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Holby City: Baby Zollie!

nicky zosia holby 16(Series 21, ep. 16 ‘North and South’ by Joe Ainsworth 16.4.19) To read my full review of this episode, bob over to Metro. But first…

– I knew the baby was Ollie’s! I suppose it was fairly obvious, really, once Arlo had been ruled out. But how lovely that she’s going to keep the baby and she’s letting him be involved too. Bless. Though I wonder what they’ll give it as a surname. Self-Valentine? Valentine-Self? It sounds like a recipe for bullying, either way.

– Which reminds me of one of my favourite Ollie lines, when Faye Byrne gave birth to her and Joseph’s son Harry: ‘Has anyone signed a card for Byrne Baby Byrne?’

– Sad that Camilla Arfwedson has gone again. Zosia is a brilliant character, I feel there’s still a lot to explore with her. With luck she’ll be back at some point (and bring Ollie with her – please?).

– It’s also sad for Dominic that she’s gone. He was just about to confide in her and he badly needs friends at the moment, especially as you-know-who is returning soon.

– I hate seeing Carole sad. I felt her pain when Dominic called her ‘Carole’ instead of ‘Mum.’ It’s not even funny like when David Platt calls his mother ‘Gail’ on Coronation Street. It’s just sad.

– Ange and Fletch: please, no. Unless it provokes a jealous response in Jac and she takes Ange out to the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery for a good battering. Not that I condone violence at all.

– Can we have Fleur Fanshawe every week, please? She is magnificent.

– Nanette Duval is also magnificent, in her own way. Suzette Llewellyn plays the part really well. Nanette is nasty, spiteful, funny, outrageous and manipulative, but also clearly in a lot of pain. It’s a clever portrayal to make her sympathetic while she’s being horrible to the lovely Zav and Donna.


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Holby City: Evan sent

dominic evan holby 12(Series 21, ep. 12 ‘A Simple Lie Part 2’ by Patrick Homes 20.3.19) Big review at Metro as usual, but before you jog over there for a look…

I really liked Jack Ryder as Evan. He has a lovely understated way with him which is quite appealing.

– However, I’m rather sad that he came to Holby because of Chloe rather than her mother, because then I could have used the headline ‘Evan is missing an Angel.’

Alex Walkinshaw is so brilliant, isn’t he? Whether it’s light comedy, romance or nail-biting drama, being in the spotlight or in a more supporting role, he’s completely on it every single week.

– There was a bit of a plot hole though, when Jac mentioned find-my-phone apps very early on but Fletch didn’t consider trying it until much later.

Nanette is a bit of a schemer. I imagine Donna’s going to get more trouble from her. I do think Zav is worth it, though, and Nanette will find that Donna is made of tough stuff. And wait till she meets Mia.

(Picture: BBC)


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