Casualty: A fool in love

cal casualty(Series 29, ep.27) Only the other day I was defending Cal to a friend who described him as Ethan’s “slimy twat brother.” And now look how he’s repaid me – by giving £15k of Ethan’s money to his girlfriend Taylor’s charity, partly to support an African orphan in dire circumstances, but mainly to impress Taylor. And to impress Taylor a bit more he was planning to propose to her, by giving her his mother’s engagement ring, which his mother had left to Ethan.

So it served Cal right, really, to discover that Taylor is nothing but a con artist and she’d scarpered with the cash, though obviously it’s Ethan who’s suffered financially. 

anita harrisThere was another financial storyline going on, concerning guest artiste Anita Harris (for the benefit of younger Casualty viewers, back in the day Anita Harris was as much a fixture on Saturday night TV as Casualty is now). Anita had a considerably younger fiance, and he had a Dodgy Past. When you have a Dodgy Past on Casualty you should never, under any circumstances, walk through an underpass. You’re only asking to get beaten up. When Anita found out about her toyboy’s Dodgy Past, it gave her the chance to utter a little brains-speak which also applied to Cal: “You lose your heart, and you lose your head.”

connie alfred casualtyThe main story concerned a character we’ve met before – Alfred Maxwell, the former heart surgeon with MND. A car crash landed him in hospital this time, and once again Connie insisted on looking after him and got over-involved. This storyline is a complete heart-breaker, as Alfred’s health deteriorates while his mind is as keen as ever. There was a traumatic scene where a young woman he’d befriended collapsed next to his bed and he, a former heart surgeon, was unable to call for help or even reach his buzzer. At the end of the episode he asked Connie to help him die, so it’s all set to get even more emotional. Michael Byrne’s performance in this role has been outstanding, and it’s the storyline that has given Connie her best scenes in Casualty so far.

In other news, Iain has applied for a job as a rapid responder. Dixie’s not keen. And Max made a packed lunch for Zoe. “Salad,” she said, unimpressed. “I’ve heard of that.” But bless him, he’d popped a bar of chocolate in among the lettuce, because he’s a prince among men.

If only the same could be said for That Cal.

Sue H


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4 responses to “Casualty: A fool in love

  1. thebigmart

    Enjoyed the episode. I thought the car crash girl, could easily have been Honey.

  2. Now, wonderif Taylor is even a doctor?

  3. fredpipes

    You didn’t mention Russell Brand as the toyboy!