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Holby City: The one with the nude portrait of Serena

bonnie mo jonny holby(Series 16, ep.23) This is going to be a quickie, and late too, thanks to me being in the middle of packing to move house and having internet that works about as often as the HR woman on Holby.

This episode was part 2 of the one started last week and continued with the triple shocking storylines of Jess running her husband over and Ric taking the blame, Zosia making a formal complaint against her father, and Jonny’s out-of-the-blue marriage proposal to Bonny.

Starting with the JonBonJac situation… Mo is going to be Jonny’s best man, which is excellent news because you couldn’t think of anyone better to make a speech and arrange a stag do (plus, Jonny doesn’t have any other friends). On the downside, Discretion is not Mo’s middle name, so it wasn’t long before Jac found out. Was she ruffled or bothered at all? Well, yes she was. But apparently not as R and B as Jonny was – he did his best to make Jac beg him not to marry That Bonnie Creature and marry her instead, but she didn’t, because she’s Jac (and he isn’t Joseph. I’ll never give up on Joseph, you know). So the wedding of the year is still on, Rodolfo’s is booked (or it should be) and Mo is after ideas for her speech. It’s just a shame that Jonny doesn’t seem to know a great deal about his bride-to-be.   Continue reading


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Holby City: The thin line between love and hate

(Series 16, ep.22) Ricin had been discovered in the ED. Or was it a raisin? There was some linguistic confusion, but the upshot was that emergency patients had to be channelled towards other wards (rather than to the Mythical St James’s) while Charlie implemented a quarantine-type situation. As RoboNurse5000 strode around with a clipboard acting like she was Deputy CEO rather than queen of nurses (she’s presumably passed the HR woman’s test as we haven’t heard anything since), Selfie said he thought it was about time the ED had a consultant who could whip it into shape. We have seen the future, people, and her name is Connie Beauchamp.

But, with all the extra bodies arriving in AAU, it was all too easy for Jess’s nasty husband David to turn up and persuade her that, even though she’d had her operation moments before and was still groggy from anaesthetic, it was time she legged it away from the hospital. So off they went in his car, hotly pursued by Ric (also in a car – he’s not as fast as he used to be on foot).

Seatbelts, emergency braking and freshly inserted surgical stitches don’t mix, and pretty soon Jess had become as unzipped as PLA Jr’s purse in Topshop. Ric caught up with them, there was a bit of an altercation and Jess ended up running David over.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Festive spirit

There was Christmas spirit all over Holby yesterday, embodied in the form of a patient on Keller, who loved Christmas and knew the Christmas traditions of every country in the world. This would come in handy later. It was also embodied in the fine figure of Mr T, who was dressed like an elf. Frankly, this was a wonderful thing. I was temporarily distracted (I’m currently Christmasing at the parental home), so I didn’t see what made him decide to do a striptease, but it was before the watershed so he was stopped before he got even to a half Monty.

It all served to make Mo realise what a catch he could be. He’s charming, sweet, can knit, is fully qualified in Lady Parts and he’s always thought Mo was adorable. Surely, what with it being Christmas and that, the Holby writers would let Mo and Mr T get together under the mistletoe and go home to roast chestnuts on an open fire (which may or may not be a euphemism, depending on how things went)? But no. No sooner had Mo decided to ask him out, than she was pipped to the post by a patient’s relative. Nooooo!!!

But there’s always new year. I’m an optimist and it Must Happen.

Meanwhile, Edward Campbell was getting into the Christmas spirit – literally, as the spirit in this case was vodka. Yes, it turns out that the reason Edward makes so many mistakes is because he’s quietly plastered a great deal of the time.

This worked out well for Mary-Claire, because once the news got out about Edward being drunk in charge of an anaesthetised patient, he was sharply out on his ear and Mary-Claire had an apology from poor Serena, who was forced to face the fact that Edward was a philandering drunk. Once again, the unseen Holby HR department has been shown to be woefully lacking, as apparently Edward was “let go” from his previous post due to his drinking and nobody thought to pursue this until he was caught red-handed and red-eyed with his fist clamped around a bottle.

We found out a bit more about Zosia and Selfie. It seems that Zosia’s Polish mother died only recently and this is her first Christmas without her. Selfie had a present for her, something her mother had asked him to give her, but she refused to take it. For the first time I actually liked Selfie a bit in this episode. He understood that she needed some space and he gave the present to Digby to give her. Digby proved to be the perfect choice, as he prepared a Polish Christmas with all the Polish trimmings. It was so lucky he had that Christmas expert of a patient as a resource. Digby is absolutely adorable, and I’m completely warming to Saucer too.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive singing, and the carols this year benefited enormously from the presence of Dr Harry Posh – Jules Knight had a previous career as a singer and it was a good excuse for him to show us his stuff.

Needless to say, Jac Naylor was not to be found singing under the tree in the LCMS, but there was a nice little scene where Jonny Mac prised his face away from Bonnie’s for long enough for him to remember that last year he discovered Jac had never decorated a Christmas tree, and to promise her that next Christmas she’ll have a tree – and a family – of her own. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that he’s right.


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Holby City: A-hole averse

michael holby(Series 16, ep.10)  My gosh but Keller was a mixed experience this week. On one hand there was a patient’s relative (who became an actual patient, as they so often do on Holby) played by Gary Cargill, a man with a speaking voice that makes me come over all unnecessary. It’s the Scouse accent. But on the other hand, we had the loss (maybe temporary, but who knows?) of the snake-hipped wonder that is Michael Spence.

sacha serena michael holbyCargill played a man whose son needed a liver transplant. Dr Honey messed up by sourcing a liver that was from a donor of the wrong blood group (but I’ll return to Honey later). The patient’s dad had a liver, obviously, and he was super-keen to part with a bit of it to help his son. Michael went ahead with the operation despite discovering the father also had angina. When he suffered a heart attack after the surgery and it looked like he wouldn’t have long to live, he didn’t mind too much because he’d saved his son’s life. That’s the kind of selfless, devoted father he was.   Continue reading


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Holby City: This stuff isn’t meant to happen

jac jonny holby(Series 15, ep.48)   Jac Naylor was never going to be a stereotypical mother. Maternity leave? “You think some midget is going to halt my inexorable rise?” Nursery essentials? They’re for “the slack-jawed, yummy-mummy, coffee morning crowd.” And don’t even think about referring to her as “preggers.”

This is the thing with Jac, though – the things that are the most important to her are the things she gets most spiky and defensive about. And there’s no doubt at all (even despite the “some midget” quips) that the baby she’s carrying is the most important thing that’s ever happened to her.

Because Jac is such a wonderful character and Rosie Marcel is such a wonderful actress, the scriptwriters don’t ever give her an easy time. It was too much to hope that she’d have a normal pregnancy, give birth normally and go back to sarcastic normality. So it wasn’t a total shock that her 20 week scan revealed that the baby had a congenital problem that means it only has a 50/50 chance of survival, but it was very, very sad.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Sons and daughters

mo holby(Series 15, ep.42)  Mo has placed herself firmly in the category of “maverick” this week (and what doctor worth his or her salt in Holby hasn’t been in that category at one time or another?). Determined that her heart transplant patient Hattie wouldn’t die, she told a teeny weeny fib when the heart donor’s mother tried to withdraw consent, and said the procedure was too far gone and couldn’t be stopped.

mo jonny holbyIt was one of those cases where you could see everyone’s point. Mo felt justified because if she hadn’t done what she did, there’d have been two dead girls at the end of the episode instead of one. She also had it in her mind that Hattie’s mother (beautifully played by Eva Pope) had already lost one child. On the other side was the grief of Nicole, the donor’s mother (Lizzie Hopley, also heartbreaking – the scenes between her and Eva Pope were really touching), and poor Jonny Mac, caught in the middle and trying to do what was right and follow procedures.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Making yourself feel better

digby chantelle cameron holby(Series 15, ep.41)  That Chantelle is made of sterner stuff than you’d think. She seems so pink and pretty that every time she laughs a new baby fairy is born, but she must be hard as nails really. How else do you explain going straight back to work after you’ve been mugged, with your false eyelashes glued firmly into place on your bruised and swollen eyelid? That’s got to smart, but she bore it with her shoulders back, her head held high and a professional smile on her face.

The same could not be said for Digby. He was suffering from the aftermath of the attack. Not so much any physical injuries, although his glasses had to have first aid, but the realisation that he’d failed the woman he loves when she needed him most. He spent the rest of the episode trying to make himself feel better, as Chantelle pointed out to him, by being a bit too stroppy and ready to call the police on the potential mugger, who was the kid who was giving Chantelle trouble last week, Cameron.

chantelle digby holbyIn turn, Cameron accused Chantelle of trying to make herself feel better with her caring, sharing style. At the end of the episode, Chantelle and Digby sat on the curved bench of contemplation in an outdoor area I don’t remember having seen before (they must have had Lottery funding to expand the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, as there seems to be more of it every week). She said she felt daft for being such a soft touch, and he said (I’m paraphrasing) that her soft touch was exactly what was lovely about her, and not to go changing because he loves her just the way she is. He was bold enough to put his arm around her shoulders as he said this, and was rewarded for his efforts with a kiss. It’s been a long time coming (since New Year’s Eve, when Chantelle first set eyes on her Consolation Nerd), and I hope now they can be happy for a while and neither of them will be diagnosed with a brain tumour or end up doing something they might regret with Mary-Claire after a drunk night at the bar.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Then there were no Valentines

oliver valentine holby(Series 15, ep.39)  It was the final episode for the man we’ve come to know fondly over the years as Young Dr Oliver Valentine. James Anderson has left for pastures new (including an episode of Poirot, apparently, which is excellent news – Mr PLA and I love to settle down in front of a good Poirot on a damp Sunday afternoon). I’ll miss Ollie, but more for the character he used to be than the one he’s been recently. As emotions go, sadness is not the most fun one to watch, and the poor lad has been immersed in sadness since the death of the lovely Tara.

James Anderson does misery beautifully, what with having those amazing blue eyes that brim with tears at the drop of a sad hat, and he also does anger really well – the scene recently where he nastily let rip at Prof Hope was shocking and upsetting to behold. Oliver’s reaction to Tara’s death, which was basically to put up a wall against the world, tell everybody everything was fine, and then shout a lot was realistic and consistent with his previous reaction to Penny’s death, but from a viewer perspective it maybe went on a bit too long and got just a little bit boring. It overshadowed the things I’ve always loved about Oliver – his fun side, his way with a witty one-liner, his kindness, his relationships with the other staff members.

Thank goodness, then, that we had a little glimpse of this right before he left in two touching and perfectly crafted scenes, one with Jac and the other with Elliot.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Serial killers, vampires and ghosts

(Series 15, ep.31) There was some spooky old stuff going on in Holby this week, with a serial killer’s accomplice still languishing on Keller, a vampire attacking Dr Gemma Wilde on AAU, Dr Oliver Valentine being haunted by the spectre of his dead wife (“How do you live with a ghost?”) and Jac Naylor snacking on chocolate and anchovies. I mean, anchovies I can understand. But chocolate? Jac Naylor?

harry holbyI’m going to start at the bottom (is AAU on a lower floor? I always imagine it is), because I need to show off. As PLA Jr will confirm, within two minutes of the goth patient trying to bite Dr Gemma Wilde because she thought she was a vampire, and then creasing up with abdominal pains, I’d diagnosed porphyria. It took handsome (oh gosh, yes he is) new doctor Harry Tressler (Jules Knight) most of the rest of the episode to reach the same conclusion, but at least he was doing better than Gemma and Ric Griffin, who’d had a dig about in the poor girl’s insides before concluding they had no idea what was up with her. How did I become such a diagnostic whizz? I might have graduated from the Holby School of Televisual Medicine, but I did my early training at St Elsewhere, which once featured a similar storyline.

mary claire holbyBack to Dr Harry Tressler, who’s the new CT1. He’s good-looking, charming and flirtatious – he’s already got Gemma and Mary-Claire interested in him, and predictably the first round went to MC (“Hammer time!” – I do love Mary-Claire). While he’s in his element with the ladies, Harry seems less at ease with black people, mistaking Ric Griffin for a porter (but… but… the gravitas of the man! He wears seniority like an invisible crown on his grizzled head!). When Ric put him right, Harry made a clumsy attempt to relate: “You lead from the front – man of the people stylee.” Ouch.   Continue reading


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Holby City: A need-to-know situation

(Series 15, ep.30) For anyone who missed the throwaway comment the other week about Jac and Jonny sleeping together after the tragic loss of Tara, it was included in the recap at the beginning of this one, followed by Jac getting the news about her endometriosis. Keep these things in mind, because we’ll be needing them by the end of proceedings.

malick holbyBut first to Keller, where Malick was given the task of looking after the girlfriend of a serial killer. Only he wasn’t to think of her as the girlfriend of a serial killer. She was just supposed to be “a body on the table.” He didn’t bother to warn his staff about who they’d be dealing with and just told them not to react when they recognised her from television. They were probably expecting Lorraine Kelly or Gail from Coronation Street, which meant it was all a bit of a shock to find they were caring for Amanda, a woman who’d refused to give evidence against her boyfriend, a nasty man who’d killed lots of women. Chantelle found it impossible to even raise a smile, never mind get a cannula in straight. Luckily new F1 Dominic seemed pretty competent, when he wasn’t busy casting adoring glances and compliments in the direction of Malick (dear Malick, he needs that, what with being so under-confident).

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