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Holby City: Fond farewell

Holby City S22 - Ep25

(Series 22, ep. 25 by Joe Ainsworth 11.8.20) Please pop over to Metro for a thorough probing of this stunning episode. There’s also a separate piece all about Essie’s story. But before you do that…

– Essie’s death was so poignant. The scene that broke my heart was when Dominic was doing her hair, because their laughter was so real and reminded me of all those scenes of them sitting at the nurses’ station on Keller bitching and teasing each other.

– Closely followed by Fletch’s words when he saw Essie in her wedding dress as he prepared to walk her down the aisle: ‘Look at you! Proud dad moment.’ Gorgeous writing throughout by the brilliant Joe Ainsworth.

– Kaye Wragg’s performance was beautiful. And she is a really lovely person. My chat with her for the Holby book was so enjoyable because Kaye is very friendly, open and fun. She cared deeply about Essie as a character, which I think shone through in her performance. She’s going to be missed at Holby.

– I loved that Sacha asked Jac to be his best man. Who can forget Jac at his stag do the night before he married Chrissie?

– Meanwhile we had the dastardly Selfie up to goodness knows what in Ric Griffin’s brain. I still can’t decide if he was genuinely doing his best or whether he’s done something nasty to Ric, Prof Gaskell style.

– And now we have a massive wait to find out, as Holby takes another Covid-induced break (more on that here, but it does contain spoilers).

– And I haven’t even mentioned Creepy Cameron yet. Nicky is so going to wish that she’d taken up Louis’s offer of a date rather than Cameron’s.

– But talking of Louis, he has to be my favourite new Holby character in recent times. I love his mix of kindness, humour and feistiness. Louis doesn’t hold back if there’s something to be said, he just says it. He’s fab.

– Medical jargon of the week: (Selfie) ‘I am about to marsupialise the ventricle.’

(Picture: BBC)


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Holby City: If karma doesn’t get you, Selfie might

Holby City S22 - Ep24

(Series 22, ep. 24 by Lucia Haynes 4.8.20) Yikes, talk about a cliffhanger! Off you go to Metro to read my review, but before you do that…

– Holby doesn’t usually do cliffhangers as such, but leaving Ric helpless under general anaesthetic as a drunk and vengeful Selfie heaves into view – we’ve got to be worried for Ric’s safety. Luckily Louis is in the operating theatre with him, and we’ve seen that Louis is quite fearless when it comes to protecting what he thinks is right.

– Which now makes me worry for Louis as well…

– Line of the week: (Selfie to Jac) ‘Even if I’ve been drinking I’m twice as good as any neurosurgeon.’ (Jac) ’Please tell me that’s on your LinkedIn profile.’

– Line of the week 2: (Ric to Max) ’I don’t need a friend drilling into my skull. I need a surgeon who isn’t going to wilt under pressure.’ (Max) ’I never wilt.’

– All scenes between Ric and Isaac were precious.

– The little scene between Ric and Donna before he went off to have his operation, and both of them fearing they might not see each other again. Adorable.

– Nicky and Cameron in the on-call room though. I am also now worried for Nicky. So much worry.


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Holby City: A tough gig for a privileged young white man

Holby City S22 - Ep23

(Series 22, ep. 23 by Nick Fisher 28.7.20) I’ve fully checked this episode’s vital signs over at Metro as usual, so please go and take a look. But before you do that…

– I very much enjoyed John Barrowman’s guest appearance. The character was funny, nicely disruptive and fitted in to Holby world just fine.

– He certainly had the measure of Cameron, too.

– Surely someone is going to realise soon that stitches only fall out when Cameron is in charge of a patient’s after care?

– I think my favourite part of the episode was the Ric/Sheena story. It was so delicately done, with him encouraging her not to settle for second best and to value herself. Sheena herself was lovely.

– But I wasn’t expecting Ric’s brain tumour to still be causing problems, and now I’m worried that it’ll be something Max can’t handle for some reason so Selfie will be called in. And we know how he feels about Ric…

– Dominic was very wise in the things he was saying to Sacha, whose behaviour in this episode really was selfish. I can understand him being terrified of losing Essie, though. How will he be able to cope with losing her?

– Someone wondered on Facebook whether Essie’s death episode would be as heartbreaking as Arthur Digby’s. I’m still not over that years later, so I hope not. But in a way I hope it is, if you know what I mean. What I really hope is that it won’t happen at all.

– What was worse, drugged-up Kian in charge of Emma or drugged-up Kian in charge of a scalpel?

– Dialogue of the week: (Jac to Kian) ‘I’m the scariest doctor in this hospital. Agreed?’ (Kian) ‘Actually, you have national scope.’


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Holby City news: Filming resumes on new episodes

Holby - clapper board pic

Holby City has started filming again after an extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

They’re going to be tackling the subject head-on as a special episode shows coronavirus taking hold in Holby. Max (Jo Martin) struggles to keep her staff as safe as possible as they cope with the new virus. Max also has a fight on her hands against Ric, who’s lost all confidence in her as CEO. 

Coronavirus will be present as a theme throughout the series – but a key concern is keeping the cast and crew members safe as the episodes are filmed. Comprehensive production protocols have been developed to ensure that the series is produced in a safe and responsible manner.  Social distancing will be adhered to in accordance to current government guidelines.

Kate Oates, Head of Continuing Drama at BBC Studios, welcomes the return to filming at Elstree and says, “We have some gripping stories to tell as we explore how the lives of our characters have been irrevocably changed since the start of the pandemic – and how our heroes battle against the odds, come what may.”

Holby City will be back on screens later this year at the slightly shorter duration of 40 minutes.

Holby City is a BBC Studios production for BBC One.


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Holby City: You want to know the point of everything?

Holby City S22 - Ep22

‘Personally I’d have gone for something a tad less… actually, just less’

(Series 22, ep. 22 by Davey Jones 21.7.20) Pop over to Metro to read my ‘proper’ review. But before you go…

– I absolutely loved the scenes between Raf and Essie. They were so beautifully written and played. I especially liked their final scene together, as Raf walked away down the ward. Rather than having him fading away in a ghostly style, the camera moved around so that he was hidden by Essie, becoming part of her again because he was really just the thoughts and memories in her head. It was lovely stuff.

– Which means that Raf’s thoughts about the Memorial Lump were really Essie’s thoughts, but I imagine he probably would have thought the Lump was a bit over the top.

– Can we have the old Kian back, please? I am getting fed up with ‘broken’ Kian. I know we have to have characters going through traumatic stuff because that’s drama, but there’s something that doesn’t connect with me about it – and I really liked the character to begin with. Is this just me, or does anyone else know what I mean?

– Though the scene where he goaded Phoenix into beating him up was absolutely brutal and shocking.

– Jac telling Kian she ‘didn’t need protecting,’ though. It seems to me that she does – she needs protecting from wasting her energy on useless men. Her track record in this regard has not been impressive. 

– On the other hand, Louis and Nicky’s flirtation is very sweet and very believable. She’s had such a hard time over the years that Louis is absolutely what she needs – someone considerate, kind and caring. And not bad looking, either. Of course there’s a bit of a hurdle to overcome, as presumably at some point he’ll have to talk to her about him being trans. How will she react?

– Is Selfie going to go after Ric, do you think?

– Line of the week: (Essie to Sacha) ‘Time has beaten us. Let’s just make the most of what we have left.’ So, so sad. 


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Holby City: You did all you could but not enough

dinner holby 21

(Series 22, ep. 21 by Ed Sellek 14.7.20) Have a look at my review of this episode over at Metro, if you please. But before you go…

– The Mythical HR Department of Holby City Hospital have surely done their least impressive work yet by giving Useless Tracey a job in Pulses. If they find their muffin stocks are depleting much faster than usual, I think we’ll know where to point the finger.

– Louis sent Nicky a playlist! How adorable he is.

– But he wasn’t very well rewarded by being invited to the dinner party from hell.

– Oh my lord. Essie. And Sacha! I’m so sad.

– That cupcake did look really nice though.

– Mr/Dr Schrader’s operation looked terrifying. But isn’t Donna a fabulous nurse?

– But there is no way she’d have left that glass of wine untouched.


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Holby City news: Raf returns to Holby!

Joe McFadden - Raf Di Lucca

Yes, I know he’s dead (remind yourself of what happened here), but that’s not the sort of thing to stand between Holby and a guest appearance.

It’s just been announced that Joe McFadden will return to Holby as Raf Di Lucca in a special episode later this month. As Essie comes to terms with her cancer diagnosis, she finds comfort from her late husband in some very moving scenes.

Joe says, “I’ll always look back on my four years on Holby with such fondness as it was one of the happiest jobs I’ve done. It was a real pleasure to get to wear Raf’s scrubs one last time in order to offer his wife Essie some guidance in such a touching episode.”

But the most important question is – will we find out what Raf thinks of the Raf Di Lucca Memorial Lump in the garden?


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Holby City: He hates everyone almost as much as he hates himself

Holby City S22 - Ep20

(Series 22, ep. 20 by Julie Parsons 7.7.20) My full review of this is over at Metro, so please go and have a look. But before you do that…

– The bit of the Nicky heart attack story that I liked the most was Louis calming her down when she was having the panic attack. He is marvellous.

– Though Belinda Owusu did a really good job of gasping on the locker room floor. I was thinking she wouldn’t be found in time and it would be like poor Mason on Casualty, with everyone beating themselves up that they hadn’t read the signs and paid enough attention. Though of course they should maybe think that anyway.

– Essie and Sacha continue to break my heart.

– But it’s good news from Fletcher Towers apparently, as Fletch continues to improve.

– I loved Hanssen telling Cameron that he should pop along and have an ‘all encompassing career chat with Ms McGerry’ rather than trying to creep up to him. Hanssen has no time for odious little twerps.

– I was right about Cameron being ready to deliver more bad behaviour to impress Ange – but frankly trying to get Louis into trouble is going too far. I was very glad that Max stands ready to support her son.

– Please don’t give Tracey a job at Pulses. She’ll put people off their muffins with her whingey demeanour.


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Holby City: More of the same? He can Dunn that

Holby City S22 - Ep19

(Series 22, ep. 19 by Katie Douglas 30.6.20) For a full and frank review of this episode, please visit Metro. But before you go…

– I loved this episode – there was so much going on. There was high emotion from Essie, dastardly deeds from Cameron and a whole lot more.

– Cameron has really crossed the line now and has gone the full ‘mwah-ha-ha.’ Methodically picking apart Ange’s stitching was entirely sick and twisted. It was one of those situations where you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing. I loved it (but then my benchmark of high amusement is American Horror Story). And his muttering that he can do more of the same suggests we’re in for even more ‘I can’t believe what he just Dunn’ scenes before he gets his (almost) inevitable comeuppance.

– I wonder what the side effects of Nicky’s next drugs trial will be? Last time she had sausage fingers. Let’s hope whatever it is doesn’t happen when she’s home alone with Callous Cameron, otherwise she may not survive.

– Louis and Nicky. Is that going to be a Thing, or just good friends?

– Essie broke my heart repeatedly in this episode. When she watched Sacha carrying baby Isla down the stairs away from her, you knew exactly what she was feeling.

– I really like the new Evie. In fact I like her as much as the old Evie, and I liked her a lot.

– I also really like Louis, especially how he always steps up to defend his mum.

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Holby City: What happened to Paris?

Holby City S22 - Ep18(Series 22, ep. 18 by Katie Douglas 23.6.20) Bob along to Metro to read my nice long review of this episode. But before you go…

– Did we know previously that Fletch starting his career as a car mechanic before becoming a nurse? I liked his advice to Evie that you don’t have to have your path in life all mapped out when you’re young.

– Hurrah for the helpful urologist who was only too happy to do Fletch’s op in the down-time between the end of his shift and Emmerdale. Fletch shouldn’t even have contemplated going to The Mythical St J for surgery.

– Does this mean Fletch is completely cured? Let’s hope he is, although the ‘two nurses with cancer’ storyline will have been fairly short-lived if so.

– So Kian is in Canada seeing his mum, is he? Adorable as he is, Jac is really better off without him.

– I’ve already mentioned it on Metro, but Ric’s ‘You’re gonna need a bigger bag’ comment to Louis really was a brilliant line. It was unexpected, hilarious – and heartfelt. And it makes it more likely that the little hand gesture that Thunderchild spotted last week (look at the comments under last week’s post) was deliberate.

– Jac’s ‘Are there any patients on the ward that you aren’t related to?’ comment to Nicky was also good and could probably be deployed most weeks on most wards at Holby.

– And we were treated to more Jac and Sacha scenes, which are things of great beauty and joy.


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