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Coronation Street: Sally reads too much into this one…

Coronation_Street_spoilers__Sally_to_accuse_Tim_and_Anna_of_having_an_affair__reveals_Sally_DynevorThank heavens for small mercies: some Corrie episodes that I actually enjoyed! This is becoming a rare treat these days but last night’s double was an entertaining hour of soap.

Anything that focuses on the brilliant Sally Webster, played by Sally Dynevor, is automatically half way there. I make no secret of the fact that I adore Sally; she is classic Corrie and always delivers, whether it’s in her eager to please factory scenes, her outrageous snobbery moments or her down to earth kitchen sink drama, she is undoubtedly one of the show’s strongest characters.

Pairing her with Tim was a stroke of wonder; the pair are fantastic together and I love the added layer of making Kevin and Tim mates. Corrie could have easily gone down the cliche path of making Kevin and Tim sworn rivals but the fact that Kevin is a somewhat awkward gooseberry in the relationship is inspired. Even though the rushed explanation into how Tim was able to message Faye wasn’t really satisfactory, the story of his inability to read is a strong one, even if it did crop up out of nowhere.

I am glad that the signs are showing that it was not a mere plot device to get Sal to make a fool of herself and I hope that Corrie see this one through properly and with the attention and sensitivity it warrants. Tim has become an endearing character and the viewers root for him so this development, if done right, can only be a positive one.

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Coronation Street: Where are you sticking that banana?

medium_i8mWYB5FgnmANF-9Im0Mqn_WHv1-PpR2yrr5tconb8MLast night’s Corrie double had it all didn’t it? Ongoing feuds exploding across the Street, veiled threats of prison violence, dodgy ex husbands threatening suicide whilst preparing a reunion dinner, exhaust pipes being stuffed with fruit, dog-napping by a child assisted by lesbian teens, pill popping mothers lying to GPs and, of course Gerogia May Foote dressed to the nines in a lovely blue number for the standard Weatherfield Monday night out.

The main story of the night was Todd inserting his banana into an exhaust pipe (please, do grow up) in order to cause a distraction that would allow him to sneak into the garage and steal an apple. No, you haven’t wandered into an alternate dimension; this was genuinely the basis of the main storyline from last night’s Corrie. And still, it outrated every other TV show yesterday by over a million viewers.

Let’s delve a little deeper (into the storyline, forget Todd’s banana). Todd is feeling a little put out as he is taking the flack for something which is almost entirely his fault. Wanting to lash out at Tyrone and Foghorn Fiz, he decided to leave a chilling message by nabbing the remainder of Luke’s lunch from under their noses.   Continue reading


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Coronation Street: Overstepping the mark (and the balcony)

It’s been a distressing few weeks on Coronation Street lately. Between the hypocrite harlot that is Katy condemning Anna for a night  of infidelity (yes, REALLY)  the horror of whatever has happened to poor Gail’s hair recently (if only there were some hairdressers in the family), and Antony Cotton being handed a new contract (I kid, I kid…) there hasn’t been a lot to smile about recently. Tina

Of course we have the equally traumatic events of Tina falling from a high balcony, grazing her knee and then further antagonising the man that caused her to fall. The result? Let’s just say that Rob’s temper combined with a metal bar led to blood and fake tan stains all over the cobbles.

Peter has hit the bottle again and is generally just going around being a nuisance, stressing Carla to the point of her collapsing in agony and tragically losing her baby. Being a prime suspect for Tina’s murder hasn’t helped lift her spirits much either, and spending a lot of time with mardy Michelle only exacerbates the gloom. Still, protective brother Rob is on hand to stand by her and he will do anything, ANYTHING, to help. Well, except for coming forward and admitting that he killed Tina, of course.   Continue reading


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Coronation Street: Welcome back, Sally

Corrie was a bit “meh” last night, what with Graham throwing (boring) spanners in the works of his blossoming relationship with Tina, John Stape pretending to be a furniture salesman (which he’s worse at than pretending to be a teacher – and was that a Harvey’s he was pretending to work in?) and Carla stealing away Nick Tilsley’s workforce and underwear contract, despite the fact that she has no premises and no machinery. All a bit silly, really.

But the episode was notable for the return of the fabulous Sally Dynevor (aka Whittaker), as Sally Webster. She’s been away having successful treatment for breast cancer, while her character has been “staying with her sister” after also having breast cancer. She believes that the storyline saved her life, as she found a lump when she was researching her role (watch a video of her talking about this here). She had the lump removed, and is currently seen on screen wearing a wig following her real-life chemotherapy.

As usual, Corrie scriptwriters handled Sally’s return beautifully. It was Sally Webster’s birthday, so Kevin and the girls had prepared a party in the garden, with balloons and a new chiminea (“Like the one I saw on Alan Titchmarsh!”). There were hugs all round, and it was properly moving, because the actors who play the Webster family have worked together for a long time and are very close.  Just in case Sally Webster gets any delusions that her return is universally welcomed, there were also a couple of muttered comments from her old adversary Janice Battersby.

Sally Dynevor supports the breast cancer charity Genesis.

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Coronation Street & Eastenders: Gobby little madams

I’ve recently come back to the Eastenders fold after many years away, and I have to admit I’m finding it a little difficult sometimes to work out who is who and how they’re related to each other. I think I’ve just about got my Ronnie sorted out from my Roxie and I’ve more-or-less worked out exactly why various people had a motive to kill Archie Mitchell (whose face still beams down on the Square from the car lot, like the ghost of Hamlet’s father in poster form).

To ease my confusion, in the centre of all the mayhem there is the glorious entity that is, always was and forever shall be Janine Butcher. She’s a soap super-bitch, played with high camp cattiness by the very wonderful Charlie Brooks. Swanning into the caff in her widow’s weeds (complete with black hat and veil) ahead of the reading of Archie’s will, she demanded a cup of coffee – “Black,” of course, to match the outfit and the sombre mood. Still, she had plenty of time to eavesdrop on Ian and Jane, and do a little forward plotting.

An assortment of frankly scary women, and Phil Mitchell,  assembled in the Vic for the will reading. It was tense – who would end up owning the Vic? There was a slight hold-up as Billy and a less than competent solicitor went on the hunt for the final page of the document which had blown away on a sudden breeze. I held my breath. Peggy tried to keep her wig from wobbling. Janine looked confident. Then the programme ended. We’ve got to wait till tonight to find out! Hideous cruelty. I need a cup of coffee to get me through. Black, of course.

Meanwhile, over on Coronation Street, Sally Webster had to go into hospital to get her breast lump removed. Not knowing about this, her “mates” from the factory thought she was swanning off on holiday, and got lippy about it to Rosie and Sophie. Rosie Webster, never one to keep her mouth shut, pursued the gobby garment stitchers into the pub, and gave them a piece of her mind. Helen Flanagan has rather scary eyes which are just right for projecting blazing fury, and she gave it to Kelly and Co. with both barrels. I never thought I’d find myself cheering Rosie Webster, but I did.

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Coronation Street: Peace and goodwill to all starts early in the Street

Eddie Windass loves Christmas, and he likes to get his house (and neighbouring houses, if they’re not careful) all festooned with fairy lights as early as possible. Even though it’s still November, chez Windass is already looking like Blackpool Illuminations, with an accompanying naff carol soundtrack. How have the neighbours reacted? Well, typically Sally has been a bit sourfaced about the noise,  which amusingly could be heard in every house. But everybody else stopped to look at the glittering spectacle and sigh a happy, festive sigh.

Molly and Kevin had a few festive sighs to sigh on Friday. The first one was of relief, when they weren’t caught in flagrante by Sophie. The second was a sigh of happy anticipation from Molly, as Kevin asked her how she would feel about dumping the Dobbs and becoming a Webster. Imagine growing old with Kevin, and fondly stroking his plentiful chest hair as it turns from blackish to silver to white. Happy times.

Claire doesn’t have any friends, she’s realised. That’s because she’s hideously dull. She decided to try the time-honoured evening class route, where like-minded people can be discovered via the medium of karate, or plate spinning, or whatever. As well as this, she’s discovered another loner in the school playground – Becky McDonald, ostracised due to her habit of having a crafty fag while waiting for the school bell to ring. Becky now finds herself with a small, annoying cling-on (as if having to walk Amy home wasn’t tedious enough).

Theresa was barred from the Rovers. I can’t imagine that this is the first time it’s happened, though looking back I couldn’t put my finger on any specific occasions. This time it was because she was out-bitching Liz McDonald and waving her trophy boyfriend, Lloyd (I know, but there’s not much choice in the Street if you can resist Dev) in Liz’s face. Liz was a model of restraint for not lamping her one right there.

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Coronation Street: get your oily hands off me, Kevin Webster

molly-coronation-streetPoor old Molly. Not only is she married to half-mechanic-half-guinea-pig Tyrone Dobbs, she’s also now being pursued by Kevin Webster. “All I want to do is jump on your bones,” he mumbled romantically (it’s hardly “My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss,” is it?), his hands held up in front of him like he was contemplating giving her a quick grope right there and then with his latex-gloved oily hands.

Not surprisingly, she gave him a slap. But, as we see here, she’s not going to resist his greasy-palmed advances for long. It’s hard to feel sorry for Sally, who is busy encouraging her elder daughter to use any means necessary to get a foothold in the factory – and we know what kind of means Rosie has at her disposal. It’s fairly hard to feel sorry for Tyrone, who is just being mean and pathetic about Jack’s relationship with Connie.  It’s Sophie I feel sorry for. There she is, trying to be a good Christian girl, and living in an absolute swamp of immorality.


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