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Casualty: I’ve created a monster

(Series 36, ‘Close Encounters’ by Hamish Wright 22.1.22) Please pop over to Metro to read my review of this week’s episode. I have had a few random thoughts as well…

The scenes between Faith and Angus at her house were quite chilling, as it all got nasty very quickly. Even though Angus climbed down from his creepy, entitled position I can’t imagine why Faith would later want to pick up where they left off. A man who could take that attitude as soon as Faith changed her mind about sleeping with him the first time is obviously dodgy.

His anger at Faith not wanting to sleep with him, in hindsight must have been as much about potentially being denied a robbing opportunity as much as being denied sex, but either way – nasty, nasty man.

I’m glad Ethan and the Khatris sorted out a custody arrangement with Bodhi that they’re all happy with. It’s basically the one they had just after Fenisha died, but at that point Ethan was in no fit state to care for his son.

And the story about the UFO boys was really sweet. I liked Jonny’s mum stepping up to support him and persuade him that they had to let brother Neil spread his wings a bit.

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Casualty: She’s my baby

(Series 36 ‘She’s My Baby’ by Lydia Marchant 15.1.22) Please pop over to Metro where you can read this week’s review (and also last week’s, as I didn’t get round to posting about that on here).

But before you go…

I might have mentioned before how much I love Rosie Jones. She’s been excellent in Casualty and this was the most heartbreaking performance. I think the real skill is we don’t feel sorry for Paula in a pitying way. In some ways she’s hard to like, and there’s no doubt that the details revealed about her first child were horrible to listen to. But like Dylan we can see a person who’s trying, who deserves a second chance.

And whoever came up with the idea to put William Beck and Rosie Jones together in so many scenes was a genius.

I have to say I do like Paige Allcott. She’s at the bouncy/annoying end of the junior doctor scale, but I like that she’s so open and keen. She’s already good at the emotional hand-holding stuff, so probably Stevie is the best mentor she could have had to get all the medical stuff lined up behind it. She’ll be fine.

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Casualty: Press his nose

(Series 36, ‘Remember Me Part 2’ by Barbara Machin 11.12.21) Well, that was stressful, wasn’t it? For my full review head over to Metro. But first…

I must include an honourable mention for Iain’s Rudolf boxers. ‘Press his nose’ could be a contender for Line of the Week.

Holly Aird was excellently menacing as Laura. She was scary, but I did feel sorry for her too – she wasn’t a monster, just a very sick woman.

The script was so full of detail – Amina’s case showing how at that stage doctors were still very much learning about how Covid worked on the body, the outsourcing of radiology, no room at the obs and gynae inn for pregnant Rosie.

Tess is so capable and calm in a crisis. I want her back full time please.

To be fair to Laura, ‘Holly Merriman’ would have been a very festive name for the baby.

Thank goodness Charlie’s health situation turned out to be not too bad. But then again, if he hadn’t mentioned anything about it for the entire year since it was never likely to be anything too disturbing.

This is the problem with a flashback episode. We also knew Iain would pull through, otherwise he’s been a ghost for the whole of 2021. And I think Jan would have noticed that.

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Casualty: Unrelenting death, delays, shortages, grief

(Series 36, ‘Remember Me Part 1’ by Barbara Machin 4.12.21) Take a look at my proper review for Metro (where I’m also doing some of the EastEnders and Corrie stuff these days). But before you get too engrossed in Metro’s world of soap, I’ve had a few thoughts.

What a brilliant (if initially confusing) episode. Well done to master manipulator of time Barbara Machin for such a complex and engrossing story.

I don’t think I was watching Casualty in 2006, so I missed Laura’s first appearance. It was a clever idea to bring her back, and to have a grown-up Rosie now working in the ED.

It was an absolute joy to see Tess again. Hopefully by the end of the next episode she and Charlie will have resolved their differences.

Also lovely to see Iain in his red HEMS uniform again. He looks very good in red.

The appearance of hapless social worker Adi made sense of why nobody was pleased to see him last week in the Paula storyline.

And what a cliffhanger ending, despite the fact that we know Iain doesn’t die in 2020 because he’s still alive and well in 2021. Unless he’s a ghost, like Cal.

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Casualty: Gang war on your turf

(Series 36 ‘Retribution’ by Dana Fainaru 27.11.21) Head over to Metro for this week’s review. But before you go…

Hafsa’s injuries – oh my lord, the prosthetics team had fun with that one.

I was genuinely worried for Rash’s lovely face at several points in the episode, as well.

Will Rash now be able to leave the gang behind and get on with his usual task of mildly disagreeing with colleagues and being proved right?

Line of the week: (Dylan is told that Rash is late for work and isn’t answering his phone) ‘That’s both out of character and profoundly unhelpful.’

Talking of Dylan, the scenes with Paula where she was having the scan were so moving and lovely. I love Rosie Jones to bits, and her acting in this episode and her previous appearance has been stunning.

Line of the week 2: (Social worker Adi) ‘How much has [Paula] told you about her recent past?’ (Dylan) ’She’s a patient, not a date.’

Line of the week 3: (Dylan [again] gives David career advice about the clinical nurse manager job) ‘Don’t do it. Seriously, it’s a poisoned chalice.’

Line of the week 4: (Hafsa) ‘If I go into hospital it’s going to be gang war on your turf, Bridgeway and Farmead.’ And without Big Mac to keep the peace, that is the last thing we want.

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Casualty: I’ll be watching you

(Series 36 ‘Gasping for Air’ by Stephen McAteer 20.11.21) Leap over to Metro to see my proper review of the episode. But before you go…

I’m very glad Jan and Ffion are back together. Does his mean Jan can finally move out of Iain’s?

Teddy will also be pleased, though today was his day off so he missed all the hostage excitement. It would really have been summat different for him.

Dave blaming Tony for the entire Holby pollution problem was a bit extreme.

How did Sah come across the live video feed from the squash court? What made them think, ‘I wonder if this is being broadcast live on th’internet?’ Unless Dave had promoted it somewhere…

When Dylan told Stevie, ‘We’re done – until Dylan wakes up,’ I thought he’d signed Ethan’s death warrant and Stevie would be straight along to Ethan’s bedside to pull out a few plugs and silence the things that go beep. But she didn’t.

But has she dropped her revenge plan now? Or does her ‘I’ll be watching you’ comment mean that she’s gone back to Revenge Plan A which is to wait until Ethan makes another mistake then go to Hanssen about it? Who knows? And does anyone really, really care?

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Casualty: Stevie, on the roof, with scissors

(Series 36 ‘Blinded’ by Jenny Davis and ‘Two Minutes’ by Dan Berlinka 6.11.21) Please pop over to Metro and read my concise (this was the word that teachers always wrote on my essays at school. I was never one to waste paper) summary of these exciting episodes. But first…

So we learned that, despite her ‘mwah-ha-hah!’ face-pulling, Stevie’s revenge plan for Ethan was to take him down via reporting him to Hanssen for incompetence. Getting stabby with surgical scissors was not on her agenda.

Though if I have any questions about the competence of the ED staff it would be about Stevie herself. The woman goes off on a strop as soon as you disagree with her and freaks out as soon as she makes a mistake. This is not the calm and balanced approach I’d want at my bedside if my leg was hanging off.

Line of the week: (Patient Luke) ‘I’ve done something on the roof.’ Oh, all the ‘somethings’ that roof has seen over the years. Especially if we pretend it’s the same roof that they have on Holby.

I’m very, very worried about Rash. Hafsa is not going to take kindly to him calling the feds.

Is this the first time that a Casualty ep shown on bonfire night weekend has not featured a firework-related injury?


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Casualty: Rash. Too nice for his own good

(Series 36 ‘Two Tribes’ by Stephen McAteer 30.10.21) Please pop over to Metro to read my review. But first…

The flashbacks of little Kyle were very poignant and well done.

The Farmead estate has apparently gone downhill again since the days when Big Mac used to patrol the streets in army uniform. Or did I just hallucinate that?

Rash is too nice for his own good, isn’t he? Unwittingly he has ended up as the gang’s in-house doctor. It can’t end well.

Stevie almost went full ‘mwah hah hah!’ in this episode. If looks could kill, Stevie would have laser-beamed half the department by now.

Scissors, an eyeball and a shaky hand. Noooooo!!!

Line of the week: (Dylan contemplates the idea of a department with Stevie in charge) ‘This is bad. Really bad.’

When Dylan asked Ethan whether he should get rid of Stevie, I rather think Ethan is going to live to regret saying no.

And most likely so is Dylan.


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Casualty: The uniform is proper sick!

(Series 36 ‘Is the Patient Breathing?’ by Hilary Frankland and Simon Norman 23.10.21) Please head over to Metro for my review of this excellent episode. But before you dash off…

The cancelled episode from last week (ep. 9 ‘Two Tribes’) will be shown next Saturday, but it wasn’t relevant to this one anyway luckily.

I absolutely love Sah and Teddy. I like Teddy’s Tigger-like bounciness and enthusiasm, and it’s contrasted beautifully with Sah’s more thoughtful, somewhat defensive demeanour. While Teddy is an open book, I feel like there’s a lot to find out about Sah’s personality and I’m looking forward to getting to know them more.

Remember Jan getting drunk on locally sourced organic sparkling rhubarb wine at Ethan and Fenisha’s wedding? Drunk Jan was a marvellous thing, but I think Stoned Jan is even better. Di Botcher was hilarious in this episode.

Line of the week: (Jan’s feeling the effects) ‘Iain, how long does this last? Cause I’ve got to do a big shop later. Iain, I can’t do a big shop like this.’

Line of the week 2: Iain saying ‘Sorry, love,’ to the woman who’d been dead for five months. It was so respectful and kind.

Useless mentor of the week: Jan could have mentioned to Teddy that overdosed heroin addicts may react unfavourably to being given a life-saving antidote. It’s a lesson I learned very early in my degree in televisual medicine.

And we got a welcome rest from Stevie being evil!

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Casualty: A narcissist and a bully

(Series 36 ‘Broken’ by Joanna Quesnel 9.10.21) I’ve reviewed this episode at Metro, so please give it a read. But before you go…

Adele James really throws herself into it as Tina, doesn’t she? Excellent, scary but also sad.

Matthew confidently telling Jacob ‘She’s not ill’ was a bit presumptuous, I thought, as he knows very little about Tina or about the situation. She may not be ill, but how does he know?

Well done Iain for not pussyfooting around her, though. ‘Suicide’s not a game, Tina.’ Nobody knows this more than Iain.

I think Sah is going to be a great addition to the cast. I liked the scenes between them and Teddy and there’s scope for a really nice partnership there.

When Ren’s dad gave her the necklace, I thought Sah looked a bit sad. I wonder if we’ll find out anything about their own family background?

Line of the week: (Teddy) ‘Sah is..?’ (Sah) ‘Short for sarcastic.’

Ren was also a brilliant character. I loved her flirting with Jacob.


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