Glee 205: It’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane

Dammit, Rachel!

I’m not sure quite what I made of the Rocky Horror Glee Show. On the plus side, it was good to hear some of those funny songs again. When I was in my teens I went through a Rocky Horror phase, playing the film over and over on video. I had a serious crush on Tim Curry (still do, come to think of it), and I loved it when Meatloaf roared in on his motorbike. If you’ve not seen the film, I suspect the phrase ‘Meatloaf roared in on his motorbike’ might seem slightly odd. Anyway, it was great to see the Meat himself pop up in Glee, though what a waste that he just had a dull speaking part. I’d pay proper pounds for him do a song with Sue. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad perhaps? Bat out of Hell’s too obvious.

What a lovely couple.

Also good were Kurt’s Riffraff, Quinn’s Magenta (doesn’t she look lovely as a brunette?) and Finn as Brad: at last, the role he was born to play. And I completely loved Emma doing Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch me. It was so sexy. The chemistry between her and Will zinged off the rafters; and Brittany and Santana watching through the window (in homage to Magenta and Columbia in the film) was a joy.

Mercedes, this is what you're aiming for...

But there was so much other weird stuff going on. I didn’t like the whole Sam/Finn thinking they’re out of shape storyline. I don’t want to celebrate the fact that hey, boys have bad body images too. I’d prefer to celebrate the fact that no-one has a bad body image, regardless of gender. I thought it was clunkily done. I also wasn’t sure about Mercedes playing Frank N. Furter. Is transexuality really a step too far in a show that’s covered teen pregnancy, gay rights and Sue Sylvester’s fascist opinions? I guess it was okay they ended up sanitising the whole Rocky Horror thing; they are meant to be high school kids after all (though I’m having to squint more each week to convince myself of this). But I didn’t think Mercedes pulled it off as the lead. She isn’t camp, she isn’t dangerous, and she looks far too wholesome even in black PVC.

It was good to have a bit less Rachel, but I’m discovering that a little Sam goes a long way. Where’s Puck, dammit, Janet? We need him back.

Sue had some great scenes. Her pumpkin was a triumph, and I adored her summary of all that was wrong with trick-or-treating: ‘It encourages little boys to dress as little girls, and little girls to dress as whores.’ Sue driving the plot because of a desire to get a ‘local Emmy’ was believable, much more so than Will making the whole Rocky Horror thing happen because he thought it would win Emma’s heart. This week it was Will who was kissed by the out-of-character angel, the one who normally targets Rachel.

Man of the week was Finn, for always playing his part extremely well and looking terrific in glasses. And for acknowledging the bewildering drug-induced nonsense that is the Rocky Horror Show: ‘I have no idea what’s going on in this script, and not in a cool Inception kind of way.’

Scene which caused me to stick my head in the Pauseliveaction fridge – Mr Shue wearing a tie but no shirt. It should have been tackily Full Monty but somehow it totally worked for me.

Most welcome reappearance – Principal Figgins, my favourite character. I just love the way he says ‘Will-i-yum’ when referring to Will.

I’m struggling to work out what I think of Carl, Emma’s boyfy. He’s a bit creepy but also nice-looking. Clearly a baddie cos he took Emma away from Will but on the other hand, he’s good for her. She really loves him – but then he really loves her! Could Glee be going for subtle ambiguity in its characterisation? Or will he turn out to be a proper jerk in a few weeks, leaving the field free for Will? Hmm. Who knows? Who cares! In the meantime, let’s do the time warp again! It’s just a jump to the left…

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5 responses to “Glee 205: It’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane

  1. inkface

    Tim Curry. Mmmm. I feel a Lustbox coming on…

  2. Qwerty

    Ooh please do! I KNEW you’d feel the same way…

    • I loved him being the devil in some fantasy film thing. Bright red and horny!

      • The film with Tim Curry as the devil (“Darkness”) was Legend, with Mia Sara as the virginal princess and a ludicrously young Tom Cruise as the hero.

        I enjoyed series one of Glee, but the new series has left me cold. Originally, there was so much going on, but this season it’s practically a bunch of vignettes. In the old days they’d have musical epoisodes in a series which had little to do with the main series arc, but in Glee it’s like that for every episode.

        Where’s the story arc?

  3. Ooooh! I agree Qwerty, lots of things to like here: some tip-top in-show casting (Kurt as Riff-Raff, Finn as Brad, Rachel as Janet), Emma’s Toucha-toucha-touch me, Will in just his tie, John Stamos, Barry Bostwick’s little cameo, all those fabulous songs – I still adore Rocky Horror and plan to rewatch it as soon as physically possible.
    I’m struggling to like Will this series. Carl frankly seems saner and nicer, and if I were Emma I think I’d chose him too! I’m slightly unsettled by Sue seeming to be in the right so often too.