Holby City: The three unluckiest men in Holby

mary claire fletch holby(Series 17, ep.21) This was the episode when Dr Harry Tressler-Posh finally realised that he was in love with the radiant Mary-Claire Carter, and decided to tell her. It was either that or watch her swan off into the Australian sunset with Helicopter Tom. Mary-Claire assured Harry that Australia was only a work arrangement and she and H-Tom weren’t an item. Anyway, “You’re the one who told me I deserved the best,” she reasoned. “Yes,” he reasoned back. “I meant me.” Bless him – modesty still intact even in the face of imminent heartbreak. Mind you, if he’d known how the day was going to turn out, he might have agreed to accept “imminent heartbreak” as a less painful alternative. 

harry holbyWhat happened instead was that a patient’s boyfriend, getting cross at the amount of time it was taking for a Darwin doctor to pop down to AAU to have a look at his girlfriend, decided it was time for a Dramatic Gesture. Breaking with years of Holby tradition, he didn’t immediately make his way to the basement. He didn’t even bother with the roof. Instead he ended up on one of those window cleaning platform thingies and, because no Holby relative/friend is safe from the Curse, became ill himself. Harry overcame his fear of heights (briefly mentioned last week in response to H-Tom’s offer of a chopper ride) and climbed out of a window to the rescue. What happened next was both inevitable (this is Holby, after all, and I’d seen the spring preview) and dramatic – I actually emitted an involuntary sound something like “Eeep!” when Harry fell.

holby city harry accidentThanks to the surgical skills of Serena and the never-give-upness of Raf (no former love rival is going to die on his watch!), it looks like Harry is going to live – but will he ever be the same? His liver is mashed, his brain may have been starved of oxygen for too long, and there’s been damage to his precious, pretty face. Surely Mary-Claire won’t be able to go to Australia and leave him in that state?

jonny holbyOn Darwin it was all about the repercussions of the death of Julie Kale last week. Ric Griffin, achieving something of a record by appearing in three episodes running, was Selfie’s “objective ear” as the staff were grilled by the charm-free CEO in an attempt to find out what happened. Selfie was fairly satisfied that Jonny was at fault, despite Jac rather marvellously sticking up for him (“He is a brilliant nurse and a good man”), and when Jonny was discovered fishing the missing battery out of a bin, it seemed he’d been caught red-handed. He’s now helping the police with their enquiries – a mere year(ish) after Bonnie’s death, as well. If Harry Posh hadn’t fallen off a window cleaning platform and smashed his face and his liver, you’d have to call Jonny Mac the Unluckiest Man in Holby.

sacha dominic zosia holbyCompared to all this, Digby could only rank as Third Unluckiest Man in Holby. Marine Maria apparently dumped him after their breakfast last week, proving that she must be a bit of an idiot, because he’s lovely. What Digby really didn’t want was the support/sympathy/smirks of his two housemates, but Dominic and Zosia had other ideas. Sacha was relieved about this, as it distracted Dominic from his attempts to revamp Sacha’s wardrobe.

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17 responses to “Holby City: The three unluckiest men in Holby

  1. fredpipes

    It was so touching that Digby was thrilled by a ticket to an exhibition at Holby Museum on the Prussian War(s) and that Dom and Zosh were going with him. Awww!

  2. MvOC

    Despite the fact that Jonny has been grating on my nerves for the best part of two years (although I partly blame so-called Janny fans for upping the irritant factor by jamming every available social media with “Janny” related waffle for so long), I felt really sorry for him this week.
    I didn’t feel sorry for Harry at all. Oh well. I kind of wished he’d died so we would be spared the inevitable ‘Mary-Claire realises her true feelings/Harry struggles with his new condition but has an epiphany and leaves Holby a better person’ cliche.
    I didn’t understand why Digby was making such a big deal about not telling Zosia. And where ON EARTH do they get Sacha’s shirts?

  3. Chloe Derbyshire

    Now here’s a thought, could it possible that Selfish’s new Darwin scheme could be responsible for Harry’s accident too? I mean, if they weren’t always in theatre, someone would have been able to go and see to Grace sooner, so Elijah wouldn’t have been on the window platform, and therefore wouldn’t have needed saving by the arrogant, stupid, self-centred, but quite honestly brave Doctor Tressler…

    • wiggles

      Feel you have a point here but even if you didn’t (cards on the table here) I’d agree with you anyway – can’t stand Mr (Up Him-)Self-(-Obsessed/ -Important)-ie/-ish* so would quite happily accept that he is to blame for kidnapping Shergar, shooting JFK and even being Jack the Ripper. n other words, whatever goes wrong on Holby I’ll be blaming him!!!!

      * pick your favourite insult (or indeed, think of your own)

  4. mrssatan

    I can announce (if you hadn’t guessed by my mega-rants last week) that I absolutely loathe Guy Self. Once again I was left furious after watching him smarm his charmless way through the interviews (Spanish Inquisition?) with the staff. And why was Ric with him? Isn’t Serena Deputy CEO?

    I didn’t feel sorry for Digby as I felt his not wanting Zosia to know he’d been dumped by “Clamshell” was a little childish. I did feel sorry for Jonny, but there was no way it was going to end well; when you get in the way of Guy Self all you end up with arehis footprints tracked all over your body as he clambers over you on his way up the corporate ladder!

    Henrick; come back soon… (I can’t wait to see him destroy Self!!!)

  5. HolbyNut

    Thought Dr T would have been able to heave himself back up rather than dropping like a stone. And having met many blokes like Harry over the years, thought that line ““You’re the one who told me I deserved the best,” she reasoned. “Yes,” he reasoned back. “I meant me.”” was just priceless.
    Diggers’ qualification about there actually being many Prussian Wars was also adorable.
    Still love Holby but is anyone watching the new Sky drama, Critical? Eeesk, it’s graphic. Of course the experience would be improved with a PLA review the next day….

  6. HolbyNut

    Actually forget that, just watched the Spring Preview for Holby and CANNOT WAIT! Wish it was on more than once a week….

  7. The Divine Bebe

    Yes, cos the smart way of getting your sick girlfriend MORE attention is to distract half the hospital medical staff & make them all go outside to focus on you. Twonk

  8. I think we can definitely say that today Diggers soared straight up to first 😥