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Emmerdale: Dingling with Death

Shadrach Dingle has always been in need of a bath but the bumbling fool couldn’t even do that correctly on Friday night. Instead of just washing away the ten years of grime that has been there since Andy Devine’s first appearance a decade ago, he managed to drown himself completely.

So what led to this sad state of affairs? Well you knew that something grim must be about to happen. When a character falls out with all of their family and people say things they will regret, you just know that they’re about to be brutally killed off in some way. Shadrach’s exit came somewhat out of the blue and, although he was never at the centre of any dramatic plotline, he was a staple (a very rusty one) of the Dingle family and it’ll be weird for us not to see him and the rest of his family not to smell him anymore.

Andy Devine played the repulsive Shadrach so well that even though he was a nauseating sight that put you off your dinner (can anyone remember when his family washed him in a big tub outside?), there was still something endearing about him.

And he held the same level of dignity in death that he always held while alive in Emmerdale…he drowned trying to save the cans of lager he dropped in the stream.

Bon Voyage Shadrach. So with Eli and now Shadders gone, whos the next scruffy Dingle to depart? Look out Cain…

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