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Holby City: Welcome to the madhouse

essie holby(Series 18, ep. 41) I can imagine that when Sacha was at school he was one of those kids who gets “Tries very hard” on every school report. A for effort, and so on. Because he does try, and in his professional life he succeeds. In his romantic relationships with women, though, it’s the actual trying that seems to put them off. He jumped through hoops trying to persuade Chrissie that he was up to her exacting standards, and it’s been much the same story with Essie. I had thought, after their little talk about how her desire to have a baby was getting in the way of their desire for each other, that things might go smoothly for a while. Then the useless lump only went and tried to save her life. Good grief, what can you do with a man like that?

ryan sampson holbyIvor (Ryan Sampson), last week’s patient with the nasty abscess and the even nastier drug habit, was back this week and his leg had gone even yuckier. Sacha prescribed methadone. A new pharmacist, Mel (Jocelyn Jee Esien), thought he would be better off with morphine, but Sacha didn’t want to start giving a junkie morphine. Ignoring the pharmacist’s advice was probably a mistake, and it led to Mel and Essie in a hostage situation with Ivor in the pharmacy.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Time to be brave

alex bernie holby(Series 18, ep. 28) I’d forgotten what a brilliant actor Heather Peace is. She appeared in Holby yesterday as Alex, locum anaesthetist. This was the same Alex who’d been in the army with Bernie and sent her flowers when she first arrived at Holby as a patient. The charged atmosphere between them just screamed “unfinished business” – even Dominic noticed.

There was such chemistry between Heather Peace and Jemma Redgrave and their scenes together were intense and emotional. Bernie and Alex were in love and Bernie was struggling with the choice she’d made to try and make a success of her marriage and family life. Bernie had a little heart-to-heart with Dominic in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. “How wonderful life could be if only I was brave enough,” she told him. Dominic said she shouldn’t live a lie. When we last saw her she was heading off home to have a difficult conversation with her husband. Meanwhile, Alex has gone, because she couldn’t bear to have her heart broken again. She told Bernie to come and find her when she’s sorted her life out. I really hope she does just that, because Holby needs an anaesthetist now Jesse’s gone, and Alex would be an excellent addition to the cast.  Continue reading


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Holby City: It’ll be alright by quiz night

mo adele holby(Series 18, ep.3) Mo was only just getting used to parenthood and she’s had it whisked away again. Not for the first time, she’s had to give little William up just as she was beginning to bond with him.

She was helped in this heartbreaking task by the knowledge that he really was best off with his stepfather, and also by having the counsel of two wise women. One of them was her sister/cousin Adele, who seemed to be constantly at Mo’s shoulder for the purpose of pointing out Uncomfortable Truths. The other was a patient, a rather marvellous lawyer type called Lizzie (Polly Hemingway), who approached death as fearlessly as she’d approached life. “Feisty girls like us don’t give up,” she told Mo.

So Mo brought little William and all his bits and pieces to visit his stepfather, and consoled herself by hosting a much anticipated but poorly attended quiz night at Albie’s.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Taking the leap

digby dominic holby 2(Series 17, ep.50) I’m not sure I can even start to do justice to last night’s episode. The only word for it is “special.” For a start, the format was special – rather than three stories set on the three different wards, there were only two stories. One was based in the hospital, as Elliot contemplated taking up his post as Director of Research and ended up taking a completely different path, and the other largely took place at the seaside as Dominic tried to help Digby with his demons and in the process confronted some of his own. Goth Dr Frieda made an unexpected but entirely welcome reappearance, as did Jac Naylor (how can that woman even look beautiful in yellow scrubs?), and Digby kissed Dominic on the lips. It was brilliant.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Bring on the day

dominic holby(Series 17, ep.45) How adorable is Dr Dominic Copeland? You’d have to say “very adorable,” unless you were Hanssen, who remains to be convinced.

This week, the medic formerly known as Darren was charged with looking after a group of girls, A level students who were thinking about a career in medicine. They were a bit of a handful, at one point practically storming the ward and causing Hanssen to have to use his Cross Voice to sort them out. I didn’t think their behaviour was the most realistic thing I’d ever seen, but it gave Dominic plenty of opportunities to be snippy and sarcastic and put-upon, all of which he does gloriously well.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Pinkie promise

morven digby holby(Series 17, ep.38) There was so much to love about this episode that I hardly know where to start – we had Mr T (Mr T!!!) manning up, Dominic’s mum flirting with Selfie, and the best new character debut for ages.

Dr Morven Shreve (Eleanor Fanyinka) is the new character. She’s on AAU and she could easily have been another “more book learning than people skills” type. She arrived all nervous, but as soon as her scrubs were on she was spouting medical terms like she was born to it. But she does have her own quirky way with people, too. She knows when a patient needs a hand to hold, and when a mentor (Digby) is in need of a bit of support himself. She’s clumsy, funny and entirely adorable.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Selfie fails to impress anyone

selfie holby(Series 17, ep.25) Shall it be Holby or The Mythical St James’s for the Cardiothoracic Super-Centre? And doesn’t that question have a familiar ring about it? It seems like a CT contest between Holby and its mythical rival is almost an annual event.

selfie jac holbyThe decision-making power this time seems to rest in the hands of one Dept of Health bigwig, Neil Maclin (unseen), and his wife Francesca – seen, because she had a cough that Elliot needed to sort out. Luckily (for Selfie) she also needed some spinal surgery, which gave him a chance to show off his fabulous surgical skills. It also gave Francesca the chance to observe his personality at close quarters. “I don’t like him either,” she confided to Elliot at the end of the episode, and she offered to make sure the Super-Centre went to St James’s just to spite him. Elliot convinced her that he’d rather like to have the Super-Centre all the same – so if Holby gets it, it will be despite, rather than because of, Selfie’s efforts.  Continue reading


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