Holby City: Elliot prepares to freeze the Ice Queen

(Series 23, ep. 48 by Katie Douglas 15.3.22) Pop over to Metro for this week’s review. But first…

Only two more episodes to go. Two. More. Episodes. And they are both brilliant, which kind of makes it worse. Oh, BBC, what were you thinking cancelling this show?

But back to this week and – Elliot Hope. Of course it had to be Elliot. And of course he would eventually think of a way of doing Jac’s op that nobody has tried yet.

Somewhat ironic that the best chance of saving Jac’s life is to freeze her. She’s been called the Ice Queen so many times that you’d think she’d be cold enough already.

Essie, Digby and Jasmine at the beginning was a beautiful touch. I actually gasped out loud when Jasmine appeared, knowing how much Jac loved her and how Jasmine’s death had robbed her of the chance to tell her.

I loved that ghostly Essie was a bit miffed to hear that Sacha had moved on so quickly after her death (but only as far as Jodie, and what a huge mistake that was) but she was thrilled to hear how much he’d missed her.

This must mean she’s not haunting Sacha, otherwise she would already have known all this.

When Elliot said he had something that other heart surgeons don’t have (“They don’t love you [Jac] like I do,”) I would argue there are at least two other heart surgeons who do – Mo and Joseph.

Jac’s rules for nurses: “No talkers, no idiots and no one too young to remember the millennium.”

Kylie’s driving history: “I crashed a go kart once. People cried. There was blood.”

Donna arrived just in the nick of time and I’m pleased she got to do the ‘improvised chest drain scene’ before the show ended. It’s a classic. And of course she hates the private hospital. If you sliced Donna up she’d have NHS written right through her.

There was a classic Hanssen moment when he saw Kylie lurking outside his door.

Metro prefers to refer to him as Henrik, but he’ll always be Hanssen to me.

Only two more episodes to go. I know I already said that, but…


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6 responses to “Holby City: Elliot prepares to freeze the Ice Queen

  1. Mary Hague

    Why is it ending when it is good especially compared with the stuff on BBC ! today???

    • Martin

      The BBC moves in mysterious ways. Holby was the last thing keeping me watching TV. Once it’s over my licence goes in the bin and my Sky subscription gets cancelled.

  2. Martin

    The ‘ghosts’ were a nice way of getting through the ‘curtain calls’. How many more will there be? I suspect the last two instalments could be quite crowded!

  3. Michaela

    Great review. They will be missed Sue.

  4. Please BBC, it is not too late to change your mind. Would an extra fiver on my annual license fee help?!