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Casualty: The man who fell to earth

Casualty - Series 34 - EP42

(Series 34, ep. 42 by Hamish Wright 22.8.20) I’ve reviewed this episode for Metro as usual, so please have a look there. But before you do…

– Connie and Jacob… I’m afraid I can barely sum up the energy to form the word ‘meh.’

– Poor old Noel, though.

– There was a lot of patient action this week. I didn’t really enjoy the rugby lads, but probably the point of that was not to enjoy them because they were twonks.

– Yusuf and Rahmi’s story was really sad, though.

– Why does nobody on Casualty or Holby seem to have any friends who aren’t on Casualty or Holby? Jade and Marty didn’t mention any names who weren’t regular cast members to invite to their party. Though I suppose if they’d said, ‘We must invite Bob, Cyril and Samantha’ we may have spent the rest of the episode wondering who they were.

– But none of this will be happening for quite a while, as Casualty is now on an unspecified break until they can produce some more episodes. Will Marty even be able to have a party under whatever Covid rules may apply then? We shall just have to wait and wonder.

(Picture: BBC)


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Casualty: Noel sorts it out

Casualty - Series 34 - EP34(Series 33, ep. 33 by Rebecca Wojciechowski 2.5.20) My proper review is over at Metro as usual, but before you go…

– Noel really was super-busy, wasn’t he? But while he was running around looking after Bluebell and having meetings with Connie, who was booking patients in? My local A&E has at least two people doing that at all times and they tend not to wander off – and there’s still usually a queue.

– That Joseph was an extremely creepy man.

– I feel like I missed the moment when Ethan found out about Fenisha’s baby, because he didn’t know last week and this week he did. Does he know it might be his?

– This might be because an episode got pulled because its storyline was deemed to be inappropriate during the coronavirus situation. Viewers were caught up on anything they needed to know in the “previously” section – but that wasn’t included in my preview episode. So please fill me in on anything I need to know!

– David talking about Rosa made me really wish she would come back. Rosa is lovely.

– Dylan helping Faith so she could get off work early and go to Luka – bless! He so hearts her.


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Casualty: Charlie’s not himself

Casualty - Series 34 - EP32(Series 34, ep. 32 by Jeff Povey & Steven McAteer 25.4.20) Pop to Metro for a full review of the episode. But first…

– That was a mad number of pregnancy tests for Fenisha to take.

– And Will was a bit of a twonk, the way he reacted to her news.

– It’s much more interesting that the father is probably Ethan.

– Though if anyone was going to ‘be careful,’ you’d expect it to be Ethan.

– I do realise that accidents happen no matter how ‘careful’ you are, though.

– Poor Charlie. Derek Thompson played these scenes beautifully. 

– The patient storyline with the idiot stealing the car and the idiot dad locking the injured boy in the garage – meh. The whole lot of them needed their heads banging together.

– Line of the week (Charlie) ‘You’re calling me Charlie but I’m not him am I? Not any more.’ In fact yes you are and you always will be.

– Line of the week 2 (Connie) ‘Your efforts to provoke me are transparent and doomed.’


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Casualty: Is Dylan heading for a broken nose?

Casualty - Series 34 - EP30(Series 34, ep. 30 by David Semple and Hilary Frankland 4.4.20) For a full review of this episode pop over to Metro. But before you do that…

– Oh, Marty. It’s all because his self esteem has been shattered by his rubbish dad and that rubbish boyfriend Jack and a rubbish succession of useless men. All he wants is to be loved.

– But at least he and Jade are friends again.

– And at least he said no to Danny right at the end.

– Danny was an interesting character. Superficially charming but with a self-centred streak a mile wide, he was just a lost and lonely boy.

– Poor Ethan. He’s never lucky in love (though I suppose it’s to be expected if you’re a character in a TV drama). Though I don’t think Fenisha is at all the woman for him and Will is welcome to her.

– The Faith/Lev/Dylan triangle, though – I do think that Faith and Dylan would be a much more interesting couple than Faith and Lev, who don’t seem to have a huge amount of chemistry going. I worry that it will all end in Dylan getting his face rearranged by former football hooligan Lev if anything should happen between Dylan and Faith.


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Holby City x Casualty: So much to enjoy

For a full review of both episodes head over to Metro. But first, it’s random thoughts time…

Well that was all very exciting, wasn’t it? I think the thing I enjoyed the most about the crossover episodes was seeing unfamiliar combinations of familiar characters. Dylan working with Serena was a highlight and I really want Dylan to be lured to Elstree as soon as possible. They have a Lidl really close to the studios – I think anyone would be tempted.

Other things I enjoyed:

Hanssen walking along the corridors with a torch. Finally we’ve discovered the only way to stop him looming is to put lights on him so you can see him coming.

– Zosia’s comment ‘Wouldn’t be Holby without a crisis.’ Indeed not.

– The guilty/delicious feeling of listening to Ric having a go at Sacha about his parenting skills (when he thought Beka might be pregnant) when we knew Ric was going to have to take a close look at his own family very soon.

The evil electronic door locks that kept Connie out of her trauma theatre and locked Essie and Beka into the CT room. It was like the hospital had a mind of its own. Evil!

Elle and Ric. It’s about time Ric walked down the aisle again and I like Elle a lot more than I like that Francoise.

Sacha’s favourite shirt had to be ripped! I expect by next week Jac will have sourced him another one, because she’s good like that.

– Ange seriously deep-down thinking that the entire scenario was just an elaborate ruse to get her off the Holly Cartwright case.

– Jac pretends to be all head and no heart, but as soon as Sacha is in peril she’s fighting Connie tooth and claw. And Connie gave as good as she got.

– The touching scene between Essie and Beka.

Noel coming clean to Hanssen about clicking the link and the email, and hearing that Hanssen really had nominated him for an award.

And now we’ve got the spring trailer to watch as well! Some interesting-looking new characters, and the return of some old faces – including a total shock at the end…


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Casualty: The good guys

ethan-alicia-casualty(Series 31, ep. 4) Ethan is one of the good guys. We know this because (a) we know this and (b) it was mentioned at least twice during the episode. But is a good guy what Alicia is looking for? At the beginning of the episode it seemed like what she was mainly looking for was a good time, and that’s not really Ethan unless your idea of a good time is hunkering down with a mug of cocoa and a Big Bang Theory box set.

But when some hapless joggers fell through the treacherously porous surface of Holby Forest, Ethan and Alicia were mobilised to provide on-site pain relief. Well done, Elle – good plan to send people who’ve recently been trapped in the debris of an explosion and make them go down a dark hole. But it gave Ethan the chance to demonstrate that he’s actually quite brave, and to get a panicking Alicia safely back to daylight.  Continue reading

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Casualty: The agency nurse gets a shock

lofty casualty(Series 30, ep. 25) When a new agency nurse is featured at all on Casualty or Holby, they generally have “expendable” written across their forehead in invisible ink. The programme blurb for this episode promised a “fatal error,” so I was expecting a death. I was sort of hoping it would be Big Mac, because he’s not done anything but wander around being a misery drain for the last few episodes and this was no exception. “I gave up Batman for you,” Noel told him sorrowfully. Actually, I’d have been fairly happy with seeing Noel as the subject of the fatal error too.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Big Mac chickens out

hannah spearitt casualty(Series 30, ep. 20) Did I hallucinate a time when Big Mac used to patrol the Farmead Estate in army gear waiting to beat up anybody who committed a crime? Was that real, or was it me or Big Mac having a breakdown? I haven’t always been a consistent Casualty viewer, so it’s possible that I missed something.

Anyhoo, this week Noel got beaten up by a girl with lovely blue hair (Hannah Spearitt from S Club 7). When he called to Big Mac for help, Big Mac hid until the danger was over. To be fair, he was in the middle of having a poo at the time so wasn’t exactly combat-ready. Then, rather than fessing up to being a cowardy custard, he bribed Hannah Spearitt to get rid of her and keep his reputation intact. It was an odd story that I just didn’t quite buy, though I did enjoy Ms Spearitt’s hair.

ethan casualtyNoel had a fairly bad day, what with being beaten up within an inch of his life by someone from S Club 7, but poor Ethan continued to be all stressed out about patients dying on his watch. He doesn’t even know yet that his mother wasn’t his mother and he may have an incurable illness, but he may get to find out about that soon because Cal managed to take some blood from him on the pretext of making a scared little boy more comfortable about needles.

The upshot is that Ethan has written a letter of resignation to Connie. This mustn’t be allowed to happen, unless he gets immediately transferred to the calmer waters of Holby City.


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Casualty: A twisted tale for Valentine’s day

(Series 29, ep.21) I thought at the beginning that this episode was going to be annoyingly Valentine-themed – Robyn had a card for Lofty (which he thought was from Max), Ethan was writing one for Honey, Max was giving Zoe random gifts – but then it took a very dark turn indeed, and became something dramatic and quite unsettling.

marcia warren casualtyCentral to it was guest artiste Marcia Warren. Why was her character, Olive, in prison, and why was she being kept away from other prisoners? When another woman crashed a furniture van into the prisoner transport van containing Olive, everyone ended up in hospital. And the word soon spread – Olive was “The Sweetshop Lady” – the convicted murderer of four children, and so infamous she had her own nickname.  Continue reading


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Casualty: How to solve a problem like Grace

honey ethan casualty(Series 29, ep.18) Casualty is really on fire at the moment, and this was another cracking episode with plenty of drama, a bit of suspense and some light relief thanks to the wonderful pairing of Chelsee Healey and George Rainsford.

charlie connie casualtyGrace, once again obliged to hang around at the hospital after Granny Strachan was burgled, went missing – and there were two potential child abusers wandering around the hospital as well. Connie felt that grip of fear that any parent has felt on losing sight of their child, and Charlie pitched in with anecdotes about Louis going missing when he was a nipper. It’s different for Connie, though – Grace has always been with a nanny, Granny or at boarding school, so all this was new to her.  Continue reading


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