Holby City: Cameron makes full use of the basement

(Series 23, ep. 22 by Davey Jones 31.8.21) After you’ve picked yourself off the ceiling, please head over to Metro to read my review of this jaw-dropping episode. But before you go…

Bernie is back! Is she back? Is she all in Cameron’s mind? Though Hanssen can apparently see her too, so she must be real. Where’s she been? How is she not dead? Who did they bury/cremate instead of her? Presumably she’s been reunited with her wardrobe as I’m sure we’ve seen her in that coat before. I have so many questions.

Cameron really has used his time in prison wisely, hasn’t he? He’s been studying for, and apparently gained, his Evil Genius Level 3 badge.

I wrote in my notes: ‘Cam is making a bomb. A bloody big one.’

Meanwhile – Carole. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff from Julia Deakin, most obviously in that video she made for Dazzle but in every single scene she’s in. And of course ninja level acting from David Ames as always.

I love how Carole has brought out Jac’s softer side. Probably Carole is the mother Jac wishes she’d had rather than the odious Paula. Though of course Jac wouldn’t have been Jac if she’d been brought up with the sort of unconditional pure love that Carole provides.

Line of the week: (Carole, obviously) ‘When it seems I’ve disappeared, when I’m not myself, remember you’ll never be without me, Dazzle.’

Line of the week 2: (Tap-dancing Lennie has the measure of Jac) ‘Rumour is you’re the best surgeon in the country but not a barrel of laughs at the Christmas party.’

I want Lucky Simpson to hurry up and get Jeni fired for stealing the hospital’s charitable donations. I know that’s not the worst thing she’s done by a long way, but anything to get her away from Evie and Mia – or just to get her away from fresh air in prison. Although prison might only make her worse – just look at what it did for Cameron.


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2 responses to “Holby City: Cameron makes full use of the basement

  1. mrssatan

    It would be divine justice if Cam’s bomb took out Jeni and only her… can we strap it to her in some obscure corner of the grounds??? 💣😵🪦

  2. Thunderchild

    I think Hanssen’s line about ‘history repeating itself’ was a reference to Fredrik. Interestingly the ‘Holby in Sweden’ episode aired on Drama the other day and in one scene there is a photo of Fredrik on the desk and Jac asks who it is. So ironic given that he ends up shooting her a few years later!