Holby City: Selfie fails to impress anyone

selfie holby(Series 17, ep.25) Shall it be Holby or The Mythical St James’s for the Cardiothoracic Super-Centre? And doesn’t that question have a familiar ring about it? It seems like a CT contest between Holby and its mythical rival is almost an annual event.

selfie jac holbyThe decision-making power this time seems to rest in the hands of one Dept of Health bigwig, Neil Maclin (unseen), and his wife Francesca – seen, because she had a cough that Elliot needed to sort out. Luckily (for Selfie) she also needed some spinal surgery, which gave him a chance to show off his fabulous surgical skills. It also gave Francesca the chance to observe his personality at close quarters. “I don’t like him either,” she confided to Elliot at the end of the episode, and she offered to make sure the Super-Centre went to St James’s just to spite him. Elliot convinced her that he’d rather like to have the Super-Centre all the same – so if Holby gets it, it will be despite, rather than because of, Selfie’s efforts. 

steve mo holbyIf only the charm-free CEO had realised that his own Self was the hospital’s greatest liability, he mightn’t have worried so much about Prisoner X, or Jonny Maconie as we’ve come to know him, littering a side room with his inconvenient presence. At the time of writing, Jonny Mac has been returned to the Wyvern County Jail, but thanks to Mo’s efforts in helping Memory Loss Steve to recall changing the battery that Jonny had just changed (oh, I did feel sorry for Steve), we can be fairly optimistic about an early release. And will he, Jac and Emma skip off happily into the sunset together? It’s looking increasingly likely.

It’s looking less likely that Harry and Mary-Claire have a future together, though, as she’s just decided to accept a job working with Michael Spence and Colette in Chicago (nooo! Don’t leave, MC!). Don’t they have any doctors or nurses in the US? They always seem to be casting their recruitment net in the direction of Holby.

harry holbyDr Harry Posh was making plans to go to Chicago too, but it was mainly because he hoped Michael Spence could give him his own beautiful face back rather than the rather lumpy job he’s been left with as a result of Dr Raf Smug’s efforts. Not that Dr Raf hasn’t done a brilliant job, because he has – but Harry’s expectations of facial reconstruction were unrealistically high. Everyone agreed he wasn’t ready to relocate to Chicago, particularly as it’s known as the Windy City and everyone knows that “if the wind changes direction your face will stay like that.”

digby serena holbyMeanwhile, Digby carried on pursuing his detective theories about last week’s caving accident, while merrily ignoring some actual internal bleeding. Dominic bailed him out more than once, with the rather implausible result that he impressed Serena and she’s given him a job on AAU. That could go horribly wrong – but on the other hand Digby isn’t a million miles away from Dr Ethan Hardy off of Casualty, personality-wise, and Ethan does very well in a trauma setting. We’ll have to wait and see – but I’m sad the Dig & Dom partnership has to be split.

Sue H


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16 responses to “Holby City: Selfie fails to impress anyone

  1. mrssatan

    I have never, in all my television watching days, hated a character as much as I hate Guy Self. This toxic waste of oxygen is the most noxious, pompous, egotistical, odious brown-nosed oik I have ever had the misfortune to share viewing time with. I cheered when Jac, Elliot and Mrs Maclin started to turn on him. I am also glad there were hints at the imminent return of the delicious Mr Hanssen or else I would need a new TV. I feel sorry for John Michie having to play the character; he must bathe in disinfectant after a day’s filming.

    Also getting on my wick a bit is Digby – was this career worth Malick losing a hand over??? Where has the sharp medical brain gone? Is this what happens when you consider specialising in Neuro; you turn into Guy Self?!?

    Aaaaaaand breathe! ☺️

    • I’m sensing you’re not a fan of Selfie, mrssatan. Currently I marginally prefer him to Phil Mitchell off of EastEnders, but that really is damning him with faint praise.

      • mrssatan

        Whatever gave you that idea Sue? 😉

      • wiggles

        It surely is but I’m not even sure I’d go that far – for me they’re both at the same level of (un)likeability (and to think Phil was once the ‘nice’ Mitchell brother, and to clarify, by nice I mean less likely to smash your face in for breathing in the wrong place/at the wrong time/too loudly/not loudly enough…..)

  2. thunderchild

    I’m hoping they revive ER just so we can have a Holby crossover! We all know Michael Spence went to County General!

    • That would be fantastic. I would pay actual money to see Michael Spence and Dr Carter sharing an operating theatre.

      • thunderchild

        Maybe the writers could hire Alex Kingston for a guest stint. Perhaps Corday and Serena went to medical school together!

  3. wiggles

    “if the wind changes direction your face will stay like that” = absolute genius!!

  4. thebigmart

    When Steve goes to the police, he may forget again what he had remembered!

  5. Vaudelin

    Another fantastic review, thank you Sue. I loved this episode and it just goes to show how BRILLIANT the actors are when we love or loathe them so much! I particularly enjoyed the “roses around the door” quote again and seeing Jac and Jonny happy for a change! I started watching Holby from the beginning and have nearly given up on it a few times but after last night’s episode, I am so glad I didn’t.

  6. Vaudelin

    I meant to say “love or loathe the characters so much”.

  7. Beaver

    I love this review Sue! Especially the wind changes part. I am pretty sure that Harry and Mary Claire are going to leave Holby together. I think this is one of those classic holby moments where they turn it all around in the character’s last episode.

  8. Pamela

    Hi. Love Holby. Jac and Jonny belong together. Rosie and Micheal are brillant