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Casualty: I guess that’s what I’m best at

Casualty - Series 34 - EP40

(Series 34, ep. 39 by Philip Lawrence 1.8.20) Pop over to Metro to read my review of this episode. But before you go, I’ve had some random thoughts…

– Has Nate just been a sacrificial person, plot-wise, so that Jacob and Tina could get together, do you think?

– Nate’s death was extremely sad, though, especially Tina arriving just as Connie was about to call it.

– I will never understand how someone (Lev in this case) can be in the mood for ‘hanky panky’ when they’ve just heard that their child is most probably going to die soon. Seems a very strange reaction to me.

– But I love it that Dylan was the one who saw Lev and Xandsome (did we ever discover his name?) together. That’s going to be all kinds of interesting.

– Rosa’s back! I love her so much. My only regret is she didn’t bring Xiomara back with her.

– Though I doubt David feels the same about that last bit.

– The Marcus/Wes story was interesting and, apart from maybe the lightest of nods to Lev’s story, it stood alone and wasn’t directly related to the staff’s emotional traumas in the way patient stories often are.

– Line of the week: (Marty on David’s choice of restaurant) ‘It looks like the sort of place you go to when your microwave’s broken.’

– Line of the week 2: (Marty describing Rosa) ‘The porter who can push a bed from cubicles to resus by the sheer force of her personality.’

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Casualty: One willing pair of hands

Casualty - Series 34 - EP26(Series 34, ep. 26 by Adam Hughes 29.2.20) Have a look at this week’s review over at Metro. But before you go…

– Luka’s surgery scenes were very intense and difficult to watch.

– And how rare that an eminent surgeon is brought into Holby to do their thing, and their thing turns out to be not quite enough. Generally we could expect miracle cures, but this was maybe more realistic – though brutal.

– My favourite scenes were when Zsa Zsa and Connie crossed paths. It was a shame that Zsa Zsa’s stay was such a brief one. I could have done with more of their rivalry.

– The butcher’s accident – ugh.

– I am very worried about Marty. He needs to look after himself.

– Charlie’s face when he saw Duffy’s dementia-friendly badge. To anybody who’s lost someone close to them, that expression of fleeting happiness at a memory of them alongside the deep sadness of their loss will have been really relatable.

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Casualty: Completely off the scale

Casualty - Series 34 - EP13(Series 34, ep. 13 by Kim Millar, Johanna McAndrew and Elliot Hope 23.11.19) My nice long review of this episode can be found at Metro as usual. But before you go…

– Ruby is a bit, well, delicate, isn’t she? I’m absolutely addicted to ambulance-based reality TV shows and so I know that paramedics have to deal with all sorts. They seems like a pretty tough breed. I thought Ruby completely over-reacted to finding out that Lev was a former thug, but at least it didn’t take much to persuade her that he’s alright really.

– Rosa’s mum was exactly what you’d expect – vivacious, dramatic etc etc. But she’s obviously a sound woman because she appreciates David for the precious human being he is.

– I’m so hoping there’ll be a Christmas wedding and I’ve already started dusting my large collection of fascinators in preparation.

– Is Ethan leaving, then? Or just going off for a while to find himself like Rash did?

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Casualty: A good name for a kitten

Casualty - Series 34 - EP6(Series 34, ep. 6 by Julie Dixon and Mark Catley 28.9.19) Pop over to Metro for a full review (by me) of this episode. But first…

– Line of the week: (Patient Nick to Dylan and David) ‘You two look like undertakers.’ (Dylan) ‘I always look like this. I don’t know what his excuse is.’ (David) ‘Teenage son.’

– I looked up the word ‘frimp’ and found all sorts of definitions ranging from ‘an idiot’ to ‘the little tapered end on a poo.’ Either way it’s a very good name for a kitten.

– What is Mason like? I thought Rash was genuinely trying to cover for him this week when he wasn’t on top of the diagnosis (or maybe Rash was being really sly and I just didn’t realise it because Neet Mohan exudes Nice). But it doesn’t seem to matter to Mason, whose attitude seems to be, ‘It’s the end of the shift – so under the bus you go.’

– The vomiting blood man (Joe McGann) looked more ill than anyone I’ve ever seen on Casualty ever. When he went off to the toilet and we didn’t see him for about half an hour I was getting extremely worried about him.

– I like Lev. There’s no way you can’t like a man with a kitten under his coat (unless he’s one of those kitten-under-coat men your mother warned you about).

– The story about Nick and Kerry and their new baby took a nice twist when his disabled wife was revealed. I wasn’t expecting that.

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