Casualty: Ethan finds the honey

ethan dixie casualty(Series 29, ep.12) The repercussions of the crash in which Jeff lost his life (#RIPJeff) are still being felt all over Holby A&E, but this week everybody ended up taking a few steps forward on the road to recovery.

After scattering Jeff’s ashes last week, Dixie even felt restored enough to play a little joke on Iain (it still sounds odd to me when Dixie arrives at a trauma scene and says, “My name’s Dixie and this is Iain,” rather than “this is Jeff”). She pretended she’d kept a few ashes back and placed them in a toy ambulance on the dashboard of the real ambulance. Iain kept giving this funny looks throughout the episode, till he summoned up the courage to have a peep inside – to find a note saying GOTCHA! Oh, how I laughed, while wiping away a tear for the late lamented Jeffrey. 

ash dixie casualtyDixie even managed to apologise to Ash for blaming him for Jeff’s death. Luckily this coincided with Ash also deciding to forgive himself. The hospital counsellor had told him that his life was a gift from Jeff and he must make the most of it. This was wise advice, but Ash has taken it to heart and gone a bit spooky with it. “I have to fulfil my duty,” he told Dixie, and I thought for a second he was going to propose to her. He didn’t. “Only good will come of this,” he uttered, reminding me a little spookily of Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. The next time we see him he’ll probably be standing in the rain in a waterproof cape.

ethan casualtySo Ash is possibly now unbreakable, but it took a small cake to restore Dr Ethan Hunt to his former excellence. When he had one of these tricky-to-diagnose patients, he had a crisis of confidence. The best thing for this is obviously coffee, which is currently dispensed by the wonderful Honey. Though her coffee dispensing wasn’t all that wonderful, because she said she hadn’t had much sleep. The reason for this became clear later. Anyway, Honey is quite fond of Ethan (as well she might be – he’s adorable) and she gave him a pep talk along the lines of needing to “find the honey” when he’s feeling low. In case this was difficult to achieve metaphorically, she gave him a little honey cake so he could literally find some honey. Perking up his blood sugar and caffeine levels is obviously helpful, but it was the ring of coffee Honey had messily slopped on the desk that gave Ethan his “Aha!” moment (something to do with circles in the patient’s eyes) and his confidence was magically restored.

honey casualtyLater on at the pub with his brother and “the lads,” Ethan did his best to act like one of “the lads” and managed quite well as long as it only involved secretly pouring his alcohol away instead of drinking it. When the others decided to go to a strip club he was even more awkward (yet another reason to think he’s adorable), especially when he recognised one of the dancers. The reason for Honey’s daytime tiredness became clear. Bless him, he managed to usher the others out before they saw Honey, but it’s all going to be a tad awkward next time Ethan needs a latte.

Connie, about to be sued by Hailey Blake over the death of her father, was forced to bring her daughter Grace to work. Grace has been thrown out of her posh private school – for being a chip off the old block as far as I can make out.

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5 responses to “Casualty: Ethan finds the honey

  1. fredpipes

    I was disappointed not to see Connie and Tess also pole dancing at the end of the episode!

  2. Martian Girl

    Ethan is adorkable! ❤
    I kinda feel sorry for Max. But yay Max/Zoe/Dylan. 😀

  3. You’re right. Ethan is a sweety! ♥ If I was in Holby, I would’ve tried to snaffle him myself. Seems to be going down the road of Honey and Ethan 😉

  4. I thought this was one of the best episodes for a while and I loved that fleeting moment when Max realised who Zoe had moved on to.

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