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book cover 3DThe official BBC Holby City book

Go behind the scenes in this access all areas guide to popular BBC TV medical drama Holby City. Find out how the show is made, how story ideas are developed and written, how they make the operations look so realistic, and how long it takes to film an episode.

Meet the people who make the show every week, including producers, writers, designers, nursing advisors, the casting, post-production, costume, make-up and prosthetics teams, and of course the all-important actors. In exclusive interviews the cast reveal how they create their characters and what it’s like to play doctors and nurses for a living.


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This new guide to Holby City, complete with cast interviews, is everything a fan needs

cropped-holbycastandme1.jpgIf you’re a fan of Holby City then this brand new book by author Sue Haasler will be right up your street. The writer, known for her novels Time After Time and Two’s Company, accessed all areas of the popular BBC medical drama to craft a bible for fans of the show – of which she is one of the biggest. As well as including a host of behind the scenes interviews with various members of the cast, the book also explains how the show makes it from the scripting process to our screens and contains a wealth of information on the filming process and the storylines, including how those often gruesome operations are made to look to realistic. Speaking about the project, which saw Sue spend hours at the Elstree studios with the accommodating team, she told Metro.co.uk: ‘Writing this book has been an absolute pleasure. Talking to all of these brilliant people, who are experts at what they do, was amazing. I think everyone who is curious about how TV is made will find something interesting or surprising in it, and Holby fans will love it.

‘The book is the official guide to Holby City, fully authorised by the BBC. It lifts the lid on how the show is made, from the initial story idea to the finished episode. Featuring exclusive interviews with the writers, medical advisors, prosthetics designers, post-production, producers, directors, designers, costume and makeup experts – as well as the all-important cast.

‘Guy Henry, Catherine Russell, Rosie Marcel and others talk about how they create their characters and what it’s like being part of the Holby family. There are also some never-seen-before colour photos, and floorplans of the hospital set.’

Features exclusive interviews withExecutive producer and series producer Oliver Kent and Simon Harper; series producer Kate Hall; line producer Lyn Grant; producer Sarah Creasey; series production manager Ali Liddle; scheduler Lorna Whittaker; script editor Matt Denison; scriptwriters Andy Bayliss, Nick Fisher and Patrick Homes; medical researchers Hayley Cameron, Keren Coleman, Hannah Goraya and Lina Stroud; casting directors Liz Stoll and John Cannon; director Paulette Randall MBE; prosthetics designer Megan Thomas; senior nursing adviser Lisa Spencer Blackshaw; series makeup designer Jo Houtmeyers; series costume designer Helen Ashley; production designer George Kyriakides; post production supervisor Robi Borgonovo; editor Rob Platt; dubbing mixer Michael Narduzzo; and actors David Ajao (Damon Ford), David Ames (Dominic Copeland), James Anderson (Oliver Valentine), Camilla Arfwedson (Zosia March), Bob Barrett (Sacha Levy), Eleanor Fanyinka (Morven Digby), Guy Henry (Henrik Hanssen), Jaye Jacobs (Donna Jackson), Rosie Marcel (Jac Naylor), Joe McFadden (Raf Di Lucca), Lee Mead (Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern), John Michie (Guy Self), Hugh Quarshie (Ric Griffin), Jemma Redgrave (Bernie Wolfe), Catherine Russell (Serena Campbell), Christian Vit (Matteo Rossini), Alex Walkinshaw (Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher) and Kaye Wragg (Essie Di Lucca). Includes special chapters on Casualty crossovers, the Holby sets, the Berena storyline and the death of Arthur Digby, plus floorplans of the hospital, an excerpt of an actual script and exclusive colour photos. 

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