Holby City: Farfar away

hanssen oskar holby 33(Series 21, ep. 33 ‘Work-Life Balance’ by Simon Norman 13.8.19) My full review of this episode is at Metro as usual so zip over there to find out what’s what. But before you go…

– Line of the week has to be one of Hanssen’s trademark multi-syllable efforts: “Medical innovation doesn’t wait for unscheduled personal appointments, Nurse Di Lucca.” This is where being a Shakespearean actor helps.

– Though it’s closely followed by Dom’s attitude to working on AAU rather than Keller: “It’s like Meryl Streep agreeing to be in Geordie Shore”

– I don’t know how long Hanssen has gone for this time but I certainly hope it isn’t for long (it was confirmed on Twitter that he will be back). Holby is not the same without him. And we never got to see him dance with Carole Copeland.

– Scenes between Hanssen and Oskar have been absolutely precious. What a star that little boy is.

– Some viewers will have recognised the actress who played Freda Hopley (the Darwin patient’s wife) as Julia Foster, who has had an incredible film and TV career. Her first TV job was on Emergency Ward 10, ITV’s first hospital-based serial drama which was also filmed at Elstree.

– Evan really is a sinister individual, isn’t he? I’m still loving Jack Ryder’s work.

– Well done Sacha for brilliant bowel surgery. He’s as much of a genius surgeon as Jac in his own modest way.


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7 responses to “Holby City: Farfar away

  1. Geoff

    Am I the only one who wonders why Chloe doesn’t simply block Evan’s number on her phone? And shouldn’t she get a restraining order, pronto?

  2. Chloe Leanne Derbyshire

    He’s managed to get into her house… I’m sure Evan’s slippery enough to work his way around a blocked or even changed number…

  3. Thunderchild

    With all the old faces returning this year I’m expecting Adele Effanga to be back as the new CEO – assuming off course she’s finished sorting out Brexit!

  4. wiggles247

    I really love that they’ve kept the Hanssen/Sacha relationship ticking over so well, loved more relaxed Jac and her advice to Kian was very, very her (‘sink or swim’), Oskar and Hanssen are just golden together but I have to say I’m not sure whose ‘safe hands’ Henrik thinks he’s leaving the hospital in because I can’t think of an obvious (or suitable) person to take over as CEO at the moment.

    And, oh my goodness but Evan is creepy as hell (but bravo Jack Ryder for playing the part to perfection!!)