Holby City: Last Christmas

(Series 23, ep. 37 by Kat Rose-Martin 14.12.21) Bob along to Metro to read my proper review. But before you go…

Poor Sammy. That child has been put through the mill for our entertainment, hasn’t he? Hopefully he really is cured this time.

No pressure line of the week: (Hanssen) ‘If the baton drops for a single second, a mother will be burying her child this Christmas’

Actual line of the week: (Donna sums up Hanssen) ‘You might be a fun sponge, but you’re a reliable fun sponge.’

Line of the week 2: (Jac is just a sentimental old thing when thinking of Sammy’s surgery) ‘If this surgery doesn’t get us out of special measures, I don’t know what will.’

But talking of sentimental – Amelia singing Silent Night to her lost baby. That was heartbreaking, and beautifully done by Lucy Briggs-Owen.

Carole’s box of letters! She continues to be wonderful even though she’s gone.

It was lovely to see Zosia in the video call with Ollie, and equally lovely to get that little glimpse of Nicky. I have a feeling we might be seeing a few more old faces before the show comes to its untimely end next year. Sad to say goodbye to the wonderful Oliver Valentine, though.

Ange and Josh’s two-way proposal was a precious thing. I like that he wouldn’t agree to it until he knew that she was properly aware of how his bulimia is currently.

And Kylie loves Louis! Adorable.

So that was our last Christmas ever in Holby (apart from the ED, which will still continue as they bravely struggle with the realisation that There Is Nothing Upstairs Anymore). No more carols under the tree in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. No more ghostly visitations from dead relatives. No more Pulses’ Christmas menu (same old muffins with extra cinnamon). Bah. Humbug.

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