Holby City: The ex factor

(Series 14, Ep.9)   Of all the hospitals in all the towns in all the world, Malick’s ex, Paul, walked into Holby. He did walk, as well, because he was a relative rather than a patient. He was the brother of a man who’d knackered his kidney in a car accident. No problem for The Malick, who would whip it out. After all, a person can live quite happily with one kidney.

The problem (yes, of course there was a problem – this is Holby) was that one of his two kidneys had rather been earmarked for future use by Paul, who was in the throes of kidney failure. Whip it out and Paul probably dies. Don’t whip it out and the brother dies. It would be a dilemma for any surgeon, but when it concerns your first love… It turned out that Malick hadn’t been entirely nice to Paul and had dumped him as soon as things started getting serious. They were young, and Malick had his glittering career as The Biggest Ego in the NHS ahead of him. You know how it is. These days, Malick is a tad older and a tad wiser, and he decided he could save both brothers by only removing a teeny weeny bit of kidney in a ninja-level, high risk procedure. When we last saw him he was hunkering down in the wet lab with a tray of kidneys and a packet of crisps. I assume the crisps were to keep him going nutritionally, and the kidneys were to practice on, rather than the other way round. Just before he dived into the offal and snacks, his face assumed A Look which suggested he has a lot emotionally invested in the future health of Paul. Awww, Antoine – just an old romantic at heart.

Another ego on a stick who’s been getting rather emotional recently is our Jac, who has rather become besotted by baby Freya. Possibly because, like Young Dr Oliver Valentine, Freya has big blue eyes. And, unlike Young Dr Oliver Valentine, she doesn’t answer back. Anyway, Freya’s mother wanted her back, and social services and the paediatrician who flirts with Jac agreed. Jac didn’t agree. She knows what it’s like to be abandoned, then kind of reclaimed, then abandoned again by a feckless mother.

It all ended with Freya being reunited with her mother, but not before we’d been treated to the once-in-a-lifetime sight of Jac sitting on Santa’s knee. Holding a baby. And smiling. Oh, why can’t she bottle that moment of seasonal goodwill and cuddliness and pop on her motorbike to Penrith? I’m sure Joseph would have a roaring log fire going. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic Christmas special?

Meanwhile, Chrissie was running from one well-known gay staff member (Malick) to the next (Gay Nurse Stephen – Chrissie has finally started to notice how he and Dull Dan smoulder at each other) to try and get reassurance that Dan only has eyes for her. Sadly neither of them was in a mood to indulge her dithering. Frankly, if you’re so unconvinced about your loved one practically on Wedding Eve, it should be a clue that a wedding is not the best idea. Where is Goth Dr Frieda when we need some truth-saying around the place? In her absence it was left to a patient to voice what we’ve all been thinking. “What you need is a real man,” he advised Chrissie. This was just before she had to re-glue his wig on, the point being that we’ve all got something to hide.

There was also a comedy obstetrician, Dr Samuel Tyler, who was rather marvellous. He was played by Fraser Burrows and I liked him a lot. Ideally what I’d like would be more scenes set in Obs & Gynae, with a staff team of Dr Samuel Tyler, Paradis Bloom and the magnificent Mubbs. What with that and my Jac/Joseph Christmas special idea, I should really be on the editorial team at Holby. No, really, I should.

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7 responses to “Holby City: The ex factor

  1. Gwen

    Sean is a wonderful character. Since Greg and Annoying Sahira are leaving, Holby should make Sean a permanent character.

    Great learning more about Malick’s personal life and history. He is such a fun and interesting character. He has been wasted for months in favor of Princess Sahira sucking up airtime.

    Any chance of Dull Dan running off with Steven and never returning? I would like that to happen very much.

    • pauseliveaction

      Sean could bob in and out of my proposed Obs & Gynae ward. I like him, too, and I like the way he flirts with Jac.

      And I love your idea of Dull Dan running off with Stephen. Dull Dan just running off generally would be fine. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Irish Dr Greg’s beautiful nose, though.

  2. nikki

    *sniffs* Jac …. all she wants look is to be accepted and loved with no strings. Freya gives her that. She doesnt ask the wrong questions or push her buttons, shes quiet, and dotes on her. Freya trusts her. This showed up a lot of Jacs insecurities this episode, and Rosie acted it so beautifully. I think all Jac really wants is to be loved. And to know that she can trust in that, thats its not going to be taken away. That shes not going to be left on her own again. She cant settle or find the right person for her because she cant comit, she cant trust theyre not going to run away right when she starts loving them, and leave her hurting. You know PLA? Part of me thinks she would perfect for adopting or having a baby on her own. She doesnt need anyone else (you have your editorial fancies PLA I know but, her with Freya was just, so beautiful).

    Chrissie infuriates me. That is all. Dull Dan should take Lex the Wonderfuls hand and run off into the sunset together, leave Chrissie to ponder whan on earth happened, and go find Sacha again and sort her life out.

    Malicky Moo was so sweet bless him. Everyone has an ex in their closet that they still love, typical his walks in with renal failure and a look that knows him too well.

    Ah well. Im all sadfaces about Greg leaving too, PLA. I cant much comment else. I think I exhausted my analytic skills at the beginning there on Jacs emotions. Mind you, Jacs emotions would exhaust anyone trying to work the woman out.

  3. Mrs H

    I did enjoy this episode even though there was a distinct lack of Mr H! I believe this may also be the case next week and I shall of course be writing to the BBC!

    However! I love The Malick and I thought that he was fantastic in this ep. My only concern is in his choice of ex. Honestly Antoine! Really? I can see why you dumped him so unsatisfactorily (for your ex anyway) if that level of flounce was present in ones relationship! But the fact that the boy has a heart has touched my own and I will forgive him just this once. On the other hand he also snogged DD so maybe we need to start asking some searching questions of our Malick and perhaps sign him up to some dating service to find his perfect partner!

    But Jac and Freya. Actually just Jac really. Oh how my heart did melt into a big puddle on the floor. It was beautiful writing and watching. Well done to all! I cannot warm to Sean but I did enjoy our new hip-hop loving obstetrician. Please make sure we see more of him dear writers of Holby!

    Oh god I have to mention it don’t I? DD and Chrissie and Stephen. So she picks up on the sexual tension between Dan and Stephen this week even though there has been a big Monty Python stylee pointy thing pointing at them saying “Sexual tension” in every episode they’ve been in together. And then she thinks “Oh it could be ok you know ‘cos I don’t want to be on my own”. At least DD had the decency to offer her a get out clause this week. I just wish she could hear the clanking of armour as Sacha prepares to mount his white horse and hopefully rides right past her and then comes back and says “only joking. Hop on!”

  4. pauseliveaction

    Good points well made, Nikki and Mrs H. The bit that really, really broke my heart was Jac’s voice and the look on her face when “Santa” asked the baby’s name and she said, “This is Freya.” It was just so sweet.

  5. .::Big.Bang::.

    Chrissie is a dunce.

    And Jac… Awww, I want her to get a happy ending. 😥 She deserves it. And I have this nagging fear that Rosie might be leaving (I don’t want her to!). Although if she does, I hope she leaves for Penrith or with the WR doctor.

  6. WaterlooVamps

    I have to admit, Jac was cute in this episode. I’m kinda excited that Greg and Sahira are leaving becuase it’s probably about their relationship, so the plot must thicken…

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