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Holby City: We don’t want Ric to be a dead guinea pig

max serena holby 42 ss(Series 21, ep. 42 ‘Hope is a Powerful Drug’ by Simon Norman 15.10.19) Pop yourself over to Metro for my full review of this episode (and a side-ponder about Ric). But first…

– I was unreasonably excited by the glimpse of Joseph in the ‘Previously…’ section. One has to take the few crumbs one is given.

Line of the week 1: (Jac) ‘The competency level just went up.’

Line of the week 2: (Chloe, about Evan) ‘Was he in any pain?’ (Cameron) ‘In my opinion, not nearly enough.’ Yes, Cameron!

Line of the week 3: (Sacha) ‘You can’t just do things ad hoc!’ This clearly marks a radical new change in policy for Holby, where things are done ad hoc on a weekly basis.

– I loved Jac being sympathetic to Chloe. It was perfect. Jac knows that the last thing Chloe needs is mollycoddling – she gets enough of that from Ange.

– What a drippy woman that Frankie is.

– But Callum (the Keller patient) was brilliant. It was one of those guest turns that makes me wish he could be in it every week. We haven’t had a good sociopath in Holby for… oooh, weeks. He was absolutely charming with it, as well.

Max McGerry is wonderful. Max McGerry v Serena is genius.

Line of the week 4: (Max) ‘There is another option. Option C.’ (Serena) ‘Are you pausing for dramatic effect?’ (Max) ‘Did it work?’

– I loved the sequence at the end with Ric hearing the voices from his past accompanied by Arvo Pärt (Fratres For Strings And Percussion – I looked it up). This makes me very excited for the ‘return of Diane Lloyd’ episode. Excited – but nervous…


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Holby City: Whatever happens I’m never going to leave you

darla ric holby 41(Series 21, ep. 41 ’This Be the Verse’ by George Holden Stroud 8.10.19) Get yourself over to Metro for my full review of this episode. But first…

– I was so happy Darla decided to keep the baby. I hoped she would. And that Peter seemed like a very nice person too – and possibly a future Secretary General of the United Nations if he has the diplomatic skills to bring Kofi around in one visit/phone call.

– It was lovely that Ric apologised to Zav, who has always had his best interests at heart.

– But poor Donna! She loves Ric like a father and she’s going to be so worried.

– Is Connor The Next Holby Villain? Or is he just a man who wants to see his daughter and is confused to find that a nurse has appropriated her? I couldn’t blame him.

– When are Sacha and Essie going to get back together again? That man adores her.

– Kian and Bea… presumably she’s going to be back when the decision to repair rather than replace the valve goes pear-shaped, resulting in much anguish for Holby’s Hungriest Heart Surgeon. And possibly a great deal of tutting from Jac Naylor, who will have to pick up the pieces when Kian’s personal involvement rules him out of operating on Bea a second time.


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Holby City: The end of Evil Evan

chloe ange 2 holby 40(Series 21, ep. 40 ‘Divine Justice’ by Andy Bayliss 1.10.19) Another stunning episode of Holby City! My full review can be found over at Metro as usual. But before you go…

– I can only hope and pray (I don’t actually pray, so it’ll be double hope) that all rape victims are treated with the empathy and kindness shown to Chloe by police officer Sheena in this episode.

– Ange and Cameron were getting on my nerves a bit as they both tried to make it all about them, but I was touched by Ange and Chloe’s reunion at the end.

– Amy Lennox did a perfect job with this storyline.

– I’d expected Ange to be the one to possibly let Evan die or cause him to die, but it made sense that Cameron was the one to do it. He was at a point of huge vulnerability having just had the confirmation that his mother was dead. There’s something about him having the power of life or death, of being able to ultimately protect Chloe, that must have just clicked into place in his mind in that split second to make him behave so uncharacteristically. As soon as he had a moment to reflect, his humanity and his training as a doctor would be appalled at what he’d done. 

– I think Naomi Katiyo is going to break my heart when Darla has to give the baby up. And that is a ridiculously cute baby (or twins) playing Baby Griffin.

– It was touching that Ric was looking at a picture of Jess before he decided to go for the scan. I wonder whether she’ll appear to support him through his treatment?


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Holby City: He can just flip at any minute

chloe evan holby 39(Series 21, ep. 39 ‘Retreat’ by Andy Bayliss 24.9.19) I’ve reviewed this nail-biter of an episode over at Metro, so pop over there and have a read. But first…

– I found the early scenes incredibly tense. I was expecting to see Evan at any moment, and I thought it worked beautifully to have the whole thing set in such an open, sunny location.

– Amy Lennox was brilliant and she’s even more brilliant next week as Chloe starts to process what’s happened. There’s an extra spoiler piece at Metro too.

– Why did Ange put the screwdriver in her desk drawer (typically TV’s least safe place apart from the waste paper basket) rather than a sharps bin (the best way of disposing of evidence in a hospital)?

– Oh, Ric. I am seriously worried about him now.

– And poor Cameron. It’s like he’s been bereaved in instalments.

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Holby City: Ric’s a great-granddad, even if he isn’t a great granddad

Holby City(Series 21, ep. 38 ‘Circle of Life’ by Alison Hume 17.9.19) Leap like a gazelle over to Metro to see my review of this episode. But before you go…

– I’m very cross with the unspeaking lady in Pulses for not letting Cameron have those milkshakes. He had his ID badge on, she could have got the money back from him any time. And poor Darla looking all unwell and pregnant too. Jobsworth.

– Plus, why didn’t Cameron just bob back to AAU to borrow some money from Donna or Zav? Or from flatmates Chloe and Nicky up on Darwin? Of course the answer is Plot Reasons.

– Because if Darla had hung around to enjoy her refreshing milkshake she’d have given birth in Pulses with hordes of doctors and nurses and porters and trolleys and Fleur Fanshawe close to hand, and it wouldn’t have been half as dramatic.

– I don’t want Ric to be all shouty and making mistakes all over the place. I want him to be his usual calm, dignified self. I’m sure he wants that, too. His confusion while Darla was giving birth was really hard to watch.

– Sacha loves Essie to bits, doesn’t he? Deciding to cover for her about Isla was easy(ish) because she has the best motives and she is a little bit related to Isla by marriage. I really think he’d do anything for her, though.

– If I was as jumpy as Chloe is, the last place I’d want to be is a cottage in the middle of nowhere.

– Talking of Chloe, she did that semi-mystical thing again in theatre that she did once before when she restarted a baby’s heart. She’s a strange one.

– Slightly contrived line of the week: May (Keller patient’s daughter) ‘Like a black hole – cold on the inside but incredibly hot on the outside.’

Dom: ‘You’ve just described pretty much all of my exes, actually.’ But not Kyle. He was adorable.


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Holby City: All that drama

Holby City(Series 21, ep. 37 ‘Gods and Monsters’ by Alex Straker 10.9.19) For a thorough probing of this review pop over to Metro (and be delighted by all the other Holby coverage there). But first…

– It was a while ago since I watched this episode (I’ve been on holiday) so my recollections are a bit hazy. Hence this will be a poor selection of further thoughts and I apologise for it. 

– Everyone accepted Isla as Essie’s adopted daughter very readily, but nobody thought it was odd that she hadn’t mentioned it before. And wouldn’t she be entitled to some adoption leave? Anyway… plot reasons etc.

– I was amused when Chloe announced that ‘all that drama is now behind me.’ Hello? You do realise you work in Britain’s most dramatic hospital?

– I honestly thought Fletch had had his pretty head turned by Evil Evan, but I should have more confidence in Holby’s King of Nurses. And so should Ange (but I’ve known him longer than she has, so I do feel guilty).

– ‘Does Mr Griffin seem a little more highly strung this morning?’ Lofty wondered. Yes he does. Though I’m not surprised he couldn’t remember his password – it was ridiculously long and meaningless.

– The return of the Tan twins was very sweet and Mrs Tan was lovely. The scene where she advised Ric to not ignore his problems was very emotional.


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Casualty & Holby City

joseph holby trailerWhile I’m away on holiday I won’t have much access to the internet, so I won’t be posting my usual ‘further thoughts’ posts and links to my Metro spoilers and reviews for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime you could bookmark the link to all my Metro stuff and keep an eye out – particularly for the exclusive chat I had with Luke Roberts, the legend who (despite all his busy stuff elsewhere) is and forever will be Joseph Byrne, The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon.

Here’s the link you need:


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