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Casualty: Iain gets grain strain

(Series 36 ‘Judgement Call’ by Philip Ralph 2.4.22) Please bob over to Metro for my full review. But before you go…

It was such a nice Casualty throwback to have a tractor incident as accident o’ the week.

I was really glad that Minnie and Luke’s story turned out happily for them.

Chrissie and Iain were never going to be happy together if she’s in bits every time he’s doing something risky. He’s always doing something risky.

But when Minnie said at the end that the people you love have to come first, is he going to make things up with Chrissie and ask Jan for a desk job?

The riskiest thing he did in this episode (apart from to get trapped in a grain silo) was to still have the shutter sound switched on on his phone. It’s a bit of a giveaway when you’re trying to take covert shots and your phone keeps clicking away.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and I’m saying it now – I love Rosie Jones. And I love the double act with William Beck even more.

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Casualty: In at the deep end

(Series 36 ‘Now I Can Breathe’ by Sean Robert Daniels and Stephen McAteer 12.3.22). You’ll be wanting to have a look at my proper recap of this episode over at Metro. But before you go…

It can’t be easy being Iain’s girlfriend. He’s always jumping into dangerous scenarios and I very much haven’t forgotten what happened to The Lovely Jeff.

When Iain said he’d got the chess board from the boss of the place, did he mean David (boss of nurses in the ED), Jan (boss of paramedics) or Hanssen (boss of hospital)? I felt if it was meant to be Hanssen’s, it would have been in a more arty box. Or not in a box at all but displayed in a shelf without a speck of dust upon it.

Unlike Anya I do not have aphantasia. In fact I very much have phantasia, if that’s a thing. Too much picturing, anyway. For example if I’m reading a book and it says “he nodded,” I can’t read on until I’ve worked out exactly how much nodding was going on, angle of head etc. This is why I’m a slow reader.

Is Robyn going to get back together with Paul, do you think? I’d be wary, if I was her.

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Casualty: Press his nose

(Series 36, ‘Remember Me Part 2’ by Barbara Machin 11.12.21) Well, that was stressful, wasn’t it? For my full review head over to Metro. But first…

I must include an honourable mention for Iain’s Rudolf boxers. ‘Press his nose’ could be a contender for Line of the Week.

Holly Aird was excellently menacing as Laura. She was scary, but I did feel sorry for her too – she wasn’t a monster, just a very sick woman.

The script was so full of detail – Amina’s case showing how at that stage doctors were still very much learning about how Covid worked on the body, the outsourcing of radiology, no room at the obs and gynae inn for pregnant Rosie.

Tess is so capable and calm in a crisis. I want her back full time please.

To be fair to Laura, ‘Holly Merriman’ would have been a very festive name for the baby.

Thank goodness Charlie’s health situation turned out to be not too bad. But then again, if he hadn’t mentioned anything about it for the entire year since it was never likely to be anything too disturbing.

This is the problem with a flashback episode. We also knew Iain would pull through, otherwise he’s been a ghost for the whole of 2021. And I think Jan would have noticed that.

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Casualty: Unrelenting death, delays, shortages, grief

(Series 36, ‘Remember Me Part 1’ by Barbara Machin 4.12.21) Take a look at my proper review for Metro (where I’m also doing some of the EastEnders and Corrie stuff these days). But before you get too engrossed in Metro’s world of soap, I’ve had a few thoughts.

What a brilliant (if initially confusing) episode. Well done to master manipulator of time Barbara Machin for such a complex and engrossing story.

I don’t think I was watching Casualty in 2006, so I missed Laura’s first appearance. It was a clever idea to bring her back, and to have a grown-up Rosie now working in the ED.

It was an absolute joy to see Tess again. Hopefully by the end of the next episode she and Charlie will have resolved their differences.

Also lovely to see Iain in his red HEMS uniform again. He looks very good in red.

The appearance of hapless social worker Adi made sense of why nobody was pleased to see him last week in the Paula storyline.

And what a cliffhanger ending, despite the fact that we know Iain doesn’t die in 2020 because he’s still alive and well in 2021. Unless he’s a ghost, like Cal.

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Casualty: The uniform is proper sick!

(Series 36 ‘Is the Patient Breathing?’ by Hilary Frankland and Simon Norman 23.10.21) Please head over to Metro for my review of this excellent episode. But before you dash off…

The cancelled episode from last week (ep. 9 ‘Two Tribes’) will be shown next Saturday, but it wasn’t relevant to this one anyway luckily.

I absolutely love Sah and Teddy. I like Teddy’s Tigger-like bounciness and enthusiasm, and it’s contrasted beautifully with Sah’s more thoughtful, somewhat defensive demeanour. While Teddy is an open book, I feel like there’s a lot to find out about Sah’s personality and I’m looking forward to getting to know them more.

Remember Jan getting drunk on locally sourced organic sparkling rhubarb wine at Ethan and Fenisha’s wedding? Drunk Jan was a marvellous thing, but I think Stoned Jan is even better. Di Botcher was hilarious in this episode.

Line of the week: (Jan’s feeling the effects) ‘Iain, how long does this last? Cause I’ve got to do a big shop later. Iain, I can’t do a big shop like this.’

Line of the week 2: Iain saying ‘Sorry, love,’ to the woman who’d been dead for five months. It was so respectful and kind.

Useless mentor of the week: Jan could have mentioned to Teddy that overdosed heroin addicts may react unfavourably to being given a life-saving antidote. It’s a lesson I learned very early in my degree in televisual medicine.

And we got a welcome rest from Stevie being evil!

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Casualty: Iain sorts it out

(Series 36 ‘No Harm Done’ by Hilary Frankland 4.9.21) Dash over to Metro, if you will, to read this week’s review. But before you go…

If Iain didn’t already work for the NHS he should be prescribed on the NHS. He’s already looking after homeless Jan, and now he’s added Jacob to his portfolio of care and concern. I love that we know his kindness and wisdom has been hard-won by his battles with his own troubles. He’s an excellent character.

Line of the week: (Iain) ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ And hurrah for that.

Very subtle writing from Hilary Frankland in the scenes where Tina and Jacob, each for their own reasons, tried to conceal what was going on from Iain.

Jade is also an excellent character and if Stevie adds her to the Circle of Revenge I will be very upset indeed.

Yet another excellent character – Teddy. He is absolutely adorable.

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Casualty: Iain’s Jammy Dodgers are not a euphemism

(Series 35, ep. 18 by Rebecca Wojciechowski and ep. 19 by Kellie Smith 8.5.21) For a review of these two episodes, head over to Metro. But before you do that…

Line of the week: (Iain briefs Fenisha) ‘Keep yer hands off me Jammy Dodgers and we’ll do just fine.’ Can I say how much I’m loving having Iain back?

Line of the week 2: (Iain is not impressed by Lev’s attitude) ‘Glad to see you’ve taken my advice today Lev. You have been a ball of positive energy.’

Lev getting in touch with Xander was an interesting twist – I wonder what’s going to happen when the two of them meet up?

Mark Johnstone’s School of Seduction was a truly creepy and cringe-making scenario. School for Serial Killers more like.

The scene between Bibi and Jan was very touching. I really hope Jan helps Marty to get some justice for Bibi and that she can finally have an end to her awful pain.

And it’s rather delicious that they might have to bring down Ciaran Coulson at the same time. He’s so vile.

Charlie was back! He didn’t do much, but whenever he appears I feel the need to write CHARLIE! in my notes.

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Casualty: The ED’s loss is HEMS’s gain

Casualty - Series 34 - EP5(Series 34, ep. 5 by Hamish Wright and Dana Fainaru 21.9.19) For a proper review of this episode, hop over to Metro. But first…

– That was a lovely send-off for Iain and a beautiful conclusion to his story. Michael Stevenson hasn’t put a foot wrong in this mental health storyline and the writers have allowed the story to play out over a long span of time. A highlight for me was the episode where Iain was working in the ambulance control centre.

– I was almost in tears at the scenes with Stan and his dog.

– I’m very annoyed at Gem for her behaviour to Rash. Getting Iain to dump him and then avoiding his calls was just mean.

– As was Mason’s behaviour. I’m still hoping that there’ll be some back-story to explain why Mason does stuff like this (high achieving parents with madly high expectations?), but it’s going to have to be very convincing to make me like him after the way he’s treated Rash. Or maybe we aren’t meant to like him and he’s going to go full villain? Either way, I have to say he’s a very interesting, compelling character.

– Ethan and Effie. It’ll end in tears.

– Line of the week: (Dylan) ‘Thank you Dixie.’ [Notices her name badge] ‘Kathleen? I had no idea your name was Kathleen.’

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Casualty news: Dixie returns!

tt34Kb8wExcellent news from Casualty HQ today. Jane Hazlegrove will return to the ED in the autumn in two special episodes.

She’ll arrive as part of the HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) team to assist the paramedics with a patient with a life-threatening chest injury.

Executive Producer Simon Harper says, “It’s wonderful to have the brilliant Jane Hazlegrove back in the Casualty family fold. Dixie was and remains a massively popular character with the audience who miss her to this day, and she and Iain are clearly going to have a lot to catch up on after his tumultuous year.”

Dixie’s return is going to have a massive impact on Iain which leads him to think about his own future. Is Iain ready for a new challenge and pastures new?

Jane Hazlegrove has already filmed her episodes and says, “It was really great to see some familiar faces again and of course to hang out with Sir Michael Stevenson…despite the fact that his jokes haven’t got any better!”

Read more: Dixie’s last episode

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Casualty: No loo rolls were harmed in the making of this episode

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep43(Series 33, ep. 43 by Daisy Martey and Dana Fainaru 20.7.19) You’ll be wanting to read my proper review over at Metro. But wait! I have a couple of random thoughts first.

– With the caveat that I watched it on a tiny wee window in the corner of my laptop, I thought the prison riot was a tad underwhelming. I’m sure it’ll look much more spectacular on a big telly though.

– Ciaran manages to get more loathsome every week, doesn’t he? Excellent work by Rick Warden.

– I wonder how a Connie Beauchamp on full power would have dealt with him, though? Currently she’s too fragile to go full Connie with him. Which of course makes the rights and wrongs so much more interesting, as we know she’s a complete liability currently – but because she’s Connie we’re still on her side.

– I’m also on Archie’s side, and will be on Duffy’s side if Connie tries to pin the blame for this latest mistake on her.

– I liked the young prison officer, Matt, who was so sweet about the old man. Duffy had her Compassion switch turned up to 11.

– It was all very intense, wasn’t it? A bit of humour wouldn’t have gone amiss just to lighten things up a bit. Holby always manages to get a bit of humour in – but I suppose they have the luxury of an extra 10 minutes in which to tell their stories.

– Liz’s sudden decline after being injected with lidocaine was especially traumatic. There was a real atmosphere of panic in the room as Connie realised what had happened.

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