Casualty: She’s my baby

(Series 36 ‘She’s My Baby’ by Lydia Marchant 15.1.22) Please pop over to Metro where you can read this week’s review (and also last week’s, as I didn’t get round to posting about that on here).

But before you go…

I might have mentioned before how much I love Rosie Jones. She’s been excellent in Casualty and this was the most heartbreaking performance. I think the real skill is we don’t feel sorry for Paula in a pitying way. In some ways she’s hard to like, and there’s no doubt that the details revealed about her first child were horrible to listen to. But like Dylan we can see a person who’s trying, who deserves a second chance.

And whoever came up with the idea to put William Beck and Rosie Jones together in so many scenes was a genius.

I have to say I do like Paige Allcott. She’s at the bouncy/annoying end of the junior doctor scale, but I like that she’s so open and keen. She’s already good at the emotional hand-holding stuff, so probably Stevie is the best mentor she could have had to get all the medical stuff lined up behind it. She’ll be fine.

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