Holby City: Everybody hurts

(Series 20, ep. 9 ‘Ache’ by Martin Jameson 28.2.18) Jac is struggling on despite being in horrendous pain (and Rosie Marcel is making sure we can feel that pain in every agonised breath Jac takes). I suppose she’s worried that if she gave up and went home they would have to get a locum heart surgeon in, what with Jac and Frieda being the only functioning heart surgeons left in the whole hospital. Or worse still, give half of Darwin away to some other unrelated department like they’ve tried before with plastics and neuro. Either way, Jac is not putting up with it and would rather try to carry on with her duties in between spells of lying on the floor with her teeth clenched. I have two solutions for her: (a) Pilates and (b) Mo. I would love to see Mo pop back to hold the fort until Jac is better, and I think Mo is about the only person Jac would trust. Apart from Joseph Byrne, but that ship has long sailed. And Elliot Hope, ditto.

Frieda’s solutions were (a) nagging and (b) very powerful drugs. When Jac was eventually persuaded to take the drugs (which Frieda had written a prescription for), did she thank Frieda for easing her pain and looking out for her? No. She thought Frieda was getting just a bit too uppity and needed taking down a peg by relegating her to the being the one who holds the suction thing in theatre (an important job, but not quite the role Frieda was expecting). Oh, Jac. 

Patients o’ the week on Darwin were Cheryl (Maxine Evans), who had a heart condition, and her son Devon (Kaya Moore, who I thought was excellent especially in his scene in the cupboard with Jac), who succumbed to the Holby Curse with an even worse heart condition.

Roxanna has an idea which may help Ollie. It’s to do with what Prof Gaskell calls “magic magnets,” and in the Prof’s opinion it’s only “marginally more effective than crystal healing.” But it’s worth a shot, if that isn’t a very bad phrase to use under the circumstances. And it wouldn’t be the first time Ollie will have been treated with an experimental therapy.

I’m really loving James Anderson’s work, as Ollie struggles with his one step forward, two steps back recovery. He’s blunt, irritable, sometimes aggressive, always frustrated, but his Ollie charm also leaks out at times. I also love Roxanna, who hovers around him like his permanently worried daemon.

Since the Prof wasn’t on board with the magnets thing, Roxanna appealed to Serena in her current role as Queen of the Hospital. Serena felt she couldn’t take that decision, because she’s only Temporary Queen. So Roxanna contacted Hanssen to try to get him to come back for a while to approve the necessary funding. Poor Hanssen – he barely managed to get within sniffing distance of a Pulses muffin and he had to retreat again. His wounds may not be physical like Jac’s and Ollie’s, but he’s been hurt just as badly.

Lofty’s lovely gran Sheilagh was on AAU this week (will she be on Darwin next week, as her grand tour of the hospital continues?). Serena thought it would be nice for Lofty to have her nearby, like it had been for her when Adrienne was a patient.

Prof Gaskell (what is his job? he seems to lurk in his lab most of the time and occasionally waft out to see a patient or unveil a memorial) warned Sheilagh that she was at risk of further strokes and it wouldn’t be wise to try to live on her own any more. This prompted Dominic to make an offer (“I would do anything for Lofty,” he told Sheilagh, adorably). He invited Sheilagh – and Lofty too – to share the plush surroundings of Copeland Towers with him. From a viewer perspective, this sounds like massive fun, particularly (as I said last week) if Carole Copeland should ever visit. But Sheilagh didn’t fancy playing gooseberry, as she’s seen the attraction between Piglet and Dazzle (“Are you in love with him, or is it just a sex thing?”). She encouraged Dominic to ask Lofty out though, which he did. So Dofty is definitely on again.

Donna has been called to testify against Ric in his trial. An ally has been found in the form of Prof Gaskell, who isn’t going to tell on Donna for trying to forge Ric’s signature – but more importantly, he’s read the medical evidence and he feels that Mrs Warren would have died whatever Ric had or hadn’t done. So maybe we’ll soon see Ric back at Holby again, and not in a hospital gown this time.

Line of the week was the glorious Sheilagh, who wasn’t impressed by Prof Gaskell: “I don’t care what kind of professor you are. You can go and profess somewhere else.”

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8 responses to “Holby City: Everybody hurts

  1. Hi Sue! I think I reserved a copy of the book but am not sure what to do now. Can you advise please. Great review again – I think James Anderson is really versatile and so impressive at the moment as is Rosie Marcel. We are so privileged to have such good quality actors. I love Holby!

  2. holbybunners

    Joseph Byrne!!!

    Sigh ..

  3. Thunderchild

    Painkiller addiction story for Jac?

  4. thebigmart

    Good luck for tomorrow, Sue. Publication day !

  5. HolbyNut

    Yes, felt the pain of this week’s episode.
    Feel that Olly is so alone – doesn’t anyone else visit him apart from Roxanna?
    Jac is just too harsh to Frieda.
    Hope all this comes to a (positive) end soon as, like the snow, have had enough of this pain…..

  6. Marilyn Linwood

    Well done Ollie getting up the stairs … very emotional – I understand this milestone ~ brain injury ~ I still walk like Frankenstein.🧠🧠

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