Holby City: Never too many broken hearts

(Series 20, ep. 10 ‘Square One’ by Kathrine Smith 6.3.18) There seems to be something of a power-grab going on at Holby. Prof Gaskell, aided and abetted by old chum Roxanna, is about to be installed on the board as Director of Medicine. Have we had one of those before?

Hanssen has given his approval via one of those in-car consultations that he’s specialising in these days. I picture him spending his days sadly patrolling the car park at 15 MPH in case he’s needed, but terrified to get out of the car.

Roxanna’s motives in getting Gaskell a place on the Iron Throne of Holby are altruistic (she thinks it’ll help Ollie to get the treatment he needs, and she believes in the Prof and his work), and I could probably say that about the Prof, though I’m not at all sure I entirely trust him. His guinea pig patient, Fiona, died this week, and in the comfort of his lab the Prof realised that his trial had failed. He’s keeping this news between him and his voice recorder though, and hasn’t told major funder and cheerleader Essie, or Serena, or Roxanna. I’m sure he really believes it’ll work eventually and he mustn’t stop now, but the last person we saw with that kind of attitude to a trial was Fredrik, and look how that turned out. 

Serena is spreading herself very thinly, what with being in charge of the hospital, still being in charge of AAU most of the time, and going to visit Ric in prison. No wonder she told Fletch that she’s fed up with being Queen of the Hospital and misses Bernie (and we all miss Bernie).

Her visit to the prison was very sad. Ric has completely given up and is accepting that he’s not going to be back on the wards any time soon (unless he “slips” on another screwdriver). He asked Serena to look out for Darla and Kofi if – or when – he gets convicted.

A glimmer of hope may finally be on the horizon, though, as Miss Marple Serena realised that the only type of person who may have been working on the day Mrs Warren died and not yet questioned was someone in training. And Fletch finally remembered that useless Amira, who said someone had died while she was on AAU. Hallelujah! The problem now is that Amira has vanished without trace, having at last realised that nursing was not for her. My money is on Jason to finally crack the case, as he got very upset when he realised that Ric was helping him when he should have been back at the hospital on the fateful day and he likes to be helpful.

New guy Zav continued to be a bit of a twonk to Nicky when he was left in charge of AAU when Serena was out. He’s either trying to do the “mentor them within an inch of their life” thing as previously demonstrated by Jac, Malick and even Serena, or he really is a prat. Or both. Serena took him down a peg or two anyway.

To Darwin now, and the drugs are working so beautifully for Jac that she was actually smiling and humming a tune. Rather aptly the tune was ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’ by Jason Donovan. In Jac’s line of work you can never have too many broken hearts, hence her cheerful demeanour, but only super-strength painkillers would have ever induced her to hum about it. Do you think she’s going to go down the Eddi McKee route (remember Eddi’s Camoxidan hell?)?

Talking of hell, poor Dominic spent the day waiting for Lofty to text him, even though Lofty himself was actually visible and in the same room as him for most of the time. The awful experience with Isaac has conditioned Dominic to expect controlling behaviour, and to be nervous and try to second guess what the other person is thinking rather than just ask them. And it turned out that what Lofty was thinking was that he’s very fond of Dominic, he’s enjoyed their dates so far, but he’s being calm and sensible about the whole thing. Bless. If someone had written a prescription for what Dominic needed to recover from Isaac (and Lee), the prescription would say “Lofty.”

And in other news, if you want to make Oliver Valentine laugh, just show him “Norway’s Best Bloopers.” Or get Jac to hum Jason Donovan for him.

It’s out now and it’s selling fast! Holby City: Behind the Screen (“Everything a fan needs” – Metro) is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon or you can ask your local bookshop to order it.


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9 responses to “Holby City: Never too many broken hearts

  1. HolbyNut

    Prof Gaskell is just creepy!
    We need the old guard back to full strength – Ric released and providing a calmness to work with Serena, Jac back to her normal harsh self, Ollie out of manic mode and much more of Sasha please (loved his new haircut).
    Loved the Lofty prescription description in your review 🙂

  2. holbybunners

    Ah its that dodgy nurse Amira again – just as we thought! I am sure that Jason Poirot Haynes will be on to the case and find her. Just so long as he does not blurt out something to her that frightens her away ..

    What was the significance of the scene in the dark corridor which kept flashing up during scenes? At the end we saw someone pushing a trolley along that same corridor and on it there was a dead person – plus Prof Gaskell. Was that meant to be fishy?

  3. That Zav one is an out and out bully! A clever one, but still a bully. I think Serena the Wise Woman has the measure of him though. Prof Gaskell is definitely very, very strange.
    I agree with Holbynut – we need a bit of normality. Very unsettling at the moment – in a good way, but still unsettling.

    • Paul Hammond

      That Zav one is an out and out bully! A clever one, but still a bully. I think Serena the Wise Woman has the measure of him though.

      He’s a misogynist one too – on his first appearance we had him quoting that old player’s “joke” about seeing a birth being like watching your favourite pub burn down, and a lot of his comments to Nicky when no-one else can hear have more than a little sexist edge to them.

      Plus he’s doing that horrible thing of kicking his underlings while creeping and brown-nosing to anyone who is above him – witness his smarmy attitude to Serena when she came back to the hospital and caught him mid-tirade to Nicky. – all that “I just want to encourage her to be as wonderful and amazing as YOU” business – yuk.

  4. Chloe

    Could Director of Medicine not just be another name for Medical Director, in which case, we’ve had two before… Just a thought, seeing as the last one vanished with Matteo… Hard to see Gaskell as a desk-jockey though… He reminds me a bit of Luc Hemingway, always overly engrossed in his research… No? Just me? 😂

  5. Mr Donnelly

    We’ve had a Director of Surgery before, that’s what Hanssen started as, but not of Medicine, ad far as I recall. I don’t see how Serena can act as CEO whilst still managing AAU, with two offices – the one she called hers last night, and Hanssen’s office, where her photos are now on the desk.

  6. I thought that was a pretty hard-core episode myself! Very intense around Gaskill. He’s retrenching externally but dealing internally with the knowledge that he killed Fiona. Serena figured something was up straightaway but then seemed to let it pass…

    I loved how Darwin PotW guessed that Jac was on opioids — and pointed out that they’re not all roses.

  7. Collins1965

    Hi Sue just finished your behind the scenes book and loved it. So much detail about every aspect of Holby.

    Loved the cast interviews so much (so many of them are gone now it’s scary!) but what made me happiest was Rosie’s take on Jac and her firm belief that Joseph was the love of her life. I feel that too although I quite like her and Fletch. I loathed her with Jonnie.

    Also love the abiding friendship between Sacha and Jac. Long may it continue.

    Well done Sue and congratulations on a job very well done!


    • Thank you so much Denise – I’m really happy you enjoyed it. I loved what Rosie said about Jac and Joseph too (you know how I feel about Joseph). She was really good fun to talk to.

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