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Holby City: Goodbye, Carole

(Series 23, ep. 36 by Joe Ainsworth 7.12.21) Pop over to Metro to read my proper review of this sad, sad episode. But before you go…

I was in pieces when Carole died by the lake. How absolutely brilliant were Julia Deakin and David Ames? I loved how you could see Carole’s lovely warm sparkle was intact despite her failing health. She wanted to make sure Dominic knew how much he was loved. In the scene with Hanssen, too, she managed to convey just enough of how much she valued him.

When Carole said ‘Love’ to Hanssen, it made me remember that Love is his middle name.

Full credit to Guy Henry and Bob Barrett for their parts in making this storyline touch our hearts so much. And of course credit to the always brilliant Joe Ainsworth for the beautiful script.

Hanssen’s admission that he once thought his relationship with Carole ‘might go beyond the cha cha cha.’ Oh, if only it had.

But line of the week: (Carole) ‘Dazzle, my special boy.’ My hayfever is giving me hell today…

I’m so glad that covid filming restrictions have been relaxed now. If Dominic hadn’t been able to hold Carole’s hand, or sob in Sacha’s arms, it would have been wrong.

Jeong-Soo is going to be very sad when he hears about Carole. He was very fond of her too.

In other news: Eli and Amelia have both landed on opposite sides of the Amelia/baby decision, but that was always going to happen. And Claudia is threatening Ange’s confidence in her relationship with Josh, but ditto.

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Holby City: Be more Carole

Happier times…

(Series 23, ep. 16 by Becky Prestwich 20.7.21) Please have a look at my review of the episode for Metro. But before you go…

Dominic and Carole absolutely broke my heart. Under his cocky exterior (“Behind every brilliant surgeon…”) you can see the little boy Dominic used to be, scared and lacking confidence but knowing his mum would always be on his side.

Julia Deakin plays Carole so perfectly.

Line of the week: (Dom) ’Be more Carole.’ Obviously.

I don’t even want to think about the Evie Fletcher storyline. It’s too horrible to contemplate.

Fashion icon of the week: Hanssen in uncharacteristically casual style at the beginning – the top button of his shirt was undone! – and then in a ‘very swaggy suit’ for the party.

Baby daddy of the week: Josh is entirely lovely, isn’t he? I liked how the news that he and Ange are expecting twins just seemed to make them twice as happy. I hope it lasts.


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Holby City: Kylie puts her best foot forward

(Series 35, ep. 14 by Jenny Davis 7.7.21) Tiptoe over to Metro to read this week’s review that I sweated blood – BLOOD, I tell you – to write for your entertainment. But before you go…

I’m wondering if Kylie dipping her toe (see what I did there?) into the world of online porn might bring her into contact in some way with Jeni Sinclaire, who is obviously no stranger to the sex industry? Might Kylie be the one to rescue Evie Fletcher from a terrible fate?

Jeni is an evil, evil person. Debra Stephenson is excellent at showing us both of Jeni’s faces – the sweet, caring one and the hard-as-nails nasty one – but the story itself is so horrible it makes me wistful for the days of Creepy Cameron and his own hapless brand of evil.

Optimist of the week: (Max welcomes the CQC inspectors) ‘I’m sure you’ll find everything to your satisfaction.’

Too honest for his own good award: (Sacha tells it like it is) ‘We’re like one big happy family – a dysfunctional one who could wring each other’s necks sometimes.’

No woman of child-bearing age throws up on TV without being pregnant, so Ange’s waffle about the menopause was fooling no one – except Ange herself. I just hope there isn’t going to be a Fenisha/Ethan (Casualty)-type series of misunderstandings, where Ange thinks Josh doesn’t want the baby but he actually would want it if he knew about it, etc. I couldn’t cope.


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Holby City: May the best man win

(Series 23, ep. 10 by Michelle Lipton 8.6.21) I would seriously love it if you had a look at my review on Metro. And also if you love Holby you could sign the online petition asking the BBC not to axe the show. But first…

It was a very unLucky week for Lucky, although I would personally view being turned down by Kian Madani as a lucky break. I don’t have Lucky’s notoriously poor judgement, though. Luckily.

I’m worried about Evie Fletcher. Has she run off with Andrei or have they been kidnapped? Either way, given that Andrei was having major surgery less than an hour before, I wouldn’t think he’s going to get very far.

Line of the week: (Hanssen) ‘Are you telling me that you’ve been having sex in a sterile environment in this hospital?’

Line of the week 2: (Dominic) ‘Careful, it’s a bowel not a winter scarf.’

I enjoyed Max getting the goss from Ange about her affair with Josh. It was the kind of scene we used to get from Serena Campbell and Fleur Fanshawe.

It was nice that Dominic withdrew his complaint against Sacha, but now it looks like he might want to withdraw his withdrawal, as Sacha seems determined to fight for his job.


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Holby City: Who knows what else he’s capable of?

(Series 23, ep. 8 by Isla Gray 25.5.21) My review is over at Metro, so please go and have a look. But before you do that…

Line of the week: There was some tough talk from the women in tonight’s episode, so it’s a draw between Ange’s ‘Show me your stoma bag!’ and Max’s ‘Having my breasts cut off can wait.’

But Dominic’s defenestration of Sacha also deserves a mention for its sheer nerve: ‘Ever since Essie passed, he’s changed. He’s become reckless and if he’s able to do that to me, who knows what else he’s capable of?’ Speak for yourself, love.

Dominic, though. His face as Sacha was saying he was pleased they were putting their troubles behind them made me think, ‘That man is up to something.’ But throwing Sacha so comprehensively under a bus – was that really his plan the whole time?

Hanssen gave him the job rather easily. Ange was casting doubt on his whole story, so Hanssen should at least have been a bit hesitant. And I know there’s a shortage of senior staff at the moment, but surely Ange could be redeployed to Keller and Max could take over AAU?

What we really need is Serena or Ric to return. We need some grown-ups at that hospital as Hanssen’s judgment has gone temporarily AWOL.

Where did Treve Harding pop up from? And did the writers borrow the name from Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge, who plays Josh?

Is it just me who wants to scream every time Lucky Simpson rattles a pill bottle at Kian?

And if Kian’s stupid behaviour gets Evie into danger he’ll have me to answer to as well as Fletch.


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Holby City: She totally fancies you

(Series 23, ep. 5 by Ciara Conway 4.5.21) I’ve reviewed this episode at Metro as usual, so please take a look. But before you do that…

Lucky Simpering-Simpson really needs to tear herself away from Kian for a minute and sort out Hanssen. The poor man is seriously suffering. I think he’d just about learned to cope with the horror of having been abused by Reyhan, but the knowledge that he wasn’t able to protect Abs and Sahira is unbearable to him.

I almost wish we were back in the days when all he did was ferry the new F1s from ward to ward.

Though I really wish we were back to the days when he would loom at people and frighten them, and eat sushi and apples in a meticulously tidy way at his desk. Maybe he’ll get back to that eventually.

Poor Fletch. One day as CEO and all sorts of things hit the fan. I bet he never even had time to look at his 243 emails.

I fear that Dominic has done himself a nasty injury. There’s been so much meddling in his bowels recently that there can’t be a lot left to work with, even for a bowel king like Sacha.

Back to Lucky Simpson and her drooling over Kian. Please make it stop. Are women really just bowled over by a manly chest even when they know for certain that the owner of the chest is a weak-minded liar?

But at least Kian has a fancy car with a roomy boot. This came in very handy for smuggling Andrei out – though he did release him from the boot in full view of half the windows in the hospital.


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Holby City: That special secret

(Series 23, ep. 4 by Joe Ainsworth 27.4.21) My full review is over at Metro, so please take a look. But before you go…

Line of the week: (Fletch gets to grips with his new job) ‘As a temporary, scraping the bottom of the barrel, hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, CEO I’m absolutely smashing it.’

Reyhan Shah really has been a nasty, creepy character, expertly played by Raad Rawi. And the story has given Guy Henry something to really showcase his own impeccable skills.

Also hats off to Ali Hadj-Heshmati, who plays Abs. He hasn’t had that many scenes but he made a brilliant impact.

Was Reyhan’s death natural, or was there ‘foul play’? Can we cope with another Holby killer so soon after Cameron?

I’m looking forward to seeing what new Director of Funding Jeni Sinclaire is going to be like. Debra Stephenson has been in Holby before, and in fact she was in one of the episodes that was being worked on while I was writing the Holby book, so seeing her face brought back some happy memories of days spent lurking at Elstree.

Is Lucky really falling for Kian? She needs to have a word with herself, if so.

(Picture: BBC)


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Holby City: There’s always been a darkness in Henrik

(Series 23, ep. 1 by Patrick Homes 6.4.21) My proper review is over at Metro and I kindly invite you to please go and have a look. But not before I’ve shared a few random thoughts with you…

Sahira has always come across as thick as mince, and her refusal to contemplate that Hanssen might be telling the truth is another example.

Though to be fair to her, she’s had a lifetime of the sort of manipulation and gaslighting that Hanssen experienced from Reyhan, so she’s a victim of that nasty man too, in a different way.

Fletch was absolutely adorable, doing what Fletch does best – taking kind, calm control of a situation.

It’s really good to see Guy Henry getting some serious stuff to do on Holby, and it’s similarly excellent to have Louis in the middle of a storyline of his own that’s complex and emotional and brings up some of the issues that trans people are currently facing. His history with Vicky Turner and the lengths he’ll go to put that right is really interesting.

I’m not loving the Josh and Ange storyline, though. I didn’t even enjoy it as comic relief.

And Kian and his (yawn) drugs (yawn) problem?

But what was Lucky doing at the operating theatre observation window telling Kian – in front of Chloe and presumably an anaesthetist at least – that he wasn’t to touch a patient until he’d ‘gone for a tinkle.’ Does Lucky not have to maintain any patient confidentiality?

Line of the week: (Max’s mum isn’t impressed by Ange’s appearance) ‘Consultant? You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. We had a name for girls with morning hair like that.’


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Holby City: You want to know the point of everything?

Holby City S22 - Ep22

‘Personally I’d have gone for something a tad less… actually, just less’

(Series 22, ep. 22 by Davey Jones 21.7.20) Pop over to Metro to read my ‘proper’ review. But before you go…

– I absolutely loved the scenes between Raf and Essie. They were so beautifully written and played. I especially liked their final scene together, as Raf walked away down the ward. Rather than having him fading away in a ghostly style, the camera moved around so that he was hidden by Essie, becoming part of her again because he was really just the thoughts and memories in her head. It was lovely stuff.

– Which means that Raf’s thoughts about the Memorial Lump were really Essie’s thoughts, but I imagine he probably would have thought the Lump was a bit over the top.

– Can we have the old Kian back, please? I am getting fed up with ‘broken’ Kian. I know we have to have characters going through traumatic stuff because that’s drama, but there’s something that doesn’t connect with me about it – and I really liked the character to begin with. Is this just me, or does anyone else know what I mean?

– Though the scene where he goaded Phoenix into beating him up was absolutely brutal and shocking.

– Jac telling Kian she ‘didn’t need protecting,’ though. It seems to me that she does – she needs protecting from wasting her energy on useless men. Her track record in this regard has not been impressive. 

– On the other hand, Louis and Nicky’s flirtation is very sweet and very believable. She’s had such a hard time over the years that Louis is absolutely what she needs – someone considerate, kind and caring. And not bad looking, either. Of course there’s a bit of a hurdle to overcome, as presumably at some point he’ll have to talk to her about him being trans. How will she react?

– Is Selfie going to go after Ric, do you think?

– Line of the week: (Essie to Sacha) ‘Time has beaten us. Let’s just make the most of what we have left.’ So, so sad. 


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Holby City: What happened to Paris?

Holby City S22 - Ep18(Series 22, ep. 18 by Katie Douglas 23.6.20) Bob along to Metro to read my nice long review of this episode. But before you go…

– Did we know previously that Fletch starting his career as a car mechanic before becoming a nurse? I liked his advice to Evie that you don’t have to have your path in life all mapped out when you’re young.

– Hurrah for the helpful urologist who was only too happy to do Fletch’s op in the down-time between the end of his shift and Emmerdale. Fletch shouldn’t even have contemplated going to The Mythical St J for surgery.

– Does this mean Fletch is completely cured? Let’s hope he is, although the ‘two nurses with cancer’ storyline will have been fairly short-lived if so.

– So Kian is in Canada seeing his mum, is he? Adorable as he is, Jac is really better off without him.

– I’ve already mentioned it on Metro, but Ric’s ‘You’re gonna need a bigger bag’ comment to Louis really was a brilliant line. It was unexpected, hilarious – and heartfelt. And it makes it more likely that the little hand gesture that Thunderchild spotted last week (look at the comments under last week’s post) was deliberate.

– Jac’s ‘Are there any patients on the ward that you aren’t related to?’ comment to Nicky was also good and could probably be deployed most weeks on most wards at Holby.

– And we were treated to more Jac and Sacha scenes, which are things of great beauty and joy.


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