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Doctor Who (8.6): It’s not me, it’s you

dw the caretakerFor a while I did wonder if the cooling of my relationship with Doctor Who was a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”, but The Caretaker has convinced me that this rough patch isn’t because I’ve got bored, started seeing another show or set the bar of my expectations too high.

God knows, I love the Doctor and I love Peter Capaldi but while the rest of the show is the equivalent of never doing the washing up, making snide remarks about your best friend and leaving dirty socks in the middle of the kitchen floor, I’m going to keep looking at the door and wondering if one day I’ll walk out and never come back.

My problems with Doctor Who at this moment:

  • The Doctor isn’t likeable. I don’t need him to be loveable and I don’t need to like him all the time, but he has to be likeable most of the time. If they’re aiming to make him mercurial, they should put more emphasis on “unpredictable” and less on “inconsistent”. Also they need to stop giving Peter Capaldi Matt Smith’s old lines. He’s a wonderful actor, so much more than a pair of eyebrows (and, yes, the emphasis on making fun of actors’ physical features has worn beyond thin and into threadbare) and needs to be given a proper voice of his own.
  • Danny and Clara. I’m just not buying their relationship. I’ve seen nothing that makes me care whether they’re together or not. (Robbie Lewis and Laura Hobson conjure up more romantic tension in a two-minute professional encounter over a corpse (in Lewis) than Danny and Clara can manage in an entire episode.) I’m with the Doctor in seeing more chemistry between Adrian and Clara than Danny and Clara – which still isn’t saying much.

My problem with The Caretaker is that those two problems are no longer in the background, mixed in with adventure and aliens and peril and plot, they are front and centre – with the alien threat little more than an excuse to make all this happen. I spent 45 minutes sloping from bored to infuriated, with little detours into contentment when Courtney and the Doctor interacted. Oh, and I perked up for Chris Addison and the trailer for next week’s episode.

Here’s hoping I can find something nice to say next week…

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