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Casualty: Waterloo sunset

(Series 31, ep. 32) Rebecca Ryan, who plays Iain’s sister Gem, was previously in Waterloo Road. Anyone who watched Waterloo Road for more than a few episodes will know that what pissed-off and pissed-up teenagers tend to do is drive stolen cars in circles around car parks. It happened so often in Waterloo Road that it became A Thing. And it seems that Waterloo Road’s effects rub off on its cast members. Tom Chambers is currently reprising his role as head teacher Max Tyler (while reprising his role as Mister Strachan), and Rebecca Ryan is still being a disgruntled and misunderstood teenager (or early twenties, possibly).  Continue reading


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Casualty: You’ve already met my mother

(Series 31, ep. 31) I haven’t watched Casualty for ages, but you know, Easter and that. I thought it was time to revisit the emergency wing of everyone’s favourite hospital.

What do I find but Mr Strachan (which my mind still has to say in a Connie Beauchamp voice from back in the day when he was very much a junior), apparently in charge of things in some unspecific administrative way.

When Sam used to be in Holby City I didn’t pay him much attention because I was always on Team Joseph, but every time I’ve seen him on Casualty he’s been a loathsome little rat. In fact, he’s exactly the same character he was when he was Max Tyler on Waterloo Road – officious, pompous and annoying. And what I really want to know is, how come among all the aggrieved staff in this episode, not one of them thought of going to Hanssen with their concerns? Hanssen is still in charge of the hospital, isn’t he? I realise that Guy Henry may not have been available to ooze down from the upper floors to re-calibrate Mr Strachan’s moral compass because he’s busy in Borehamwood, but surely someone should at least have mentioned him as an option?  Continue reading


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Casualty: Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening

jac-casualty(Series 31, ep. 3) A man was struck by lightning near the beginning of this episode, and his wife said it was nature’s way of letting him know he’d been too cautious and had to embrace new experiences. Personally the lesson I took from it is not to hang out of a metal-framed window during a thunder storm, but that’s me being excessively cautious again.

robyn-casualtyThe lightning  message resonated with Robyn, whose boyfriend Glen only has two years to live. He doesn’t have a “bucket list” but Robyn does, so they’ve started on her bucket list with a trip to Euro Disney. Bless.  Continue reading

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Casualty: Stop the plane, I want to get off

sam strachan casualty(Series 30, ep. 24) My opinion about Sam Strachan has completely changed from last week, when I described him as an “arrogant twonk.” The phrase I would use now is “complete tit.” Whereas Jacob Masters has now achieved the status of The World’s Most Perfect Boyfriend, if you ignore the fact that he calls Connie “sweet cheeks.”  Continue reading


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Casualty: Good genes?

connie jac casualty(Series 30, ep. 23) I was never really a fan of Sam Strachan when he was on Holby. To me he was just the junior heart surgeon who wasn’t Joseph Byrne, and very much a character I could take or leave.

Connie Beauchamp was quite fond of him at one stage, though, enough for him to be the father of her daughter Grace. This episode saw Sam’s girlfriend being rushed to Holby A&E in need of emergency life-saving surgery. Grace was with her, and Sam wasn’t far behind. Time hasn’t improved him – in fact, quite the reverse. He’s now an arrogant twonk, even allowing for the fact that he was worried about his girlfriend. In fact he was so horrible that Jacob Masters began to look so much more appealing in comparison. Connie told Jacob that Sam had excellent genes, which only goes to show that Connie has very poor taste.  Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: Children can be so cruel

Another below-par episode of Waterloo Road, with yet again a stand-alone storyline. Young Lauren and The Adorable Josh Stevenson quite fancy each other. However, Lauren has a secret – a large birthmark on her back. This is revealed in front of the whole school during a changing room malfunction at a clothes-swapping event. Everyone laughs and makes nasty comments – even The Adorable Josh, who mainly does it to save face in front of Finn Sharkey, but still.

Normally this would be an excuse for Pious Kim Campbell to swing into action muttering “We should have been on top of embarrassing disfigurements!” However, it was a bit of a low-key episode for Kim, so Lauren was left to deal with her problem by stealing hydrogen peroxide from the science lab in order to bleach the birthmark away. Don’t try this at home, folks. Luckily she was tracked down by Tom Clarkson and Chris Mead before any serious harm could be done, and she turned up at Tom and Josh’s house later to make friends with Josh again. He’s still grounded for his nasty behaviour, though, and Tom Clarkson is wondering whether it’s a good idea for Josh to be living with him.

Where was Rachel Mason while all this was going on? Well, she spent most of the episode locked in a food store room with healthy eating guru Adam Fleet (Finn Sharkey’s work again). It’s hard for any man to resist Rachel, and when locked in a large cupboard with her I imagine it’s almost impossible. Adam had apparently hankered after Rachel for years anyway, ever since he was fat. Indeed, she’s the reason he got thin. She still managed to resist him though.

And Jo Lipsett is taking the Swotty Kids on a school trip to That London. It’s the Swotty Kids, what could go wrong? Two words: Grantley. Budgen.

But that’s for another day.

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Waterloo Road: Now it’s getting silly

Is it just me, or is Waterloo Road in a bit of a slump at the moment? Last night’s episode revolved around Deputy Head Chris Mead deciding one of the girls was Oxbridge material, and needed and deserved special tuition (not in the John Stape sense). This brought him into conflict with Pious Kim Campbell, whose motto is “inclusion.” Of course, what’s really going on is another budding romance. As we’ve seen with her previous relationships with Andrew Treneman and Max Tyler, what Kim likes most in a man is someone she can argue with. Nothing gets her going quite as much as a good ideological debate.

For some reason (and encouraged by Kim) Michaela White decided she’d try out for the Oxbridge tests. She was fine in the mock interview, but went to pieces in the written exam because she couldn’t spell coincidentally. I expected Kim to start railing “We should be on top of spelling!” but she didn’t, instead choosing to give Michaela an inspirational lecture of the “just believe and you will achieve” type.

I wish the scriptwriters would make their mind up about Michaela. One week she’s a bullying bitch, the next she’s playing the flute (not mutually exclusive activities, I realise), the next she’s wanting to be businesswoman of the year. Next week she’ll probably be back to shoving people round in the playground.

There’s a new male cast member in the form of Adam Fleet, the new head chef. He’s played by Steven Waddington (who was in one of my all-time favourite films The Hole), and what’s the betting that he won’t resist Rachel Mason (whom he knows from her pre-prostitute days) for long?

To me, this series of Waterloo Road has lost its way. There are no strong storylines like the Tom/Lorna/Izzy triangle or the Kelly family. There’s far too much Kim Campbell, while nothing much is being done with interesting characters like Josh Stevenson and Jo Lipsett. Next week promises a bit more Josh and a lot more Steph Haydock, which is generally a good thing, so let’s hope the series can pick up pace again.

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