Holby City: Patient X

Tara Holby(Series 15, ep.19)  Good old Dr Oliver Valentine. He’s only gone and found someone in Baltimore who can possibly sort out Dr Tara Lo’s brain tumour. Hurrah! Problem is, the Baltimore expert has only had good results on tumours that have behaved themselves and not got any bigger for a long time – and apparently Tara’s has started getting bigger. Oli doesn’t know this, because she doesn’t tell him very much. He hasn’t noticed, either, that she’s gone a bit absent-minded (he’s used to Elliot Hope) and when she passed out in the washroom and bashed her head on a basin, he was content to accept her explanation that a slippery floor was to blame. Meanwhile, Tara has included herself in her own study of “The Psychology of Mortality in the Young” (it’s going to be a gripping read when it’s finished) as Patient X.

gemma holbyAs if that wasn’t enough excitement for one evening, we had Dr Gemma Wilde in deadly danger. Remember Dean,  who’d been in the war in Sierra Leone and who forced Dr Luc Hemingway to start getting to grips with his past? He was back. His estranged wife was a patient and because Dean is more than a bit disturbed, he wasn’t allowed to see her. It all culminated in Dean, Mrs Dean and Gemma locked in a room together and Gemma having to intubate the wife with the aid of Sacha on speaker-phone. Gemma did well with the intubation bit, but she was more than a bit daft to get locked in the room in the first place. She was right by the door and had ample opportunity to either leave or yell for security when it looked like Dean was getting a bit agitated. I can’t imagine Charlie from Casualty making such a basic error. She’s young, though, is Dr Gemma, and hasn’t seen quite as many crazy people as Charlie has. Another piece of her background arrived at the end of the episode in the form of her son, Finn (Finn Wilde – excellent name).

malick nathan holbyOn Keller, Malick (who’s passed his consultant exams with an obscenely high score, apparently) was dealing with a stroppy American patient who was very dismissive of the care offered at Holby until Malick discovered that her American surgeon had left a small plastic beaker inside her during previous surgery. Hurrah for the NHS! Malick was more bothered about keeping his relationship with oncologist Nathan Hargreave a secret. This is not because Malick has decided to do a Dull Dan and get back in the closet, and not because Nathan Hargreave is an embarrassment to be seen with – he is so not. It’s more about Malick getting to grips with the idea that he’s in a steady relationship and might even be a bit in love. We saw in the episode when Malick’s first love, Paul, turned up that Antoine is actually a bit of an old softie. He just hides it well.

The best line of the episode was from Mo. She and Sacha are on the Holby Fit Club Diet (aren’t we all?) and neither of them is finding it easy. In fact Sacha is cheating and Mo is stressed. “If you say ‘hungry’ once again,” she warned Dr Tara Lo, “I’ll deep fat fry you, one limb at a time.”

Next time: Serena’s mum is back for her operation; Gemma is back after her hostage ordeal; and Mo finds a new friend in Sacha (yay!).

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2 responses to “Holby City: Patient X

  1. Dreamer

    This episode was quite good, and Wilde’s son was a surprise at the end. As for Jing Lusi, I find her acting a bit too peppy, even though I adore Tara/Oliver.

  2. Tara and Liffey

    I actually really enjoyed this episode (yep, I’m back! I haven’t commented in a while because I’ve actually been in hospital) because I liked finding more out about Gemma- we didn’t know much about her but I enjoyed seeing how she reacts to different situations. I also thought it was interesting to see Dean back. It would appear he’s flown off the Luc scale of mad! And that’s saying something!
    The American patient also amused me and I think the scenes when she was talking to Arthur were being funny. And we thought Jac was socially clueless…
    It would appear that patients always know exactly what to say to doctors or nurses to unsettle them or make them think. Or they come in with the exact right case that will affect them.
    Sacha and Mo both being on the same diet made me smile and the fact one was cheating, the other stressing out was very funny. And they make friends! Yay! I think everyone wants to be Sacha’s friend.
    Tara and Oliver are really bad at communication (haha, it feels weird writing Tara) but I am interested to see if they kill Tara off or if, like Mr Jordan, there will be some miraculous cure.
    Great reviewing as always!

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