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Holby City: A-hole averse

michael holby(Series 16, ep.10)  My gosh but Keller was a mixed experience this week. On one hand there was a patient’s relative (who became an actual patient, as they so often do on Holby) played by Gary Cargill, a man with a speaking voice that makes me come over all unnecessary. It’s the Scouse accent. But on the other hand, we had the loss (maybe temporary, but who knows?) of the snake-hipped wonder that is Michael Spence.

sacha serena michael holbyCargill played a man whose son needed a liver transplant. Dr Honey messed up by sourcing a liver that was from a donor of the wrong blood group (but I’ll return to Honey later). The patient’s dad had a liver, obviously, and he was super-keen to part with a bit of it to help his son. Michael went ahead with the operation despite discovering the father also had angina. When he suffered a heart attack after the surgery and it looked like he wouldn’t have long to live, he didn’t mind too much because he’d saved his son’s life. That’s the kind of selfless, devoted father he was.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Arthur, you’re not clinical waste – you’re brilliant

chantelle holby(Series 16, ep.2)  Arthur Digby is my kind of guy. The kind of guy who’ll bring you breakfast in bed and then demonstrate the workings of your brain via the medium of a croissant. And he has the most beautiful smile.

Still feeling guilty and worried about Chantelle, he installed her in Keller so he could keep an eye on her and so she could be among her friends and other ill people. She also came in handy by deploying her legendary people skills on a lady who was not being the most cooperative patient, because she wanted to put off her surgery till the man of her dreams arrived for a night in a posh hotel. The woman’s niece and Digby thought this man was literally something from the old lady’s dreams, but Chantelle had faith that he’d turn up because she’s a romantic.

digby holbyLater, when Digby suggested she move in with him, she accepted partly because she’s scared to be by herself at the moment, but there was more to it than that. When the old lady was talking about her dream man, Chantelle was overcome by emotion for a minute and had to have a little cry. She wants  true love and romance and security. Whether Digby is the person to provide it remains to be seen, but for now she’s about to fill his no doubt unhomely home with cushions and fluffy items. He couldn’t be happier, bless him.   Continue reading


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Holby City: The one with the unexploded device

ric holby(Series 15, ep.47)  In light of the title of this post, I think we’d better put on our blast-proof clothing and go straight to AAU, where a patient was brought in with Something embedded in his chest. Dr Posh was assigned to talk to the patient’s brother to try to get a clue about what it could be.

Prior to this, Dr Posh had annoyed Ric Griffin by being unexcited at the prospect of watching him perform an appendectomy. Posh was disappointed to learn that the procedure was going to be a ground-breaking, first-for-Holby, laser type of thing, but it was too late – Ric gave the gig to Dr Honey instead.

Posh discovered that the embedded Something was an unexploded rocket of some kind, and the army were duly called. Soon AAU was resembling outtakes from The Hurt Locker, with Dr Honey and Edward Campbell getting kitted out in helmets and body armour to go in and change the blood bags and keep the patient monitored. I loved how Serena looked just a tiny tad worried that her ex was in peril.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Making yourself feel better

digby chantelle cameron holby(Series 15, ep.41)  That Chantelle is made of sterner stuff than you’d think. She seems so pink and pretty that every time she laughs a new baby fairy is born, but she must be hard as nails really. How else do you explain going straight back to work after you’ve been mugged, with your false eyelashes glued firmly into place on your bruised and swollen eyelid? That’s got to smart, but she bore it with her shoulders back, her head held high and a professional smile on her face.

The same could not be said for Digby. He was suffering from the aftermath of the attack. Not so much any physical injuries, although his glasses had to have first aid, but the realisation that he’d failed the woman he loves when she needed him most. He spent the rest of the episode trying to make himself feel better, as Chantelle pointed out to him, by being a bit too stroppy and ready to call the police on the potential mugger, who was the kid who was giving Chantelle trouble last week, Cameron.

chantelle digby holbyIn turn, Cameron accused Chantelle of trying to make herself feel better with her caring, sharing style. At the end of the episode, Chantelle and Digby sat on the curved bench of contemplation in an outdoor area I don’t remember having seen before (they must have had Lottery funding to expand the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, as there seems to be more of it every week). She said she felt daft for being such a soft touch, and he said (I’m paraphrasing) that her soft touch was exactly what was lovely about her, and not to go changing because he loves her just the way she is. He was bold enough to put his arm around her shoulders as he said this, and was rewarded for his efforts with a kiss. It’s been a long time coming (since New Year’s Eve, when Chantelle first set eyes on her Consolation Nerd), and I hope now they can be happy for a while and neither of them will be diagnosed with a brain tumour or end up doing something they might regret with Mary-Claire after a drunk night at the bar.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Then there were no Valentines

oliver valentine holby(Series 15, ep.39)  It was the final episode for the man we’ve come to know fondly over the years as Young Dr Oliver Valentine. James Anderson has left for pastures new (including an episode of Poirot, apparently, which is excellent news – Mr PLA and I love to settle down in front of a good Poirot on a damp Sunday afternoon). I’ll miss Ollie, but more for the character he used to be than the one he’s been recently. As emotions go, sadness is not the most fun one to watch, and the poor lad has been immersed in sadness since the death of the lovely Tara.

James Anderson does misery beautifully, what with having those amazing blue eyes that brim with tears at the drop of a sad hat, and he also does anger really well – the scene recently where he nastily let rip at Prof Hope was shocking and upsetting to behold. Oliver’s reaction to Tara’s death, which was basically to put up a wall against the world, tell everybody everything was fine, and then shout a lot was realistic and consistent with his previous reaction to Penny’s death, but from a viewer perspective it maybe went on a bit too long and got just a little bit boring. It overshadowed the things I’ve always loved about Oliver – his fun side, his way with a witty one-liner, his kindness, his relationships with the other staff members.

Thank goodness, then, that we had a little glimpse of this right before he left in two touching and perfectly crafted scenes, one with Jac and the other with Elliot.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Emotionally involved

michael holby(Series 15, ep.38) I think after this episode my love for Michael Spence, which has crept upon me with the stealth of Henrik Hanssen on a ninja activity day, is now complete.

Remember the days when people thought he was just in this doctoring lark for a fast buck, when he liked to inhabit the worlds of Holby Care and the more designer end of cosmetic surgery, shimmering from breast implant to buttock augmentation with as much graceful ease as his tight trousers would allow?

These days his trousers are a slightly more forgiving cut, he’s sporting that delicious grizzled facial hair look, and most of all, he cares deeply about his patients. In a storyline that reached an emotional climax this week, he became very involved in the case of Seb, a young man dying of cancer whose family had apparently abandoned him. Michael’s own feelings of inadequacy as a parent came into play, particularly when his daughter Jasmine turned up on a visit from America and became friends with Seb herself.   Continue reading


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Holby City: I was always a bit too good for you

chrissie holby(Series 15, ep.37) Sacha and Chrissie. Did it all start out so promisingly? Not really. A one night stand that resulted in My Son Daniel. An intervening “romance” with Dull/Gay Dan. A wedding that probably wouldn’t have happened if Jac hadn’t issued a subtle threat. And months and months of patients and hospital visitors telling Chrissie that she’s waaay too gorgeous and wonderful for dear old Sacha, and her blushing prettily and agreeing with them.

I wanted it to work out, because I want Sacha to be happy, but it was never going to last. Sacha never thought he was good enough, Chrissie always thought she was too good. I liked how, when the break came, it came as a result of a situation that was morally and emotionally complicated, rather than the more obvious route of Chrissie having an affair, or the less obvious route of Sacha having one. My sympathy for Chrissie has fluctuated over the last few weeks, with last week’s behaviour in the red button episode being particularly unimpressive, but this week I did feel sorry for the way she was sidelined in the Levy Family Drama (Helen was good value, though).   Continue reading


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