Holby City: Three little words

bonnie holby(Series 16, ep. 25) Jonny and Bonnie’s wedding day. What could possibly go wrong? Given that the groom’s heart didn’t seem to be entirely in it, there was scope for quite a lot to go wrong. A jilting at the altar seemed the most obvious choice, and when Jac contrived to have Jonny assist her on a tricky piece of surgery on the bride’s brother, of all people, it looked like there was every chance he’d see the error of his ways and decide he wanted Jac.

jonny jac holbyThere was a lot to love about this episode, but one thing bothered me a bit – even assuming that no one wanted to give Bonnie the news that her brother was undergoing heart surgery in case it spoiled the wedding, didn’t she notice he wasn’t there? Didn’t anybody else? And wouldn’t she have rather been at her brother’s bedside?  

jac jonny holbyAnyway… while the wedding party was assembled at the registry office, with Bonnie looking gorgeous (possibly only just outshone by Mo), back at Holby Jac was taking Decisive Action. The action which has worked on Jonny in the past involved pouncing on him and slamming him against a shelf full of bed pans, so she had a go at that and was a bit flustered when he pushed her away. Then we got an insight into their thinking (something which has puzzled me for the last several episodes, I must admit). “What am I to you, other than some kind of twisted security blanket?” he asked her. Her reply: “My whole life, I’ve never had anyone like you.” In other words, even though she’s known the love of the quite remarkable Joseph Byrne, there’s something about Jonny that speaks to her soul. That thing, I think, is the emotional straightforwardness of him. That’s the very thing that finally kept them apart, because in his world view, if you love somebody you can tell them, in words of one syllable. No matter how he tried to get her to say it, she couldn’t say “I love you.” And Bonnie, bless her, was having a hard time stopping herself from saying it (thinking it was bad luck on a wedding day), because she’s one of these uncomplicated types, too. 

bonnie holby citySo he chose Bonnie, and off he dashed by taxi to the wedding. If only he’d had a fiver in his wallet, he wouldn’t have had to ask her for the cash. And if only she’d remembered her Green Cross Code, she wouldn’t have walked into the road while delving into her little bag and not looking where she was going. If only the lorry driver had slowed down in anticipation of a distracted bride crossing the street… It was an absolute shocker and I had to rewind and watch it twice. Thanks to Tumblr, if you’re that way inclined you can watched Bonnie getting run over on a two second repeat, which does lessen the shock a bit and actually becomes quite hilarious.

Jonny’s anguish made it clear he really had loved Bonnie and she wasn’t just a cheap Jac substitute, but my worry is that with Bonnie out of the way, the writers will drag the whole Jac/Mac saga on and on and on. It would be nice for Jac to have a story line that didn’t involve romantic/parenting tussles with Jonny Mac.

serena adele holbyComic relief was supplied on AAU by the magnificent Serena. When Adele told a patient whose life was being ruined by snoring that she’d read in a magazine at the hairdressers that singing was a cure (‘Roar’ by Katy Perry was attempted), Serena did some research. She found that vocal exercises may indeed help, but they had to be quite specific. Her demonstration, which sounded like an operatic version of the start of ‘Living On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi (“Unga-unga-unga-unga”), was hilarious. She actually has a very pleasing voice, and I think a trio with Sacha and Dr Posh needs to be arranged ASAP.

Keller is where we tend to go these days for a bit of something dark and twisted, but Dominic was more or less behaving himself this week. The twistedness happened to Zosia, who was having a hard day anyway because it was the anniversary of her mother’s death. What you don’t want when you’re drowning your sorrows at Albie’s is for a patient’s socially awkward brother to attempt to spike your drink with something to help you “relax” and “go with the flow.” She definitely didn’t want to go with the particular flow he had in mind, so she swapped the drinks and later found him fitting in the car park. I can’t remember whether she got suspended again or not, because I was still reeling from the double effects of Bonnie’s death and Serena’s singing.

Next time: Having done without a consultant pharmacist for years, AAU suddenly can’t do without Dr Amy Teo. Which is not going to help relations between Raf and Dr Posh.


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28 responses to “Holby City: Three little words

  1. Mary Drew

    I agree on the unfocussed scriptwriting at the beginning and many thanks for the Tumblr tip which I’m ashamed to admit I too found funny, being somewhat weary of the whole saga. I was not in the least surprised that Catherine Russell had a promising voice – wasn’t she in Mama Mia? Sue, can you get Gareth Malone to start a Holby choir?

  2. Wiggles

    Brilliant as ever, and I for one think you’ve got it spot on with the Jac/Jonny thing, and the Jonny/Bonnie thing too. I wonder if that line in theatre about it being the best thing for all of us was the crux of the matter – he genuinely believed that eventually everybody would be happier (if not, necessarily as happy as some of them could be) if he married Bonnie and moved away?? And, unfortunately I really can’t see them laying off the Jac/Jonny angst anytime soon…..don’t think I’m going to like most of the Darwin scenes from now on for quite some time.
    And love your little photo montage!!!

  3. Vaudelin

    What a brilliant review – you totally nailed it. I was also wondering why Bonnie didn’t ask where her brother was! I do remember Jac telling Jonny that she loved him (or she thought she loved him) when he was stitching up her head after she slipped over so why couldn’t she tell him again? What a great episode. What fantastic acting and what a shock about Bonnie – I actually gasped out loud when it happened!

  4. Thunderchild

    It never crossed my mind Bonnie would be killed off – I suppose having her ditch Jonnie at the altar and him going on to live happy ever with Jac would have been all too predictable though. Still the second I saw Jonnie standing over the road I could see what was coming – just a shame Bonnie didn’t!

    Once again though it’s Serena who steals the show and quite fitting that she be the one to comment on the return of Connie – these two characters have to meet!

  5. HolbyNut

    Sorry I’m repeating my rant of earlier today vs last episode. Loved it, despite the lack of plausibility at each stage – like really, who does go to a hospital to get ready for your wedding and Bonnie’s brother with the heart condition??? Jac was CLASS. So delighted to finally enjoy a Holby after ‘bearing with’ for quite some time!

  6. Laura A

    Looking at the image of Bonnie crossing the road and seeing Mo standing there in the background, the only thought is, why on earth didn’t Mo shout out to Bonnie to look out?

    • thebigmart

      It would happen in seconds. Quicker than your eyes to register what may happen and then shout out. You would probably just freeze up.

  7. Dreamer

    TBH, I’m quite done with writers killing PoC characters just to further the drama and man!pain of some White Dude. Are we really that bloody expendable?! Can’t these fools come up with something original? FFS!

    • Wiggles

      I’m not really sure that the fact Carlyss is a PoC has anything to do with the storyline, as presumably it would have played out just the same if the actress had been white. And I very much doubt the Holby PtB specified what ethnicity the actress had to be – as I’m assuming they just went for the one who was best at the audition.

      • Dreamer

        Regardless of their intention, it’s always the PoC who ends up dead/screwed over. White people see a situation one way, PoC see it the other. What few characters there are on TV that represent us, they ALWAYS get the short end of the stick.

      • Wiggles

        But if Bonnie’s part had been played by a white actress her storyline would still have ended up the same way!? I agree with you about the under representation of black and minority ethnic (and I would argue disabled) people on TV and how often, when they are featured they’re not shown in the best light. However, sorry, I just don’t see how your argument works in this case.
        And specifically in relation to Holby would defend their record on both their employment and portrayal of black and ethnic minority characters anyway – currently (from their main cast of 17) they have 2 consultants (Ric and Amy), a registrar (Mo) and a HCA (Adele) who aren’t white having not long said goodbye to a registrar/consultant (Malick – who was also gay) and another consultant (Michael). Plus, D** G** will also be joining the cast soon as another consultant (hope this isn’t too much of a spoiler). And (and I know you probably won’t count this) but they did have Carlyss playing a staff nurse for 6 months in a pivotal part with lots of screen time (which has got to be good for her career if nothing else). They have always had, as far as I can remember, a good mix of actors from all backgrounds – Lola Griffin, Jess Griffin, Daisha, Elizabeth Tait, Donna Jackson, the nurse Angela Griffin played,, Sahira, Tara (and those are only the ones I can remember) I’m sure there are lots more.

        Sorry for the ridiculously long reply – can you tell I’m in full on procrastination mode??? 🙂

      • Dreamer

        Procrastination FTW! 😛 Plus meds. No muy bueno.
        (Ergo my comment will be even more half-arsed.)
        Anyway, I’m sorry but you really can’t compare characters portrayed by white women/people to PoC as they are, as a whole, under-represented, even on HC – so, if the character had been portrayed by a white woman, it wouldn’t have mattered much.
        Even though there are other PoC on the show, (recently) they still don’t have as much screen time as non-PoC characters; some of them also act as props, e.g. Tara and now Bonnie (you may think otherwise).
        As you’ve said, out of 17 characters, there are now only 6 PoC characters, 2 of them absent and 1 not yet introduced. That’s less than half.
        I’m not sure if I was going for an argument, but in my initial comment I should’ve added that I was talking about TV in general, not HC specifically.

      • Wiggles

        I think all the Sahira-phobes would take issue with your ‘less screen time ‘ argument!:)!

      • Wiggles

        And surely its a good thing (against the under-representation thing) for there to be actors/actresses who are PoC on TV shows, even if they are killed off after 6m/a year. Would it be better if those sort of, in your words, ‘prop’ parts were always played by white people??
        Sorry, to keep going on but am genuinely interested because I really can’t see how your argument works.
        And, I got that you were talking about TV as a whole rather than Holby specifically and, as I said, do agree about the general under-representation (but stand by my argument that Holby has ALWAYS had a good mix of people from different backgrounds in its cast).

      • Dreamer

        I had this whole essay written on why even HC is not that good on representation (6/17 – seriously???) but, TBH, I haven’t got the energy to reiterate my points until you see what I’m trying to get at. Besides, I shouldn’t have to educate you.

        I don’t speak for other PoC (and I’m assuming you’re not one), but I’d rather have no representation than actors/actresses in stereotypical/poorly written roles.

  8. Vaudelin

    Forgot to say I totally cracked up laughing when Serena said “hi-di-hi” – genius!

  9. MvOC

    For shock value this week’s episode gets an A+ but storyline-wise ‘must try harder’. It’s become a little too similar to Ollie/Tara, except that was better developed and better acted – and I didn’t even like Tara. And now we’re going to have weeks of Jonny “mourning” and shouting and being oh so “emotional”. Yawn.

    I don’t even know what was going on with Zosia, I completely zoned out.

    AAU was the highlight. Of the newbies I think Adele is my favourite and Serena is simply brilliant. Still waiting on that Holby Musical…

    • Wiggles

      Adele’s my favourite newbie too. And ‘Holby the Musical’ would be fab, surely and there must be some way of working it in to an episode (a la Buffy’s dancing demon) – maybe some patient’s drug-induced hallucination, or a bad reaction to an anaesthetic??

  10. thebigmart

    Is it just me, or are some people in their own world of abbreviations? I cannot think what PoC or PtB mean .. FFS !!!!

    • PoC is Person/People of Colour, PtB is Powers That Be. I assume you know what FFS means! 😉

    • Wiggles

      Sorry!! (I’ve obviously been on the DS forums far too much – had no clue about them when I first started though.) I had to think about PoC for quite some time myself (and it was really only the comment about the white dude that made it click for me). Will try to avoid them next time…sorry again!

  11. holbylover819

    Dammit, just when Jonny was about to break free from his metaphorical manacles and live happily, he’s thrown back into an eternal, painful dance with Jac so that neither of them can be released from one another.
    I like how they played the most junior coming up with the best idea and senior doesn’t listen to them trope this week. The fact that Adele had something plausible to teach Serena made it much better than if it had been medical. After all, a holiday rep should be good at talking to members of the public about their experiences. I loved the “propping up the table” line.
    The Keller storyline made me more sympathetic to Guy, Colette and Zosia. This was most likely as Zosia was acting less immature and more grieving with reason, Colette knew she needed to be there and was probably the closest person Zosia could go to bar her father, and said father was done revealing secrets and made a genuine step towards making amends with his daughter.
    I expected something to go wrong with the wedding but I expected that something to be Jac. Bonnie’s death made my heart skip a beat but others alongside me at the time saw it coming. That’s it, thoughts expressed! 🙂

  12. mrssatan

    Not sure what I think of this week’s episode – disbelief perhaps that the realms of reality were once again more of a plane ride than a cab ride away from the plot!

    Surely “that Bonnie creature” hadn’t gone that far over to Bridezilla World that she wouldn’t see a family member missing; a family member that she had apparently spent loads of time confiding in with regard to the whole Jac/Jonny/Emma/Bonnie situation?

    I agree with the whole – why come to the hospital to get ready – even if your flat does have no hot water.

    Zosia/Guy/Collette – just ???

    Please can we bring back the days when there were characters we could invest in and storylines that weren’t quite so much the cast aside plots from the X-Files or the Twilight Zone!

  13. Mr Donnelly

    I didn’t think it could go unnoticed by the Holby Cast that Connie Beachump was back, albeit on ED. Howevere it was interesting that it was Serena Campbell who made the comment, given that Connie worked there before her time. Also why was that a reason for carrying out research which I doubt Connie would be interested in. Sorry it’s taken me a week to notice that.

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