Holby City: A man of character

(Series 20, ep. 12 ‘No Matter Where You Go, Part One’ by Patrick Homes 20.3.18) It was the day of Ric’s trial – and at the very end of the episode the verdict was in! But we’re going to have to wait for another week to find out what it is, because this was the first of a two-parter. AAAARRGHH!!

What we did discover was the reason Ric has been so tight-lipped about what was going on during the three hours he was away from the hospital on the fateful day of Mrs Warren’s death. We know he was helping Jason, who was having trouble with ex-girlfriend Lola (Megan Jones), but what we didn’t know was that he was delivering Lola’s baby, in a car. And the reason he still won’t tell anyone about that is that the father of the baby, who’d been beating Lola up, also happens to be a policeman. If any of it was mentioned in court, he might find out where Lola and the baby are. This matters to Ric because he’s a man of conscience who would do the right thing anyway, but as an extra factor he’d just heard from his daughter Jess that she was thinking of going back to her abusive ex. The refuge Ric took Lola and the baby to was one Jess had had to make use of in the past. 

This, and various versions of events as related by Donna, Amira and Hanssen, was told via the medium of fuzzy-edged flashbacks. That these accounts were subtly different was very well done, showing how perceptions of events can change from person to person. It also blurred things so that it wasn’t a clear-cut case of “Ric told Amira to do something, she didn’t do it, so it was Amira’s fault.” In the end, the verdict is still hanging on a knife-edge because it depends on how the jury perceives Ric Griffin – is he the “natural well of tremendous compassion” that Hanssen claims, or is he the cold and angry man of Amira’s version?

Mention of cold, angry people leads me nicely to Jac Naylor, who seems to be worryingly addicted to two things: high strength painkillers and Fletch. She told Frieda she needed another dose of painkiller, but Frieda said she shouldn’t need another one yet and should find another way to manage her pain. Serena wanted Jac to take a month’s leave, and Jac asked Fletch if he fancied taking leave with her, and getting the heck out of Holby for a while. He said there was money, cover and the kids to think about so for that reason he was out. Later on they had something of a moment after Frieda told Fletch about the pain Jac has been coping with. He hugged her and even kissed her on the neck and forehead and she didn’t kill him. People rooting for the entity we may term “Flac” will have been shouting hurrah and that, but I have to admit I was a tad relieved when Ollie Valentine reminded Jac of what a toxic individual she can be, after she admitted that the coin juggling thing she used to make him do was actually a trick. Ollie told her she broke a long time ago and is like a virus or parasite. While that’s a bit harsh and not really true at all, what is true is that I like Jac when she’s being at least a tiny bit horrible, and it unnerves me a bit to see her getting silly about Fletch, adorable as he undoubtedly is. On the other hand, it’s always interesting to see Jac when she allows herself to be vulnerable, and her face when Fletch hugged her told an entire story about whether she dared to trust this man with her feelings.

Anyway, it seems that Ollie’s words have made her take fright again and she’s gone off on her annual leave before she messes Fletch’s life up.

Ollie himself made a bid for freedom this week, when he got Roxanna to discharge him, after he’d managed to walk up the stairs to Darwin unaided. Except he was aided, by Frieda and a handy wheelchair. He went home anyway, only to return fairly quickly after falling down the step between his bedroom and his en suite. He’s still claiming he’ll be back on top surgical form before we know it, but there’s still some way to go.

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6 responses to “Holby City: A man of character

  1. Laura

    A brutally raw episode emotions wise, particularly for Ric & and Jac. I thought Hanssen’s testimony about Ric was superbly done. Your thoughts on Fletch & Jac echo mine. I will say I prefer it to ‘Janny’ – I was never a fan of Jonny. I’d far rather it stayed as a friendship. Ollie and Frieda are brilliant at the moment

  2. I loved this episode, though I share your reservations about Flac. Looking forward to reading your book!

  3. Thunderchild

    Not the first time a woman called Lola has turned poor Ric’s life upside down!

  4. Collins1965

    I agree Sue that happy clappy Jac is unnerving however her jibe to Freida about Ollie never loving her was one of those times I shook my head and said “Oh Jac NO!!”

    I suppose the beauty of the character and how Rosie portrays her is that the devastated look on her face every time she comes out with something truly hurtful like that allows us to still love her.

    I think Jac is one of the greatest tv characters of all time.

  5. HolbyNut

    Great episode. Thought Jac’s cutting remarks to Frieda about Olly were beyond harsh. And we all let out a collective “Nooooo!” as the verdict will have to wait until next week….