Holby City: The one with the pert liver

(Series 23, ep. 38 by Isla Gray 4.1.22) Happy New Year! Please pop over to Metro to read my review of this episode.

I watched it before Christmas, so apologies in advance if my Further Thoughts are even more muddled than usual.

Jac! I am seriously worried about her.

Scrambled Simile Corner: (Eli) ‘Surgery is like riding a bike. Nobody wants to fall off, so you never forget.’ Especially if you’re an elephant. Who also does surgery. While riding a bike.

You’re willing to turn up looking like you got dressed in the dark’ Madge tells Ange because she has baby sick on her clothes. But then Ange turns the tables when Madge’s uniform has a stain on it: ‘Looks like you got dressed in the dark.’ She’s witty, that Ange.

But what’s with all of Madge’s scars? Is she being abused by someone?

Chat up line of the week: ‘I have a deliciously pert liver in my theatre with no one to put it in.’ Oh Russ, you charmer.

Are we feeling the Russ/Hanssen relationship? I’m not sure, but enjoying seeing how it goes.

Communicator of the Week: (Donna tackles sign language in her own special way) ‘And more signs would be a lobster – no, snail – a lobster, aaaand my personal favourite, booty call.’

Kylie puts her foot in it: (to Nicky re baby Juliet) ‘Do you think she looks more like you or more like erm…’ Erm would be the man who blew up the hospital after killing assorted people.


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6 responses to “Holby City: The one with the pert liver

  1. mrssatan

    No, we’re not feeling it.

    • mrssatan

      Sorry, that was a bit abrupt. I know I’m biased, and I kind of get the whys behind it; his grief over Carole, everything he’s been through physically and emotionally, wanting someone to care for, and to be cared for, but it all seems a little ‘shoehorned’… and if he calls him “Heni” one more time 👊


  2. mrssatan

    Oh Good grief, the actress who played Adele is in Death in Paradise… I wonder what amazing talent/skill she will obtain in this show!

    • Thunderchild

      Adele’s tenure of terror is currently airing on the Drama repeats, along with the whole Posh/Smug/Barf triangle. Those were the days!