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Casualty: You look so much older

Casualty - Series 34 - EP20(Series 34, ep. 20 by Rachel Paterson 18.1.20) Have a look at my proper review over at Metro, please. But before you rush off…

– Oh, Charlie. Where do I even start with what an amazing man he is to put his own hurt aside to contact Bill for Duffy’s sake? This storyline is completely heartbreaking.

– And with Faith and Lev discovering their little boy is seriously ill, there weren’t a lot of laughs in this episode, despite the presence of both Dylan and David.

– Nice to see a little Holby/Casualty overlap with Rosa getting a new porter’s uniform the same week as Jason on Holby got his.

– Robyn and Ruby living together? It might work, I suppose. Marty and Jade will be quite relieved to not be woken up by baby Harmony all night long too.

wray– I’ve just realised that Clive Wood, who plays Bill, was Gordon Wray in The Bill. So when Duffy disappointedly told him he looked much older, she’s probably thinking of Bill-era Bill.

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Casualty: It’s all kicking off in the ED

Casualty - Series 34 - EP19(Series 34, ep. 19 by Jillian Mannion 11.1.20) Please follow the link to Metro to read my full review of this episode.

– I actually don’t have much more to add – there was no Dylan or David so not much scope for ‘line of the week.’

– Wasn’t it obvious that patient Gloria was visually impaired? And that her husband was dead? 

– I think Connie is being genuine in her attempts to get back in Archie’s good books, but I liked how that didn’t extend to being nice about Archie’s new heroine Dr Megan. 

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Casualty: The return of Connie Beauchamp

Casualty - Series 34 - EP18My full review of this episode is over at Metro, but before you go…

– Line of the week: (Patient Barney) ‘Is he [Dylan] always this grumpy?’ (David) ‘No, sometimes he’s asleep.’

– Line of the week 2: (Dylan) ‘If you’re going to be a doctor you have to tune your body like a fine instrument powered exclusively by sugar.’

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Casualty: He always wanted to be a doctor

18780563-low_res-casualty-portraitsI’ve reviewed this episode over at Metro and also written an extra piece about Mason, so please give them a look.

I don’t have much more to add to what I’ve said there, apart from I’ll really miss Mason. I found the character really interesting and I loved Victor Oshin’s layered and subtle portrayal of him. He’s a really compelling actor to watch and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.


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Casualty: The one where David and Rosa get married

Casualty - Series 34 - EP16(Series 34, ep. 16 by Hilary Frankland 21.12.19) My full review of this episode is over at Metro. But before you go…

– I know it probably won’t last because happiness never does on TV shows, but Rosa and David are so lovely together. It’s one of those odd couple relationships that really works. I was so happy that they got married after all – and realised that they both had real love for each other and it isn’t just a marriage of convenience.

– I love Xiomara, too. Yes, she’s way over the top – but she’s funny and warm and exuberant. I also loved how Ollie called her ‘Xio.’ It was just a little touch but it made it feel like Ollie and Xiomara have been spending time together, that she’s as much a part of the family as Rosa is.

– Maddy Hill did some beautiful work too, in the scene where Ruby delivered the baby in the ambulance. But as a character Ruby really needs to get off her high horse occasionally.

– How adorable was Mason with the baby, though? And the revelations about how he feels about having kids himself. That’s something I wasn’t expecting from him. He gets more interesting every week.

– Dementia is horribly cruel, isn’t it? The way Duffy casually inflicted that awful pain on Charlie when she said Bill was a better man than he was. It must be so hard to remind yourself that it’s the illness talking and not the person, and so lonely to be in Charlie’s position.

– Line of the week: (Jade) ‘We’re 20 minutes late.’ (Xiomara) ‘That’s Latin American for early!’

– The poodle in the Santa suit at the end… quite disturbing. No wonder Susan fell off her bike.

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Casualty: The one in which Charlie becomes an NHS art installation

Casualty - Series 34 - EP15(Series 34, ep. 15 by Mark Catley and Colin Bytheway 7.12.19) You’ll be wanting to click over to Metro to read my full review of this episode. But before you go…

– I didn’t think there could be anything sadder than Duffy hallucinating her dead cat, but there is. It’s Duffy all ready for work, uniform spotless and gearing up for a day of world class caring and compassion, and not realising that she’s now the person being cared for rather than the person doing the caring.

– And also Charlie sobbing like a baby on the floor in the ED. Even though David’s comment about people mistaking him for an NHS art installation was very funny. You should see some of the weirdness they have standing around at my local hospital (not the patients. The art).

– Mason made brownies! Well done for steering away from cupcakes, which are the usual impress-your-colleagues baked goods.

– It’s always lovely to see Max Farnham from Brookside.

– I very much enjoy the start of Casualty when you have to try to work out who the casualty is going to be. Well done in this one for making it a three out of three.

– Though sometimes I’m less interested in the patients’ emotional traumas once they get into the ED because you know that in most cases you’ll never see them again so it’s hard to get invested. This one was quite interesting, though. That golf instructor man was entirely creepy.

– I guessed the golf instructor’s problem would be to do with the coffee – it was mentioned far too often for it to be an innocently by-standing beverage – but I didn’t guess that Max Farnham had been tampering with it.

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Casualty: I don’t know why I can see her and you can’t

Casualty - Series 34 - EP14(Series 34, ep. 14 by Isla Gray 30.11.19) Take yourself to Metro (almost) immediately to look at this week’s review. But before you do…

– I could hardly bear it when Duffy was so happy thinking she could see her cat. I wanted Charlie just to play along with it for a while. Then her distress when she realised she couldn’t even trust her own eyes was heartbreaking.

– As was their realisation that they’re going to need help. They’re such a self-enclosed little unit that it must be a massive decision to let other people in.

– I think Xiomara would make an excellent carer. She’d sweep in, sort everything out like Mary Poppins with extra drama, and sweep back out again. She’s a wonderful, over-the-top character who makes me smile.

– I’ve already quoted line of the week at Metro (David’s tattoo) so I won’t repeat it but it was genius.

– What was going on with the alcoholic social worker? I reckon the main cause of her stress was that she’s kept in that office and hardly ever spoken about or to, and very rarely visited.

– Everyone kept running off in this episode – the boxing woman, the gang violence boy, Mason…

– And what on earth was that Wound Cam? Did a view from inside a wound as a gloved finger wiggled about in it really add to our understanding of the piece? I’m not sure This Sort Of Thing should be encouraged.

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