working the Look’s family didn’t have a TV until she was 12 and since then she’s been trying to catch up on everything she missed. She’s subject to sudden and violent crushes (currently including Michel Roux; Eric Northman, Jimmy McNulty and John Luther) which render her unable to distinguish between TV and reality. WTL is an expert on cookery programmes and believes – inter alia – that she is able to pluck, draw and gut a pigeon because she saw Monica do it on Masterchef. Able to express confident opinions on practically anything, especially underwiring and gussets.

Dr Crane in his youth was banned from watching ITV by parents concerned that it might be ‘blue.’ As a result he grew up in the altogether more wholesome sphere of Frank Bough, watching Nationwide, Grandstand and the Holiday Programme. This may explain his belief that neurotic characters in sitcoms are the supreme vehicle for probing the dark side of the human psyche. Or perhaps it’s simply delight that they’re not Frank Bough.

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26 responses to “About

  1. Molly


    A question: when are you starting the Glee reviews again? I miss them!

    • Qwerty

      Oh Molly, that’s so nice of you! I am still watching Glee; but while last series I had access to E4 so could write about it quickly, this series I only have 4oD (long and uninteresting story to do with builders and TV aerials). So I’m only getting to watch it on Friday or Saturday, and by the time I’d get round to writing about it, everyone would have moved on to the next episode. I need to get a satellite dish sorted. Did you see the ‘kick-ass’ post the other day on Sue Sylvester though?

  2. Qwerty

    And just to update you: Jo the Hat has wonderfully put on the tracksuit of power and will be blogging on ‘Glee’.

  3. abigail

    What’s with no Archer’s comments? Really missing those monthly updates.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    I love PLA’s posts on Waterloo Road and Holby City, keep up the good work! 😀

  5. WaterlooVamps

    Maybe I’ll start watching more soaps and stuff so I can read more posts, Eastenders maybe…? Doctor who? I’m going to have to give Casualty another go. What would you recommend? Is that you in the picture?

    • pauseliveaction

      You can read the posts without watching the shows – they probably make just as much sense! (mine, at least). But yes, do start watching Casualty. Half the cast of Waterloo Road turn up there eventually, so you’ll feel right at home. The picture of me was taken when I was in my first year of training at Holby University of Televisual Medicine.

      (It’s not me).

  6. inkface

    It is her. She’s lying.

  7. WaterlooVamps

    So is it? Or not?

  8. WaterlooVamps

    So what’s the televisual medical thing?

  9. HolbyNut

    Loving C4 new shows ‘New Girl’ and ‘Homeland’ – any blogs forthcoming on them?

  10. holbylover819

    Just wondering if you will be doing posts on the new series of the Apprentice? I can’t wait! (by the way I love your Holby city posts)

    • pauseliveaction

      We usually do blog about The Apprentice. It’s not always me – our happy team of bloggers shares the duties usually. Have a look here for previous Apprentice blogs. Glad you like the Holby City blogs!

  11. alys b

    hi, i really love the holby city blogs they make me laugh so much!
    please could you do some more casualty blogs because i love casualty and i miss the blogs. thank you 🙂

    • pauseliveaction

      Hi alys – thanks for your nice comments about the Holby blogs. I’m going to try to get back to regular Casualty blogging again soon, as I know I’ve missed out quite a few episodes recently.

  12. ally:-)

    hey, please could you do some more casualty reviews! i love all medical drama stuff like holby and also the scott and bailey review 🙂 thanks xx

  13. Oli

    I would love to write for the blog
    Is there any way to go about this? Do you take on new authors?
    Many thanks

  14. Excellent blog you’ve got here.

  15. wallomrslug

    Thanks for the comment Viinnie 🙂

  16. Where are the Emmerdale and Corrie reports? Is Your man in the North OK?

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