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Casualty: A boy named Stef

will rush casualty(Series 27, Ep.26)  It was nice to see one of my favourite ex-Waterloo Road actors, Will Rush (AKA The Lovely Josh) turn up in Saturday’s Casualty. He played someone called Stef, which gave me terrible problems because to me Stef is a girl’s name, and every time they referred to him as “Stef” it was like they were calling him Janice or something. I hate anything that pulls me out of a story like that and makes me think about side-issues, although I admit I’m more prone to pondering side issues than most people.

That aside, it was an interesting and emotional storyline, and Will Rush was as good as he’s previously been in WR. Stef and his dad and his dad’s girlfriend were in a car crash and the dad suffered a serious head injury and he wasn’t going to survive. Ash annoyed Dr Zoe Hanna by giving Stef a bit of false hope, but basically it was about Stef coming to terms with his loss and slightly accepting his dad’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Linda was busy delivering a baby, which was apparently born at about the same moment Stef’s dad died. Reincarnation! And the paramedic who works with Dixie but isn’t Jeff (don’t know his name) got himself in all kinds of confusion trying to work out how Dixie could possibly be a lesbian and be married to Jeff at the same time.

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Waterloo Road: Twisted firestarter

(Series 8, Ep.4)  Connor and Imogen, the James Dean and Natalie Wood of Waterloo Road, didn’t have an easy week this week. There’s Connor’s mother (Jane Beale) for starters. Being an alcoholic is one thing – Rose Kelly was an alcoholic but she was fairly charming with it and used to smile a lot – but Jane Beale is a nasty piece of work. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to believe that it’s all the fault of the drink and she’d be a shining example of maternal cuddliness if she was sober, because we haven’t seen her sober yet. She’s perfectly horrible to Connor and was also perfectly horrible to his new girlfriend Imogen. Connor’s go-to strategy for dealing with his mother seems to be arson, and this week it was a bit of fire-setting in the WR basement. Guess who put the fire out? Tom Clarkson, of course. Everybody’s hero. It was Connor who got the blame, which was fair enough because he was to blame, but where’s Pious Kim Campbell when we need her to (a) be on top of arson and (b) spotting a cry for help when she sees one?   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Tariq

(Series 8, Ep.3)  I’m getting used to the weird new setting, with its Scottish accents, Toblerone-shaped school and bizarre boarding house. This means I can now concentrate on the everyday madness that is Waterloo Road.

I have to say I’m a little concerned about Tariq. The poor lad only broke his back at the start of the summer holidays, yet a mere couple of months later he seems to have been left to fend for himself. When his wheelchair rolled off out of reach while he was in the bath, the poor lad had to haul himself out of the tub and ended up lying on the bathroom floor waiting for Grantly to break the lock and come and help him.  Added to this indignity the fact that his father isn’t speaking to him, his sister Trudi is in Canada with Finn (awww, bless!), the other sister is too young to understand what he’s going though and the Adorable Josh thinks the way to help is to dish out motivational self-help books, and poor Tariq was feeling like he’d be better off as a memorial tree.   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: Out of body experience

(Series 8, Ep.2)  I missed episode 1 of the new series of Waterloo Road (apart from the first 10 minutes) and decided to just dive straight in to episode 2. Frankly, it was like falling down a rabbit hole.

Some of the familiar landmarks were there – Tom Clarkson, Grantly Budgen, The Adorable Josh – but we weren’t in Rochdale anymore, Toto, we were within picturesque shimmering distance of the Clyde. Michael Byrne has always spoken with a Scottish accent, what with being Scottish and that, and I expected a certain amount of Scottishness, but certainly not from Jane Beale out of EastEnders, who’s apparently an alcoholic teacher these days. She’s the mother of an extremely pretty son, Connor, who may be easy on the eye in a pale-eyed, alien-type way, but is more than a tad weird. You can forgive him this, what with the alcoholic mother and everything, plus he is not the strangest kid in the school by a long chalk.   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: Kim has her baby. And Amy is not Banksy

Haven’t the staff of Waterloo Road learned their lesson yet? Never, ever, ever take those kids on a school trip. It never ends well.

Last night’s trip to an art gallery could have ended up worse, though. Finn stole some art materials for Amy. Shoplifting was his touching way of demonstrating his love for her, though his parents are loaded so presumably he could have bought her a few paints with his pocket money instead. In return, he asked her to deface one of the paintings in the gallery, while he created a diversion by pretending to have a seizure. Oh, Amy. Please just say no to this kind of controlling behaviour – it can only end up with a pramful of babies, a prescription drug habit and an early trip to the Jeremy Kyle studio.

I must say I was very surprised when the gallery let the school off with a mild ticking off and a promise to pay for the cost of getting Amy’s scrawl cleaned off the picture. Who’d have thought that art restoration came so cheaply that it would be within the budget of an inner city secondary school? One might almost think it wasn’t a real work of art at all, but just a prop quickly thrown together by a bright young thing in the BBC props department. Just saying.

While all this was going on, Pious Kim Campbell was busy going into labour.  She had to have an emergency caesarean, which at least meant she was unconscious for a while and unable to worry that “we should have been on top of art vandalism.” She woke up to find she had acquired two new men in her life – a baby boy, and Deputy Head Chris Mead, who dumped his current girlfriend to pledge true love to Pious Kim.

Back at the hub of learning that is known as Waterloo Road, everyone was being horrible to Ros because of her crush on Jo Lipsett. Then everyone was being horrible to Philip because he’d slagged the other girls off in a list of Ros’s good qualities. Rachel organised a debate about whether boys are better than girls, which came to the shattering conclusion that both genders have a useful role to play in society.

And cookery teacher Ruby moved into a cockroach-infested flat. Best place for her, the annoying, self-pitying whinger. As Kim Campbell wouldn’t say.

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Waterloo Road: Tom and Kim in deadly danger!

Finally Waterloo Road is back on form. This was an excellent episode with a decent story involving regular characters, and pulling in a lot of other storylines as well. And there was no Rachel.

That Finn Sharkey. His name alone, and the fact that he wears the collar of his leather jacket turned up, would give you a clue that he’s a Bad Boy. This week, Rochdale’s answer to Jim Stark had acquired some legal yet dubious smokeables from the internet, and he and Amy and Josh partook during break time. The effect was to make Amy paranoid, while Josh and Finn went “Whoa!” a lot and looked blissed-out.Then they trooped off for lessons.

When Tom Clarkson noticed that his son was acting a little bit weird, he got all strict with him (Pious Kim Campbell had warned him that he needed to establish proper boundaries), and Josh rebelled by secretly putting the rest of the waccy baccy in Tom’s school dinner.

That might have been a bit of a laugh if Pious Kim hadn’t needed to rush off to hospital after she started bleeding. Tom volunteered to drive her in his little red car. When Josh realised that his dad was likely to be tripping off his box in charge of a vehicle containing a heavily pregnant lady, he was naturally concerned and Deputy Head Chris was informed.

While Chris was on the phone to Kim, he heard her screaming, brakes squealing, the sound of metal hitting concrete, and all the other worst-case-scenario noises. And worse again, he was right in the middle of trying to persuade a woman from a posh school to let Waterloo Road’s oiks use her posh sports facilities.

Anyway… all’s well that ends well. Kim and the baby are fine (but Kim doesn’t want to be more than “just mates” with Chris). Tom will be fine just as soon as they remove the bandages, and he’s forgiven Josh. And the woman from the posh school is throwing open her playing fields to Waterloo Road, thanks to a timely intervention by Steph Haydock, who was seeking to impress Deputy Head Chris (whose dad she is dating).

Ros McCain, meanwhile, is still seeking to impress Jo Lipsett by speed-reading French novels, wearing lipgloss and staring at her from afar (yes, it is a tiny bit stalkerish). She’ll be wearing her cardigan backwards next.

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Waterloo Road: Children can be so cruel

Another below-par episode of Waterloo Road, with yet again a stand-alone storyline. Young Lauren and The Adorable Josh Stevenson quite fancy each other. However, Lauren has a secret – a large birthmark on her back. This is revealed in front of the whole school during a changing room malfunction at a clothes-swapping event. Everyone laughs and makes nasty comments – even The Adorable Josh, who mainly does it to save face in front of Finn Sharkey, but still.

Normally this would be an excuse for Pious Kim Campbell to swing into action muttering “We should have been on top of embarrassing disfigurements!” However, it was a bit of a low-key episode for Kim, so Lauren was left to deal with her problem by stealing hydrogen peroxide from the science lab in order to bleach the birthmark away. Don’t try this at home, folks. Luckily she was tracked down by Tom Clarkson and Chris Mead before any serious harm could be done, and she turned up at Tom and Josh’s house later to make friends with Josh again. He’s still grounded for his nasty behaviour, though, and Tom Clarkson is wondering whether it’s a good idea for Josh to be living with him.

Where was Rachel Mason while all this was going on? Well, she spent most of the episode locked in a food store room with healthy eating guru Adam Fleet (Finn Sharkey’s work again). It’s hard for any man to resist Rachel, and when locked in a large cupboard with her I imagine it’s almost impossible. Adam had apparently hankered after Rachel for years anyway, ever since he was fat. Indeed, she’s the reason he got thin. She still managed to resist him though.

And Jo Lipsett is taking the Swotty Kids on a school trip to That London. It’s the Swotty Kids, what could go wrong? Two words: Grantley. Budgen.

But that’s for another day.

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