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Holby City: Nooooo!!!

Holby City S22 - Ep14Pop to Metro for a review of this episode. But before you do…

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it…


– I already knew that Zav was going to die in this episode before I watched it, but I didn’t know how. I was expecting some huge showdown between him and Cameron and for Cameron to do something really evil, possibly involving a scalpel in the basement (ouch). When he messaged Zav to meet him in the bowels (ouch) of the hospital I thought my predictions had been correct.

– So for Zav to get run over by a bike – well, that was a bit of a let-down. More plausible, and it does hold out the possibility for Cameron to become a reformed character eventually because so far he hasn’t done anything irredeemably bad. If he’d stabbed Zav in the hospital’s nether regions (ouch) that would have been the end of him as a character because really bad people always have to get their punishment in TV dramas.

– But Cameron is really reminding me of Coronation Street character John Stape – a serial killer, but generally more by accident than design.

– Donna though! Oh my lord. Jaye Jacobs broke my heart, and not for the first time.

– But talking of hearts, Nicky sobbing over Zav’s organ was a bit much. It’s not professional and it’s not hygienic.

– Essie chose the worst possible time to make her announcement, bless her.

– And yes, I am worried about Fletch.

– But that worry will have to be parked for a few months as Holby is now on a lockdown-induced break for a couple of months. See you on the other side!


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Holby City: Max and Selfie sitting in a tree

louis holby 13(Series 22, ep. 13 by Simon Norman 7.4.20) Click on the link to read my full review over at Metro. But first…

– Max and Selfie. Can you imagine those two together, really? I suppose they’re both two extremely damaged souls who also happen to both be mega brain surgeons, so they do have a lot in common. And compared to Max’s relationship with Louis, Selfie’s relationship with Zosia makes him seem like Parent of the Year so perhaps he can give her tips.

– Max is just horrible, and once again I love that she’s horrible. Good work by Jo Martin.

– Essie, Dominic and Sacha. Not only are Kaye Wragg, David Ames and Bob Barrett all brilliant actors, they work brilliantly together. There’s an intimacy and real affection there that shines through and makes these scenes totally heartbreaking.

– Jac and Kian. Absolutely yes, as far as I’m concerned. They have that shared history which gives Kian a key to Jac’s inner self which most people don’t have. She’s ice and he’s fire (a nice cosy fire rather than the blazing scary sort). They just work.

– As do Zav and Donna, so boo hiss to Cameron for breaking up one of the nicest couple ever on Holby. In my book that’s far worse than killing Evil Evan who frankly deserved it.

– There’s an interview with Tyler Luke Cunningham (Louis) here if you’re interested – not talking about Holby but more generally.


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Holby City: You think you’re a man

PLA dominic 2 holby city 12(Series 22, ep. 12 by Ed Sellek 31.3.20) I’ve reviewed this episode for Metro as usual, so have a look over there. But before you go…

– Important stuff first. What do we think of Ange’s new hairstyle? I quite like it, I think.

– Jo Martin is impressive at making Max so completely horrible, and I really felt for Louis.

– It’s the first part of a two-part episode, and it felt like it. The Lindsay story is still unresolved, and the flashback of Max ranting in the car park and Louis smashing the watch hasn’t been revisited yet. And there’s Essie… Next week can’t come soon enough.

– Line of the week: (Jac welcomes David, who usually works in the ED) ‘If you miss the violent threats and vomit, just let me know.’

– Once again we had a BAFTA-worthy performance from David Ames’ face when he realised that Essie’s cancer was back. And I’m already worried about how Sacha will cope.


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Holby City: The one with the sausage fingers

fletch holby 11

The first rule of Holby Fight Club is to be well-lit at all times

(Series 22, ep. 11 by Ed Sellek 24.3.20) For a full review, head over to Metro. But before you go…

– I really liked the Roger/Ben story and thought it explained Ben’s behaviour in a dramatic and believable way. Ben turned out to be rather a lovely character in the end.

– Xavier v Cameron is compelling stuff, too. I’m constantly amazed at how twisted Cameron is getting. I know it’s wrong of me, but I like it.

– I don’t like it when the Donna/Zav relationship hits problems though, because they are so sweet together.

– Xavier said he was going to ‘dig up the bodies.’ He’ll find a fair few of them in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, so he doesn’t have far to look.

– Rather amusing that Max did the Coleen Rooney manoeuvre on Hanssen. But he will have the last laugh, I predict.

– Fletch, Ric and Hanssen’s secret meetings in the basement are rather exciting, and beautifully lit.

– I was also amused by Nicky’s sausage fingers, but I hope she doesn’t suffer any long-term effects from the drugs trial. 

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Holby City: Cameron Dunn more bad things

cameron donna holby 10(Series 22, ep. 10 by Isla Gray 10.3.20) Pop yourself to Metro to read my review of the episode. But before you go…

– Cameron gets worse every week. He used to be so lovely that I was pleased the glorious Morven fell for him. He certainly wouldn’t be an acceptable Digby replacement these days.

– I miss Digby. My Pilates teacher still plays the Digby dying music during classes, so I think of him on at least a weekly basis. And normally when my knees are higher than my head.

– ‘Where do we all go when we’re having a crisis?’ Dom said when Ben went AWOL. ‘Aha!’ said everybody’s facial expression and Essie headed off purposefully. I’d have headed purposefully for the roof – surely that is where people go to have crises on Holby? It’s even taken over the basement as the crisis venue of choice these days. But no, Ben was in Albie’s and Essie knew this.

– I did feel sorry for Jason. He really didn’t want to get Cameron or himself in trouble, but he just can’t lie. I really hate the fact that Cameron is using this against him.

– Poor Fletch! That man deserves a nice lie down.

– Nurse Tayo was lovely and very competent. I hope we’ll see her again.

– It seems that Nicky has already started the drugs trial – she said she was probably in the placebo group. This means she probably isn’t and she’ll start getting sweaty and weird very soon.

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Holby City: That whole hospital needs sorting out

jac fletch holby 9(Series 22, ep. 9 by Damian Mullen 26.2.20) Please feel free to visit Metro for the enjoyment of the second Holby review of the week. But before you go…

– I know we’re not supposed to like Max particularly, but she really was quite obnoxious in this episode. There were moments when I felt sympathetic towards her, but generally I just find her to be bullying, patronising and very unprofessional.

– And the playground politics on Keller was a bit tedious, too. Ben is quite a strange character. I can’t work him out.

– It was obvious that Jac and Kian would share the clinical lead job, but Jac is traditionally not a terribly collaborative person so we’ll have to see how long it lasts.

– Ange looked lovely when she was all ready for her date with Fletch. But Mamma Mia? That is my worst nightmare. Poor Fletch.

– When I saw Agency Olivia I thought she was going to be a ray of sunshine Chantelle Lane sort of person. She wasn’t. She was quite interesting though.


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Holby City: Change is coming

ben holby 8(Series 22, ep. 8 by Alex Straker 25.2.20) Wander over to Metro to read my review of this episode. But before you do that…

– Sacha and Essie! Squeee! And about time etc. I think if she’d said yes to Ben’s proposal and Sacha had looked all sad-but-pretending-to-be-happy-for-her-sake and the whole thing had dragged out another week I’d have exploded in frustration. They are meant to be together.

– Hugh Quarshie is always at his best in these Ric v The System storylines. I’m fascinated to find out what Hanssen is up to as well.

– I loved the moment when Essie told Dom she wanted to talk to him about ‘Ben… and Sacha.’ He looked like he was wondering exactly how many of the male staff of Keller Ben had been kissing recently.

– And we don’t have long to find out what happens next, because Holby is also on tonight. Hurrah!

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